Package the published application directory as an ear under WebSphere

./ Installedapps/eiptest/sso_war.ear-operation collapse

Application Example of factory model

Just take the computer room toll system. Number One Simple use of abstract factory to achieve. Such benefits are based on the overall system, not just from the original D, the ancient cloud: The parents ' son is far-reaching. This makes the system e

YUM Detailed installation Configuration document

YUM Detailed installation Configuration document Introduction of Yum 1, Yum is what. Yum = Yellow Dog Updater, Modified was originally developed by Yellow Dog, the developer of this release, Terra Soft, written in Python, It was also called yup (Yell

The merge statement will be supported in the new version of Sybase ASE V15.7

In September 2011, Sybase will release the next version of ASE, V15.7. Current ASE Latest version is V15.5, version number V15.6 will be skipped, cause and from V15.0 jump directly to V15.5 or V12.5 to V15.0 is similar. Sometimes this has to be done.

Spring MVC 4 viewresolver View Parser

All our MVC frameworks have its own mechanism for parsing views, Spring MVC is no exception, it uses Viewresolver for view parsing, and lets users render the model in the browser. Viewresolver is an out-of-the-box technology that resolves multiple vi

Powerful. NET anti-compiler tool reflector and plugin

  When I first contacted. NET, I heard that reflector is a powerful decompile tool, but has not used him. Update told me today reflector how, how useful, how to use, how cool, but also proud to say that the reverse compiled a lot of DLLs ... Ori

6 design principles of the opening and closing principle. __ Design mode

Defined: A software entity such as classes, modules, and functions should be open to extensions and closed for modification. The definition of the opening and closing principle has clearly told us that software entities should be open to extensions

JAVA8 stream syntax without circulation __stream

1. Stream Initial Experience Let's take a look at how the stream is defined in Java: A sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate. Let's interpret the sentence above: The stream is a collection of elements, which makes the str

Introduction to new features in. NET 4.0: Contract design (designed by contracts)

What is a contract? Let's take a look at a very simple example: Void Wordlist.insert (string word) This function is responsible for inserting word in ascending order into the list of words in wordlist, which Word cannot assume null. The above descri

Questions about the Update method in Hibernate

questions about the Update method in Hibernate (no session and session flush) In our first project Wenice, we used the compass to build the index. The Hibernategps of the compass configuration will track hibernate update, delete, save, and so on. Th

IP spoofing and SYN flood attacks under the NET platform __net

This is the application of someone else's article: Summary : Tags : . NET, flood attacks, IP spoofing Abstract: A method of the IP spoof and SYN Flood Attack based on Micosoft. NET are discussed in this article. TCP SYN Flood Attack and IP spoof p

Hadoop (1.0.4) Path detailed

Path parses the paths, converts the parameters to the standard URI format, makes judgments about the parameters of the path, standardizes, Fu Hua, and so on. To facilitate understanding of path, You can first see the detailed URI, link http://www.cnb

WINDOWSCE Development process

I. Overview WindowsCE is an embedded system launched by Mirosoft, and Platform Builder development tools and CETK testing tools, plus MS Other development and management tools, make technology development and project management WindowsCE project very

Semantic Web and semantic grid

The rapid development of the existing Internet makes its defects gradually exposed, such as Web page function monotonous, the low level of intelligent search engine, this is because most Web content is designed for people to read, rather than let com

Realization principle of IM instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (Instant Messenger, IM) software is based on TCP/IP and UDP communication, TCP/IP and UDP are built on the lower level of the IP protocol two communication protocols. The former is in the form of data flow, the transmission data aft

Ubuntu installation pip+python27+ipython+scrapy+zlib-and all kinds of problems encountered in solving __python

===================== (starting from the middle of the article for a properly installed solution) = = = = = (1) # xz-d PYTHON-2.7.11.TAR.XZ # tar xvf Python-2.7.11.tar # CD Python-2. 7.11/#/configure && make install (2): ~$ sudo apt-get insta

Digester interpretation of XML two rule methods

digester Interpretation of XML two rule methodsArticle from: Java code: Chartregistry: public class Chartregistry { list<chartconfig> Registry = new Arraylist<chartconfig> (); public void Addcha

Varnish authoritative Guide (Chinese)

Turn from: varnish Documentation (translation) index What is varnish? (we need to know what is varnish before reading the article)            

Header problem of Nginx + fcgi

Fastcgi_hide_header Syntax: Fastcgi_hide_header name Working with fields: HTTP, server, location By default, Nginx does not transfer the "Status" and "X-accel-..." headers from the FASTCGI server to the client, which can also hide some other header

6 design principles of the interface isolation principle (Interface segregation principle). __ Design mode

The interface is divided into two types. Instance interface (Object Interface), declares a class in Java, and then produces an instance with the New keyword, which is a description of a type of thing, which is an interface. For example, you define t

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