Word double underline bulk substitution becomes single underline

With a powerful replacement in Word, we can make bulk replacements at once. However, there are some special attributes of symbols or characters, it is not possible to replace using the normal method,

Failed to create object kdsvrmgr.clsact on server

Method/Step 1. Creating objects on the server failed Kdsvrmgr.clsact 2. My environment is as follows: domain mode +windows server+k3 10.3 version In search of the Internet, there are pr

win8.1 App Store Tips 0x80072f8f what to do?

win8.1 App Store Tips 0x80072f8f what to do 1, open the bottom right corner of the desktop time and date 2. Click Change Date and Time 3, click Ineternet Time 4. Click Change settings

Tips on how to clean up the Win7 system disk

Typically, deleting a restore point reduces the space on the system disk. Restore point deletion: Actions are as follows: My Computer-> Properties-> advanced system Settings-> System Protecti

Win8.1 encountered an application store unable to connect prompt error code 0x80072f8f troubleshooting tips

Win8.1 encountered an application store unable to connect prompt error code 0x80072f8f troubleshooting tips The specific steps are as follows: 1, open the bottom right corner of the desktop time and

How to resolve domestic access generic top-level root header server exception

Domestic access common top-level root domain name server exception, some domestic users can not access the. com and other domain name Web sites. After the January 21, 2014 failure, all the common top

Protect wireless Security Understanding wireless network intrusion Method

For the average person, only to enjoy the convenience of wireless, but not to pay attention to security, it is very easy to be individual "conscientious" swoop in, in fact, the intrusion of wireless n

16 Exquisite pioneering company website design appreciation

Startups are usually dynamic, looking for scalable, reusable business models. On the way forward, startups need more reliable partners and stronger investors, enough to take ideas and ideas to the roo

Talk about OS X little-known detail design Top 10

Editor's note: When it comes to OS X, the author's description is: In its delicate but unassuming UI, there are countless pursuits for detail. These details of the design will inadvertently let you ex

The ZF framework uses an example of a validator

  This article mainly introduces the ZF framework for use with the validator (custom calibrator and validator chain), need friends can refer to the following   Code as follows: &lt

5 ways to initialize JS data date

  This article introduces the next JS data date initialization of 5 commonly used methods, interested friends can refer to the following Create a Date object:  code as follows: Var obj

JS String intercept function instance

This article mainly introduces the JS string intercept function examples, the need for friends can refer toUse the substring () or slice () function: Split () function: Use a specified delimiter to st

LDAP and NetApp storage Security Integration approach

Many data centers create more advanced file sharing on the network file system, which requires user account information validation. If you are using a Linux system, you can integrate NetApp storage wi

CMD is what cmd command Daquan

  cmd.exe is the Microsoft Windows system based on Windows command interpreter, similar to Microsoft's DOS operating system. Cmd.exe is a 32-bit command-line program that runs on the Windows nt/2000/xp/2003/vista/win7. This is not a pure system progr

Use Word to create your own personalized homepage

I'm using a word2003!. ① first opens the word2003 and then sets the view to Web layout view at the bottom left; Use Word to create your own personalized home page-Web layout view ② then drag a 3 x 3 table in the "Insert Ta

Web design experience Sharing: A brief discussion of logical inference in design

Logic (rationale), derived from classical Greek λόγος (logos), originally meant "words" or "words", but also extended meaning "thinking" or "reasoning". Logic is often considered to be a study of the evaluation criteria of argumentation, although the

Unable to open new file when SVN update svn-base system could not find the specified file

The SVN server is mounted on a Linux system, and the SVN client is on Windows, and the "can" T open file may appear when you update it. Xxxx/tmp/text-base/xx.svn-base the system could not find the specified file "error. This is because there are tw

Introduction and examples of php5.3 goto functions

The  goto operator can be used to jump to a specified position in a program. The target location can be marked with a colon for the target name. The goto operator is added after php5.3+ to jump to another location in the program; the usage is

Print preview settings in Excel2010

This article describes how to preview a page before you print it by displaying print preview in Excel 2010. Also describes how to use the page layout view, which allows you to change and edit the document while you are viewing it. I created a readin

Common DOS Commands Daquan

The biggest difference between DOS and Windows is the DOS command, so the user needs to remember a lot of commands and how to use them, and DOS commands are divided into internal commands and external commands. Internal commands are mounted and resid

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