Cuda from getting started to mastering

Cuda from beginner to proficient (0): write in front At the request of the boss, the master of the 2012 high-performance computing course began to contact Cuda programming, and then apply the technology to the actual project, so that the processing

Deep understanding of "stacks" (4)

Most of the things we learn are elements that are not related to a particular programming language, but I'm mostly focused on JavaScript, and some C. Let's start with a simple C program that reads a song and a band name and then outputs them to the u

[151023] [Pillow] Sakura's poem on the Sakura of the flower of the Flying dance [サクラノ poetry-Sakura-sen dance う-] "Japanese hard disk edition" [with full CG archive + Raiders]

Chinese name: Sakura's poem _ Dance on Sakura Flower Forest Development: Pillow script: sca-Self, shallow born wing Music: Song of the Century, ピクセルビー, Ryo theme Song composition: Song of this century theme Song lyrics: sca-from Theme Play: うさ

Refactoring notes-bad taste of code (UP)

This article is in the study summary, welcome reprint but please specify Source: In the introduction to refactoring, the definition of refactoring, why refactoring, and when to refactor are bri

Lucene in Action Learning notes (i)

1.1 How to deal with the era of explosionInformation Retrieval Technology What is 1.2 lucene? What is 1.2.1 Lucene?Lucene is a high-performance, extensible library of information retrieval tools. Information retrieval refers to document search, in

[CV] Bundler installation

Download and install the source package from, the following problems will occur in the installation configuration sift run on a 64-bit systemThe sift downloaded from the Lowe home page is a 32-bit static li

XML namespace depth resolution--xml1.0 and XML1.1 differences

The XML namespaces are briefly described in the article XML namespace depth resolution--Introduction to namespaces, and this article describes the differences between namespaces in XML1.0 and XML1.1. Let's start with a small example of the journey of

Cross-site request forgery for Web security testing (CSRF)

Cross-site request forgery (that is, CSRF) is known by the Web security community as a "sleeping giant" in many vulnerabilities, and the extent of its threat can be seen as a "reputation". This article will provide a brief description of the vulnerab

How to create a PDF document

Make PDF document Big exposure simple The PDF format, Portable Document format, is a document specification system that Adobe has created on the basis of its PostScript language, primarily for electronic publishing. PDF files can be used to encap

Businessman Rong: How to make 3D action game with UE4

Gamelook reports/June 5, the third Gamelook Open day, 2015 Unreal Engine special event was formally held in Shanghai, the event was jointly organised by Epic Games and Gamelook. Action game with a refreshing shock and strong sense of operation has be

Ubuntu memcached Installation and configuration

 ubuntu memcached Installation and Configuration It is divided into two processes: Memcache server-side installation and memcached client installation. The so-called server-side installation is to install Memcache on the server (generally Linux sy

PLT Example Explanation

←itset Brief Introduction to the implementation of –with-abi and –with-arch in gcc → PLT Example ExplanationPosted on May, from admin by XMJ, Yao First, x86 ABI Handbook original and translation Original digest from System V application BINARY INTERF

string constant pool and intern method

Read a few articles about the Intern method, summarized as follows: First, the main points of knowledge: 1. String constants declared using quotation marks are generated directly in the string constant pool 2, Intern method in jdk1.6 and jdk1.7 a lit

MAX SDK Grid feature

MAX SDK Grid feature2013-11-20 00:20 473 People read review (0) Favorite Report Category: Max Programming (13) Grid Topics first, the mesh geometric structure 1.1 vertices (Vertex) The model vertices in max still use the usual vertex array, the Mesh

Install Zen Road to Ubantu by installation source mode

Because the company server has already installed MySQL, in order to let the server to avoid installing too many programs, choose to manually install Zen Road to the server, the following is purely record work. 1. Install Apache   See if Ap

Xmodem protocol.

Abstract: This article describes the use of Xmomdem File Transfer Protocol programming, the design for the flash memory embedded system with the PC on the Super terminal software between the file transfer function, in the PC without the installation

Using Libjpeg for picture reading

1 Introduction Libjpeg a picture decoding library, in the project need to read into the picture, but do not want to rely on OPENCV interface, this can libjpeg complete decoding. Libjpeg has two versions, one of the original Libjpeg, the other is Lib

Libjpeg Installation and use

turn from:, there are a few places to make a part of the modification First, compile Download Address 1, download and unzip, put in a easy to find directory on the line: 2,


This article was reproduced from: are also some related tutorials address: little demo you wrote. Download Address:

My YUV player MFC small Note: Unicode encoding, wide character

The previous MFC project, the character set is based on multibyte, and now this project, unintentionally using the Unicode character set, in its process, there are many functions used differently than before. Of course, you can also modify the charac

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