How to use database plug-ins to connect ODBC (call static plug-ins) in a statically compiled QT 5.5.1

Label:Some time ago because of the working relationship, you need to write a desktop software that inserts data into SQL Server 2012.Because of the previous use of MFC, accidental contact with the QT, was its simplicity and surprise to the, then


Label:Brief introductionCommons-dbutils is an open source JDBC Tool class library provided by Apache, which is a simple encapsulation of JDBC, very low learning costs, and the use of dbutils can greatly simplify the work of JDBC coding without

Machine learning

Label:Reference Links: Shogun Scikit-learn Mlpy-machine Learning Python Fann-fast Artificial Neural Network Library Weka 3:data Mining Software in Java Know: How do I get started with machine learning? What mathematical preparation knowledge should

Ubuntu Install and view installed

Label:Description: Because of graphical interface methods (such as Add/remove ... and synaptic package Manageer) is relatively simple, so here is a summary of how the terminal packages are installed, uninstalled, and deleted through the command line.

On the design and implementation of API

Label: design of API is a unique field in software development. The main special point is that the API is for developers to use the interface, that is, application Programmer Interfaces.

Directory structure of the Ubantu file system

Label:For every Linux learner, learn about the directory structure of a Linux file system, is a very important step to learn Linux., in-depth understanding of the Linux file directory structure of the standard and detailed features of each directory,

XML summary

Label:1. Basic XML ConceptsExtended Markup Language (Extensible Markup Language, XML), which is used to mark electronic files with a structured markup language that can be used to tag data, define data types, is a source language that allows users

Introduction to XML

Label:The main differences between XML and HTMLXML is not an alternative to HTML.XML and HTML are designed for different purposes:XML is designed to transmit and store data, with the focus on the content of the data.HTML is designed to display data

5th first login and online Help man page

Label:First Login SystemThe CentOS default image interface is GNOME.Linux by default will provide 6 terminal to allow users to log in, the switch mode is CTRL+ALT+[F1-F6], the system will be named the six operating interface Tty1-tty6.You can use

[Leetcode] Valid Perfect Square test Complete square number

Label:Given a positive integer num, write a function which returns True if num is a perfect square else False.Note: do not use any built-in library function such as sqrt .Example 1:Input:16returns:trueExample 2:Input:14returns:falseCredits:Special

Design pattern--the similarities and differences between agent mode and decoration mode

Label:The characteristics of the two types of models Decoration Mode:Dynamically extends access to objects without changing the interface.Dynamic inheritance, which enables a class to have the ability to change behavior at run time.The

Compiling and installing GCC 5.2.0

Label: Records problems and workarounds for compiling GCC 5.2.0 for future queries.The usual server is CentOS5, with the GCC compiler released 8 years ago 4.1.2 version, completely

Regular Expression Matching && 44. Wildcard Matching

Label:Ten. Regular Expression MatchingImplement regular expression matching with support for ‘.‘ and ‘*‘ .‘.‘ Matches any single character. ' * ' Matches zero or more of the preceding element. The matching should cover the entire input string (not

5th. Primitive types, reference types, and value types

Label:5.1 Primitive types for programming languagesThe data types directly supported by the compiler (Compiler) are called primitive types (primitive type).I want the compiler not to provide primitive type names at all, forcing developers to use the

High-performance server architecture ideas

Label:In the field of server-side program development, performance issues have been the focus of attention. The industry has a large number of frameworks, components, class libraries are widely known for performance as a selling point. However, the

Export and import for modularity

Label:Export and import for modularityRead Catalogue ES6 the basic rules or characteristics of a module: The basic syntax for several import and export is listed below: ES6 imported modules are referred to as: Problems with

(fine) Subcontracting principles/Package design principles/components (package) design principles

Label: component, or assembly, refers to a binary unit that can be deployed independently, typically in the form of a DLL . For large software systems, good component design can break down the

Uboot Transplant Preparation Work II

Label:The first part2.3.1uboot Configuration Compilation Practice1) Source source code when Uboot official website to download. The source code for this download may not be ported to the Development Board you are currently using, and you cannot even

Uboot Transplant Preparation Four

Label:Introduction to the second part of the start_armboot (void) function1. In UBOOT/LIB_ARM/BOARD.C from 327-798. This is not all, because there are other functions called inside.2. Why is a function so long, not divided into two or three

How to enter an absolute value in a geometry artboard

Label:In the process of mathematics teaching, we will encounter various concepts, various symbols. The absolute value is a more common mathematical symbol, whether it is in algebra or in geometry. Therefore, in the process of using geometry

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