SQL query Summary of all databases, table names, tables fields

Label:Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/aflyfly/archive/2011/08/10/2133546.html actinium FlyMS SQL Server1. Query All TablesSelect [ID], [name] from [sysobjects] where [type] = ' u ' ORDER by [name]2. Query all databases3. Select [Name] from [

PowerShell Script Introduction under NuGet Package Manager console

Label:Http://personball.com/powershell/2016/07/15/powershell-tipsCustomize your own PowerShell, reduce repetitive work install a series of your own common NuGet package items long, sometimes find yourself new projects, always spend half a day or

Mono encrypted DLL also useless, with Ida dump memory directly extracted decrypted DLL, anti-compilation hack unity game

Label:Prior to the introduction of the way to encrypt the DLL by recompiling Mono, to avoid the unity game is anti-compilation modification cracked, but this way can only prevent some small white players, a little bit of technical players in minutes

Introduction to open source GIS. Learning

Label:Developers want their software to run on as many computers as possible. However, in the face of the GIS developers are still facing the platform of confrontation. The Java EE with Java5. The release of 0 has been formally renamed Java EE, and

Popular comparison, the heap is mainly used to store objects, the stack is mainly used to execute the program. Heap memory and stack memory, heap memory and stack memory can not be shared

Label:What does creating an object do in memory?1: Load the Person.class file of the specified location on the hard disk into memory first.2: When the Main method is executed, the space of the Main method (stack-to-stack) is opened in the stack

The production of a continual look

Label:Again and again is a very familiar with the game, it is mainly for the eyesight and brain test.As a game, its core code is not difficult, first we need to draw a picture that can be placed repeatedly:public void Frame () {JFrame JF = new

Compare files with the same content

Label: Linux Compare Common files are exactly the same Md5sum FILE1>F1 Md5sum FILE2>F2 Compare MD5 values F1 and F2 are the same Windowns compare two files are identical Certutil-hashfile filename1 MD5

SQRT (x) && 367. Valid Perfect Square

Label:SQRT (x) Implementint sqrt(int x).Compute and return the square root of X.Hide TagsBinary Search MathHide Similar Problems(M) Pow (x, N) (m) Valid Perfect SquareTime Limit exceed solution if start from 0. Public classSolution { Public

Silver Short-term adjustment pattern unchanged, short-term high-altitude see fall

Label:Silver Short-term adjustment pattern unchanged, short-term high-altitude look down on the current market adjustment reasons for two, on the one hand from the fundamentals, on the other hand comes from the technical side: the fundamentals of

Acm--oj Award--hdoj 1073--online judge--string

Label:Hdoj Title Address: PortalOnline JudgeTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total Submission (s): 6939 Accepted Submission (s): 2655Problem Descriptionignatius is building a Online Judge, now he had

ATSHA204A Encryption Chip Introduction--Use the article

Label:ATSHA204A加密芯片是ATMEL公司研发的一款高安全性的,功能丰富的加密IC,使用SHA-256算法进行加密操作,内置16*32字节的slot(EEPROM)可以存储用户数据和秘钥,唯一的9字节序列号用于区分其他芯片,还有512bits的OTP区用于保存一些固定信息。芯片对外有2中通信方式,分别是单bus和i2c方式,本文所演示的全部使用I2C方式,但所有功能使用单bus方式也可以实现。芯片管脚图非常简单,如下This is a atsha204a Soic package

Talk about the DOM thing.

Label:IntroFirst, a chestnut:< img src="/sub/123.jpg"alt="Test"/><script type="Text/javascript">var img = document.getelementsbytagname (' img ') [0]; Console.log (' src: ', img.src); </ Script >Output src:sub/123.jpg? No, the

HDU 5162 (water problem)

Label:Topic Links:http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5162The puzzle: Read for a while to think that the test case was written incorrectly. Play word games with this question. It asks if the current name I is the first in the original

Zabbix 3.0.3 Installation

Tags: Zabbix 3.0.3 installationZabbix v3.0.3Required:MySQL version: 5.0.3 or laterOracle version: 10g or laterPHP Version: 5.4.0 or laterGD version: 2.0 or laterLibXML version: 2.6.15 or laterOfficial Note: https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/3.0/

360 Reinforcement security protection multi-channel packaging

Label:Official website: http://jiagu.360.cn/function is still more, here only extracts the most commonly used parts. Introduction Reinforcement Warranty Introduction        Reinforcement is a platform for

[Beauty] Mortimer J. Adler "How to read a book"

Label:I am reading a book recently, the book is called "How to read a book" (Business Press, 2015), as the name implies.The author argues that reading is an activity as complex as writing a book, and many people do not read it.After that, you may

Func<t> and action<t> are different from the description

Label:I. FuncFunc is a. NET built-in delegate.Func<result>,func<t1,result> is a. NET built-in generic delegates. Func<tresult> Func<t,tresult> Func<t1,t2,tresult> Func<t1,t2,t3,tresult>

Necklace of "SDOI2009" hh

Label:Rokua Topic LinksTest instructionsGiven a long 5w static sequence, ask for 20w times, each time ask to find the number of elements in a range Dyeing problem God, I've just been able to do it, and I feel like we can use a unified approach.

OpenCV Introduction

Label:IntroducedOpenCV (Open source computer vision library:http://opencv.org) is an open source, BSD-based licensed library that includes hundreds of computer vision algorithms. The document OPENCV 2.x API describes the C + + API, and there is a

Architects must be enlightened about the optimization and design of the architecture

Label:In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, new architectural practices continue to emerge, but one thing is immutable, that is-"the way of Architecture", on how to design a flexible, high-availability and can quickly adapt to

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