ping command and network port

ping command and network port:1.Ping is the local circular address, ping General instructions that the TCP/IP protocol works properly, otherwise TCP/IP is not normal.2.Ping IP address for this computerUse the ipconfig command to vi

Dating website Design

1 Introduction The emergence of dating sites has provided a great convenience for people to expand their circle of friends. People through the Internet not only have their own circle of friends, but also to save the time and effort to participate in

Talking about database connection __ Database

Must be clarified that although the article is my summary collation, but a lot of knowledge is really not I can study analysis, through listening to training, reading, practice summed up, on the one hand, in order to give their own standby, so that l

Base64 coded conversion binary picture __ Code

have been doing this lately, so the code will be a little more Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import Sun.misc.BASE64Decoder; Imp

Installation and use of subversion

1 windows2003 The SVN server 1.1 Getting Subversion Server programDownload the latest server Installer to the official website ( the latest is 1.5 version, the specific download address in: http://subversion.t

HTTP message (HTTP authoritative Guide chapter III)

HTTP Message This chapter will introduce:-How the message flows-three components of an HTTP message-the difference between the request and the corresponding message-Various functions for request message support-Various status codes returned with the

How do I debug a Web project with VS2005 in Vista IIS 7?

Debugging the WEB project core with vs2005 in Vista IIS 7 addresses the following issues: Vista itself has the necessary IIS7 components for Security user Account Control (UAC) installation. Vista's IIS7 and IIS 6 have changed at the bottom, how we l

The difference between the GetPath GetAbsolutePath and Getcanonicalpath of file

These few ways to get path are different in the file, so the detailed difference is below.Conceptual differences: (content from the JDK, the personal feeling of this descriptive information, only to let the understanding of the people understand that

RADIUS properties

"Turn" doc_id=sc0000594236&material_type=productmanual&part_no=10132 A.1 radius Property Describes RADIUS properties a.1.1 Standard r

Ubuntu Exprot,source and Basic symbol description

Shell and Export commands After the user logs on to the Linux system, a user shell is started. In this shell, you can use shell commands or declare variables, or you can create and run shell script programs. When you run the shell script program, a

The difference between int,signed int and unsigned int and printf%u,%d

############## #首先 ############### Signed int signed integral type unsigned int non-symbolic integer int is signed int, which is written with [signed] int to indicate signed can omit 2^31=2147483648 2^31-1=2147483647 2^32=4294967296 2^32-1=42949672

Errors cannot be fixed because you require that some packages remain the same as they destroy dependencies between packages. Ubu

There are some software packages that cannot be installed. If you are using a unstable release, this may be Because the system is not up to the state you requested. There may be some of the software you need in this release Packages have not been cre

concurrency control

  Concurrency control concurrency capability refers to the ability of multiple users to access the same data simultaneously at the same time. The common relational database has the ability of concurrency control, but this concurrency is also da

FTP terminology

FTP Term 150 file is in good condition, open data connection 200 command succeeded 202 command not implemented 211 System State or system help response 212 directory Status 213 file status 214 Help, information only useful to human users 215


1. The maximum length of the VARCHAR2 in the database table is 4000 bytes or character, with a maximum support length of 32,767 bytes in Oracle plsql VARCHAR2 Sql> Declare2 V_var varchar2 (32767);3 begin4 null;5 end;6/ The PL/SQL process has comp

Implementation and application of time synchronization system

The meaning of time synchronization The timing of various communication devices or computer equipment on the communication network (time and minutes) is limited to a sufficiently small range (such as 100ms) based on UTC (Coordinated world time), whic

Use of Tomcat (detailed process)

1. Javaweb ConceptJava Web, is the use of Java technology to solve the relevant web technology in the field of the general name. The web includes two parts: Web server and Web client. Java applets were used in the earliest web client applications, bu

The timeout misunderstanding about Apache

Recently, the number of threads that often Apache on the Web server runs to MaxClients (500), which affects the normal service. Normally, the number of Apache threads does not exceed 100, but it runs to 500, so it must be because some requests to exe

Moodle into the Web Platform Installer 2.0

Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 (Web PI) is a free tool to simplify downloading, installing, and the latest updates to Microsoft's Web platform, including IIS, SQL Server Express Edition,. NET Framework and the visual Web Developer. It also incl

Getting started with SVN and configuring to use

Getting started with SVN and configuring to use 2009-10-23 Source: Network SVN, or subversion, is a free and open source version control system that restores data to an e

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