Check error methods available with the IIS debugger

When debugging an ASP program with IIS, some pages can display error lines and causes of errors, although the reason is not very specific but enough to boot the debugger, but sometimes directly appear: HTTP 500-Internal server error is over, very aff

Analysis and comparison of in and join in multiple table queries

In is the keyword of the subquery, join is the key word of the connection, in the project development often will use the multiple table query, and the subquery and the connection are the important ways to realize the multiple table query. That's how

Perforce (p4) use

P4 submit the proposed process: 1. P4 Sync 2. Overwrite or change the local file 3. P4 Delete or direct delete obsolete files 4. P4 add: Add new files to Depot 5. P4 diff-se: View edited files 6. P4 Diff-se | P4-x-Edit: Put all the changed files as o

Difference between system call and library function __ function

The so-called system call is the operating system provided to the application of a series of interfaces. Under Linux There are several types: Process control (such as: fork), file system control (such as: Write), system control (such as: reboot), mem

Issuing certificates with OpenSSL

issuing certificates with OpenSSL Reference: HTTP://WWW.IMACAT.IDV.TW/TECH/SSLCERTS.HTML.ZH-CNConfiguring the Environment To establish an SSL directory under the/home directory: Cd/homemkdir SSLCD SSL Create a few directories to use: mkdir private c

Transaction mechanism

Prevent inconsistent data when data updates occur   synchronization occurs. These are database-specific terminology.   A database transaction is a series of actions performed as a single logical unit of work. Imagine a transaction of online shop

Using Squid reverse proxy to improve website performance

On the basis of introducing the working principle of squid Reverse proxy, this paper points out that reverse proxy technology has a good use in improving Web site access speed and enhancing usability and security of web sites. The author uses DNS pol

PowerDesigner 12.5 Functional Features

[Abstract]The new PowerDesigner launches a model diagram for building the cube, while object-oriented modeling supports the UML 2.0 standard. But if PDM is to change the database through the forward engineering, it must adjust the syntax for differen

Configure node Manger and SSL for WebLogic Server 8.1

Time: 2003-07-22Author: Zhou YiNumber of Views: 4214This article keyword: "Tuxedo services", "Web services" Article Toolsrecommend to a friend Print Article Configure node Manger and SS

Network Installation

Network installation of large software, very suitable for schools or units, the software CD-ROM or downloaded from the Internet on the ISO in Samba or win file server, the client can be directly installed through the network, both to avoid the floppy

Datatime+ Current Time Conversion

Datatime nowdate =;Nowdate.tostring ("R"); Effect: Wed, June June 2009 16:24:33 GMTSearch the entire network, it is so ....Depressed in ...Find all the time formatting for thisD ShortDatePatternD LongdatepatternF Full Date and time (long

Copy all the files in one directory to a different directory

Import java.util.ArrayList; Import java.util.Collections; Import java.util.List; Import; Import*; /** * * <p>title: Copy all files in one directory to another </p> * * <p>description: Copy all files in one d

Tomcat Response header information (Http Response header) Content-length and transfer-encoding

Welcome reprint, but please indicate the source thank you: Let's talk about the principle: When a client (PC browser or mobile browser) receives a response from Tomcat, the header is us

How to standardize the HTML code for a large web site __html

Write a Web page just like we build a house, the foundation is strong and the house won't fall. Similarly, we make Web pages as well, a good HTML structure is the beginning of a Web site, good CSS only exist in the same good HTML, so a clean, semanti

Request doesn ' t contain a multipart/form-data or multipart/mixed stream

The Enctype property of the form is encoded and is commonly used in two ways: application/x-www-form-urlencoded and Multipart/form-data, and the default is application/ X-www-form-urlencoded.When the action is get, the browser converts the form data

Consistent hashing algorithm (consistent hashing) __ algorithm

Reprint please indicate the source: consistent hashing algorithm a distributed hash (DHT) implementation algorithm proposed by MIT in 1997, The design goal is to solve the hot spot problem in the I

HTTP Post Form Experience record

The format of the post form must not change, especially the format of the data section in the form. Last night's bug is because in the form of the data part of the increase in content-length, the superfluous, resulting in the server received the data

IP Rule Command

Linux advanced routing, a policy-based route that is more powerful and flexible than traditional routing, can not only forward paths based on destination addresses but also select routing forwarding paths based on message size, application, or IP sou

Scala Self-Study Diary (6)-array initialization and looping

The array inside the 1.scala is similar to that in Java, but there are some different ways of initializing the array, which is a bit more than Java, as follows: The code is as follows: Package Com.scala.demo /** * Here is the main introduction to

Install the SVN management tool under Redhat as, using SVN access

Installing the SVN management tool under Redhat as [Date: 2008-02-16] Source: Linux Commune Author: Lansh Subversion (SVN), the emerging version of management tool in recent years, is the successor of CVS. SVN server

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