Windows7 system scans and repairs removable disk after the loss of the file in the USB drive solution

There will be two choices at this time: 1. Scan and repair (recommended) 2, continue, but do not scan Extremely warning When you're sure you have important information in your USB flas

Win7 32-bit system can not modify the wireless MAC address reason and effective solution

  Reason analysis of Wireless Mac in Win7 system cannot be modified: Because WIN7 System wireless network card Mac, in do not do any operation is only second is 2,6,a,e can modify, the other is compl

Introduction of Win7 Province electric skill

1. Energy consumption of idle resources When a computer is started, it will not always be in full load running state, so there will be a lot of free time, so the power consumption in the idle time be

avvcs7.0 How to use the vcs7.0 voice voice and text detailed tutorial

avvcs7.0 How to use? vcs7.0 Voice changer use tutorial. VCs is a very interesting voice-changer tool, can be real-time processing of sound, with more than 100 kinds of high-quality male and female pro

NTFS Folder permission usage description

Access rights are strictly set To ensure the security and stability of Windows systems, many users use the NTFS file system, so the access rights of shared folders are restricted not only by the shar

WinRAR 5.0 Beta 2 fix bug in previous release

WinRAR released the latest 5.0 version of the second beta release yesterday, just one day from the release of Beta 1, and Beta 2 urgently fixes important bugs that existed in previous versions. This W

Computer prompts "No input file specified" How to do

A IIS noinput file specified Method One: Change the Doc_root line in the php.ini, open the INI file comment out the row, and then restart IIS Method Two: Please modify the php.ini Found it ; Cgi.

Solution to prompt invalid partition table after reloading Win7 flagship system

Cause analysis: Typically, there is an error in the partition table in the master boot record of the hard disk. This failure occurs when more than one bootstrap partition is specified (only one bootst

How to install the win7 system?

This article is to give you a general idea of the proper installation of Windows 7, where we put aside the outdated NT5 systems (such as XP) and the unpopular NT6.0 (such as Vista), you'll see Windows

Google Glasses Ten characteristics

Today, Google glasses are advertised as a product that appears in a sci-fi movie, but it's actually going to be on the market by the end of 2013. This High-tech spectacle has enabled mobile computers

Win7 system registry How to unlock Win7 Unlock registry method

small knitting here to share with you about the Win7 system registry How to unlock the method, as you know, the registry contains a lot of information, we can modify the registry to set up, but improp

Win7 files cannot replicate sticky keyboard and mouse are not valid solutions

Win7 System under the copy and paste estimate is a daily operation to touch, using the mouse, the keyboard can be quickly completed. But today, small knitting encountered a strange thing, to the folde

Lenovo notebook Win7 system to avoid system priority identification of the method to turn off the FN key

Lenovo notebook Win7 system users are reflected in the use of the system encountered a problem that they are extremely annoying. In general, some DotA true three game enthusiasts through the F1 key to

Win7 open IE Prompt "stack overflow" of a variety of solutions

Win7 system to open IE browser when prompted "stack overflow, location: line 1th", the first such situation is generally IE in memory loading data, data in the memory stack caused by the overflow, use

Office 20,130 Feature Depth analysis

Microsoft's new Office 2013, combined with Office 365 's cloud services, has added dozens of new file editing features and operational improvements. Here's a selection of the most specific 10 new feat

Why does the computer sound inferior to the CD player?

First of all, does the sound quality of CD machine compare to computer? This is not necessarily, although the CD machine in the appearance and the computer very different, but its structure is the sa

Win7 flagship version of how to ensure that SHA1, MD5 values consistent

In the Win7 flagship version of some values to ensure the integrity of the download, this is a very important issue, if your friends need to reinstall the system, for SHA1, MD5 the two values to maint

How to use WIN7 's own XP virtual machine

1, open windows Download Center download: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC Select your current win7 version and language. Here I take the flagship version of Simplified Chinese as an example. When selected, download the Windows XP mode (around

Intellij Idea shortcut key Daquan

Intellij Idea This tool is really good in some aspects, using a period of time the Intellij of idea, feel the Java IDE is very useful! For example, the JavaScript auto-complete function, HTML page writing function, and so on, compared to other IDE to

2013 Spring Notebook Shopping Guide

Nowadays, the speed of the replacement of notebook computers has risen sharply, we can see many kinds of products in the market, each product has its own characteristics. For buyers, buy any product will be compared before, if you are a more familiar

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