LDAP installation configuration under ubuntu14.04 Install and configure

Label:https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.htmlIf error occurs in reinstall, try this:"1) sudo apt-get purge slapd2) sudo apt-get install SLAPD ldap-utils" You can configure LDAP after install:When the installation are

GAC (Global Assembly Cache) registers/uninstalls DLLs

Label:When more than one solution is found referencing a DLL, a DLL for. NET is registered with the GAC in order to not duplicate the reference.Gacutil.exe.Remember to open with administrator privilegesStart Menu-microsoft Visual Studio 2015-vs2015

The foreach traversal array instance of Smarty template technology is fully explained

Label:first, the Item property usage<?Php$arr= Array ( -,851,7412); $smarty->assign ('Testarrg', $arr);?>use the Foreach method in Smarty to traverse and output this array<dl><dt>foreach the Item property usage

Configuring OpenSSL under Win7

Label:Recently just installed OpenSSL, encountered a lot of problems, so recorded down:My PC environment is: System win7,32 bit, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010;Start the installation below:1, pre-Installation preparation: First download to

The basic concept of object-oriented

Label:OOP Technology manages complex things according to the characteristics of the real world, abstracts them into objects, has its own state and behavior, and accomplishes certain tasks by reacting to the message. This programming method provides

Reading notes: "How to read a book"

Label:Reading notes: "How to read a book"The 2012 annual goal is to read 12 books, after reading 11 books more and more feel the book is the best way to improve the mind, but also regrets that they have read it technology books more, and other

DNS-related concepts

Tags: how DNA worksDNS: Domain name resolution common BIND domain name server (domain Service)Host Name: www.magedu.comDomain Name: magedu.com (magedu This field is saved under. com)FQDN: Fully Qualified domain nameDNS: Name resolution (behind the

Cryptographic decryption, OpenSSL, private CA creation Process

Tags: openssl, RSA, MD5First, encryption and decryptionEncryption technology is the technology of encoding and decoding information, encoding is the original readable information (also known as plaintext) translated into code form (also known as

17th: The future of the Code

Label:17th: The future of the CodeTo go to the southwest on business, but from their shelves and the Kindle can not find interesting books, pro departure to the old sun room to find a lap, selected the "Code of the Future" this book. There are

Difference between service life cycle and activity life cycle

Label:The life cycle of a componentThe application component has a lifecycle from the Android instance that responds to intent to the instance being destroyed. During this period, they may be effective or ineffective, and may not be visible to users

Switch ... case statement usage (ii)

Label:In summary, the use of switch is to determine if the expression after the case matches the expression after switch, and once the case is matched, the subsequent program code is executed, regardless of whether the following case matches until

Object Oriented thinking

Label: Object-oriented thought editing Object-oriented programming language must have a linguistic component that describes the object and its relationship to each other. These programming languages can be summed up in the

A basic XML syntax

Label:I. XML BASIC syntax1.1 XML Introduction1) XML is Extensible Markup Language (extensible Markup Language).2) XML is a software and hardware-independent information transfer tool.3) XML is in the form of text in a text file, usually the suffix

AWK Concise Tutorial

Label:Some netizens read the first two days of "Linux should know the skills" hope I can teach them to use awk and sed, so, appeared this article. I estimate that these young friends of Gen Y may be a little unfamiliar with the ancient artifacts

Laravel-5.1----Integrate mews CAPTCHA into your project!

Label:After groping, finally can apply the verification code in Laravel 5.1.Because the English slag five levels, so almost no search for anything useful, so consider on GitHub search verification Code pack!Note: The package on GitHub often has

Common MIME Types (MIME type settings for Flv,mp4)

Label:Maybe you're wondering why I uploaded an flv or MP4 file to the server and entered the correct address through the HTTP protocol to access the always "can't find this page" 404 error? This indicates that the MP4 format file is not recognized

Define () vs const How do I choose?

Label:Use define () unless you consider readability, class constants, or focus on micro-optimization1, in PHP is to use the Define () function to define constants, PHP 5.3.0 later, PHP can also use the const keyword to declare constants, once a

Cryptography principles and OpenSSL, private CA Setup

Tags: private secret signature encryption PKI CAPublic key cryptography: The key is a pair of children appearPublic key: public to all; PubKeyPrivate key: Keep it for yourself, must ensure its privacy; secret keyFeatures: Data encrypted with the

Cgcontexttranslatectm:invalid context 0x0. If you want to see the backtrace, please set cg_context_show_backtrace environmental variable.

Label:Recently, in the course of testing, a problem was found in Springboar:SPRINGBOARD[53] <error>: cgcontexttranslatectm:invalid context 0x0. If you want to see the backtrace, please set cg_context_show_backtrace environmental variable.It is

Chromium Embedded Framework Chinese Document (introduction)

Label:Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/think/archive/2011/10/06/CEF-Introduce.htmlBrief introductionThe Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is an open source project founded by Marshall Greenblatt in 2008 and is dedicated to developing a Web

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