JS judge undefined type, undefined,null the difference of detailed analysis

  This article is mainly on the JS to determine the type of undefined, undefined,null,nan the difference between the detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the re

The application of pagination in EXTJS4

  This article describes how to use the pagination in the next Extjs4 and combine front and rear, specific examples such as, interested friends can refer to the following The front section:&

JS parse XML file and XML string

 js parsing XML files 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 The JS Parsing xml string 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

What's fastcgi?

  First, what is fastcgi?the fastcgi is a language-independent, scalable, CGI-open extension that primarily acts to keep the CGI interpreter process in memory and thus achieve higher performance. As w

Shun Fung BSP Order number query Interface SOAP request sample

In the design of some interfaces, the request of soap is sometimes used, such as the interface of the Shun Fung BSP. I try different kinds of post mode requests, either a complete request is not some

Definition and concept of parameters for functions in Excel tables

The part of the function's right parenthesis is called a parameter, and if a function can use more than one argument, the argument is delimited with a half-width comma. Arguments can be constants (nu

DRUPAL7 to connect multiple databases and solve common problems

  This article mainly introduces the method of DRUPAL7 to connect multiple databases, the operation example, as well as the common problem solution, the need friend can refer to the following I

Why does eval in JS process JSON data in parentheses

Thanks to the rise of Ajax, the lightweight data format of JSON became increasingly popular as a transfer format between the client and the server, and the problem was how to convert the server-side-b

Word 2007 Tip: Set Word document printing options

In Word 2007, users can set printing options to make printing settings more suitable for practical use, and the settings you make apply to all Word documents. To set the Word document printing options

Ubuntu 12.04 System Installation Diagram Tutorial

Ubuntu 12.04 System Installation Diagram Tutorial First, Introduction: Ubuntu is divided into Desktop (desktop) and server versions (servers), and the following is a detailed installation process fo

Introduction to the floor function of Excel

Function Name: FLOOR Function: Rounds the parameter number down in the direction in which the absolute value is reduced, making it equal to the nearest significance. function syntax: FLOOR (number,s

How does a Microsoft tablet restore its factory settings?

How does a Microsoft tablet restore its factory settings? Surface How to perform system recovery? Windows system has been running for a long time, because the installation and uninstall of various

How Excel makes a table

In the daily work, we often have to do a variety of forms, and sometimes use Word to do forms, but most of the time, use Word to make table adjustment too troublesome, as the spreadsheet Excel fast, e

Win7 installation of 3dmax2013 graphics and text tutorial

1. First download 3dmax2013 Chinese crack version 2. After the software is downloaded, unpack it, and automatically eject the installer when it is finished, if it does not pop up manually into the unp

VMware Virtual machine installation OS X mountain Lion System Graphics tutorial


VMware Virtual machine installation OS X mountain lion System The installation process is described in a word, that is, slow, about 2-3 hours, look at the machine performance and your RP, my configur

PS Create the movie style special effect of "Sin City"


Effect Chart: Here our model is a very cool gun girl ~ Because to create a feeling of darkness and evil ~ 1. New gradient map, choose Fade to black and white, if your gradien

The reset key after the router reset initial settings No matter what is going on?

The method of the router resets simply is to reset by the reset key of the router's side. In general, the router will revert to the factory settings, the default login IP is, the default u

How does an interaction designer work every day?

Teach you to use your working time efficiently! Today's protagonist is @edc Yu Yuanqing classmate, he listed his own in the United States, Germany and China's interactive design work, all in good orde

PS saved in GIF format and picture is not true

Original The following is the use of PS, said online is the best simulation method (local (perceptible)) converted to the index color of the effect chart The following are th

The regular expression implementation converts the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format to the YYYY-MM-DD format

The example in this article describes the method by which a regular expression implementation converts a date in mm/dd/yyyy format to a YYYY-MM-DD format. Share to everyone for your reference. The imp

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