Generate a report with Jfreechart

Jfreechart is an open chart drawing class library on the Java platform. It is written entirely in the Java language and is designed for use by applications, applets, Servlets, and JSP. Jfreechart can generate a variety of charts (pie charts), histogr

FreeBSD Minimal installation +diablo-jdk +apache and TOMCAT integration!

This article is to make up a long time ago a homework, also by the way to quell many students in the jar of doubt. Let me explain the general situation of the configuration environment: OS FreeBSD 6.2-release Jdk di

One of the device IO (mmap, direct IO, and asynchronous IO)

Now, in Linux often can be seen in the user space to write the driver, such as x server, some vendors private drive, etc., which means that user space has access to the hardware, this is usually through the MMAP device memory map to the user process

The difference between Throwable and exception

The Java language requires that all thrown (throw) exceptions from the Java program (regardless of who wrote the code) must be derived from Throwable. Of course, in actual Java programming, because the JDK platform has designed a very rich and comple

customizing RPM packages and adding internal yum Server

customizing RPM packages and adding internal yum ServerThis article is reproduced in the original address: 1, the production of RPM package Linux system environment # Cat/etc/redhat-release CentO

What is the scripting language?

What is called the script reproduced from the network, address unknown ... Script scripts are executable files written in a certain format, also known as macros or batch files, using a specific descriptive language. Scripts can usually be called and

GCC parameter Interpretation (finishing)

gcc parameter explanation GCC and g++ are GNU's C &c++ compilers respectively. A total of 4 steps are required for gcc/g++ to perform compilation work: 1, preprocessing, generate. i file [preprocessor CPP] 2, the preprocessed file will not be con

The meaning of errno

strerror (int error): For printing error errno.00 is:success errno.01 is:operation not permittederrno.02 is:no such file or directoryerrno.03 Is:no Such processerrno.04 is:interrupted System callerrno.05 is:input/output Errorerrno.06 Is:no such devic

Docker Learning Notes (iii)-Dockerfile create a local mirror

Dockerfile Create a local mirror This blog post will describe how to create a local mirror in Docker. The content includes writing dockerfile files, creating mirrors from the written dockerfile, mirroring the created process, and running the mirrors

No proxy in Taskctl, remote script configuration via SSH-free connection (SSH plug-in extension)

When using Taskctl to dispatch a service, if you need cross-user or cross-server scheduling can be implemented by installing TASKCTL agent, but sometimes there are only a few scripts on the server that needs to execute the job, then deploying the age

Import and export of Sybase IQ

Sybase IQ has always been known for its export-import performance, and it is not easy to use it well. Recently I have studied this, summarized as follows, for reference only.1. PrefaceSybase IQ is a powerful ad hoc query server. Use Sybase IQ to isol

Get the persistence context in the Web container

Get the persistence context in the Web container Want to write this article, because read a few articles on the Internet, no one can really say how to correctly get the persistence context in the Web container, or do not know how to obtain, or there

JVM Learning----Viewing stack information

JPS Viewing the currently running Java process The JVM process Status Tool displays all the hotspot virtual machine processes within the specified system. The JPS-LVM is used to view the Java processes running on the current machine.command format J

Asterisk using the database configuration method

Installation: 1, install UnixODBC unixodbc-devel Libtool-ltdl Libtool-ltdl-devel, in order to enable asterisk support database storage (must be installed first) 2. Install MySQL and set up C_include_path and Ld_library_path 3, download the new versio

Mod (modulo or redundancy)

1. Residual: The remainder after the division is divided, for example: MOD 4 = 2;   -17 MOD 4 =-1;    -3 MOD 4 =-3;    4 MOD (-3) = 1; -4 MOD 3 =-1; If a mod B is an XOR, then the resulting symbol is the same as a

Use Lombok in idea to simplify the generation of get and set methods

When writing pojo,domain,dto, we always need to manually generate get and set methods, repetitive work, meaningless, through Lombok in idea we can easily through the annotation @data to complete. Step 1: Download the Lombok plugin in idea Select Pl

[MMC subsystem] Host (fourth chapter)--host instance (sdhci-msm description)

MMC subsystem series (in continuous update):[MMC subsystem] concepts and frameworks [MMC Subsystem] MMC core (chapter I)--Overview[MMC Subsystem] MMC core (chapter II)--Description of data structure and macro definitions[MMC Subsystem] MMC core (chap

In the beginning with Hibernate4 wrote a Basedao implementation please advise

Import; Import java.util.List; Import Java.util.Map; Import Javax.annotation.Resource; Import org.hibernate.HibernateException; Import Org.hibernate.Query; Import org.hibernate.Session; Import Org.hibernate.SessionFactory; Import

Reduce QT application size with the platform interface provided by Ubuntu-app-platform

I don't know if you've tried one of my QT apps before. "How to Package a qmake Ubuntu mobile app as a snap app". In that tutorial, we tried to get all the Ubuntu SDK Library pack ubuntu-sdk-libs into our app, and the result was that the files for our

Simple and understandable derivation of Softmax cross-entropy loss function

simple and understandable derivation of Softmax cross-entropy loss function This blog transfer from: To write a derivation of Softmax derivation process, not only can you clarify the idea, but

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