Dex Loader] Unable to execute Dex:multiple Dex files define lcom/Solution

[2014-06-29 00:37:11-dex Loader] Unable to execute Dex:multiple Dex files define lcom/tongtech/backport/java/util/abstractcollection; [2014-06-29 00:37:11-tlrtsample] Conversion to Dalvik format failed:unable to execute dex:multiple Dex files defin

Preliminary use of Postgres and OSM

Layout:postPreliminary use of Title:postgres and OSMDate:2016-9-20Categories:blogTags: [map development] Description: Map Development This paper mainly includes the following content PostgreSQL database, used to store map raw data osm2pgsql used to i

Common problem analysis of Apache configuration HTTPS protocol

To Configure the HTTPS protocol: 1, install a good Apache environment, pay attention to installed SSL version. It's in the C:/apache catalogue. 2. Generate Server Certificate 1 Enter the Apache/bin directory under DOS command 2 in the Windows environ

Sphinx-for-chines Chinese Word segmentation installation configuration and API call

these days the project needs to do a new full-text search function on goods, so thought of using Sphinx, because the need for Chinese participle, so chose Sphinx for Chinese, of course, you can also choose Coreseek, suggest that these two choose one,

The default constructor of the parent class is invoked by default when a subclass is instantiated

When the default constructor is defined in the parent class, the subclasses automatically invoke the default constructor of the parent class when instantiated without the need to display the call (that is, super ()), but if there is no default constr

Cassandra Cluster configuration

1. Basic Configuration First, you need to prepare 3 or more computers. The following assumes 3 computers running a Linux operating system with IP addresses of,, and The system needs to install the Java run

Machine learning based on naive Bayesian text classification algorithm __ algorithm

principle In a classification (classification) problem, it is often necessary to divide a thing into a category. A thing has many attributes, its many attributes as a vector, that is, x= (x1,x2,x3,..., xn), using the vector of X to represent this th

The principle and realization of simple e-mail receiving

The above article has already talked about how to send a letter, today simply come to an end to talk about how to send a letter! and the previous process is similar, we also manually simulate a letter process! in fact, and the previous letter flow is

W: Unable to download bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/extras.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_main_source_sources

1 Error description youhaidong@youhaidong:~$ CD Downloadyouhaidong@youhaidong:~/download $ sudo apt-get updateIgnore trusty InreleaseIgnore trusty-updates inreleaseIgnore http://cn.archive.ubu

The difference between bash and dash

Http:// 5hqf-e1w-tlrpqnoa_zbcxdyvyzmopm The default shell of the Linux operating system is the Bourne Again Shell, an extension of the Bourne shell

Structural optimization of HASHMAP in JDK7 and JDK8 __hashmap

JDK8 to HashMap made a large change and optimization, in the previous HashMap, is through the hash map + loading factor to achieve, each bucket has a corresponding linked list, when the hash map is uneven, a lot of key are mapped to the same bucket u

Two methods of HTTP request: Get and POST

two methods of HTTP request: Get and POST The two most commonly used methods for request-response between the client and the server are: Get and POST. Get-requests data from a specified resource. POST-submits the data to be processed to the specifie

52 Card Split __java

Package; public class Main {public static void Main (string[] args) { //1. Mr. 52 Cards Poke Poke = new Poke (); Poke.makecards (); 2. The generated poker will be printed out poke.showcards ();

Based on. NET realizes data mining--time Series Algorithm 1

Http:// This article is also the continuation of the Microsoft Series Mining algorithm Summary, the previous several mainly based on state discrete value or continuous value for speculation and predi

Spring_ Learning Notes __spring

1.Spring Framework functions and benefits The spring framework is primarily responsible for technology integration, such as integrating Struts2, Hibernate, and JDBC Technologies. The advantage is: can improve the flexibility of program structure, re

Tomcat Security Configuration and performance optimization

Tomcat Security Configuration and performance optimization Tomcat is a free, open source Web application server under the Apache Software Foundation, it can run on many platforms, such as Linux and Windows, because of its stable performance, good sc

Mysqladmin Common usage

Tags: tool database table command SLA down root modify flush varMysqladmin use format for tools:mysqladmin [option] command [command option] command ...Parameter options:-C Number Auto run count, must be used with-IHow long does the-I number

Lis Longest ascending subsequence O (nlogn) algorithm

Tags: operation can its binary find define PAC MEM iOS stdThe normal way to find the LIS is to do with DP, time complexity of O (n^2), but the face of some problems when the complexity is a bit high, to learn a NLOGN solution. The main use of two

Python3api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll Lost Solution

Tags: ref auto python Windows Picture pip encountered a problem lease SOFRecord a previously encountered problem:After installing the Pycharm, it is found thatFound through the Internet, in fact, is not installed Pip and setuptools, in fact, Python3

Java8 Source-arraylist

Tags:--int Application sdn void Math comment throws BlogTurn from: 76760238Top Notes The implementation of a variable array of size for the list interface. All optional list operations are implemented and all elements, including NULL, are

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