Extjs-define defines a class __js

If you want to learn ExtJS well, it is necessary for JavaScript, that is, understanding the ExtJS underlying infrastructure. So now we're going to start learning the EXTJS infrastructure. How to create an ext class, create a complex flow of classes -

Service Broker Essentials

Service Broker Essentials Introduction to--service BrokerService broker is to make SQL Server a platform for building reliable distributed asynchronous applications.Service Broker is not a common message processing system.Service Broker supports tran

Echart report mouse hover display data units customization __java

" , 2. add formatlabel+=" {a " +i+ '}:{c ' '} million <br > in for loop data stitching. 3.tooltip plus formatter:formatlabel. 4. axislabel yaxis: {formatter: {value} ',} The following are demo:  <%@ page language= "java" import= "jav

VC/MFC time format conversion and comparison size CString to COleDateTime

It's been a long time. Finally, I have finished the problem of the conversion of the date format, and share my little experience here, hehe The database I use is SQL Server2005, and there is a type of smalldatetime data in the database table to store

What is the MIME type? What types are included?

Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/tjudzj/p/6528008.html what the MIME type is. What types are included. Excerpt: http://www.tuidc.com/idczixun/newsx/newsidc/3479.html Q: What is the MIME type? Answer: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensio

Try Catch finally execution order summary __return

Conclusion 1, regardless of the occurrence of wood anomalies, finally block code will be executed, 2, when there is return in try and catch, finally still execute; 3, Finally, it is executed after the expression operation after return (at this time n

In the back-and-forth project, using the Shiro framework in the background, how to use its session management system (sessions) to achieve permissions control __ajax

Ajax Cross-domain and save user information is the key and difficult point in the project of separating the front and back. If you use the Shiro framework for permission control in the background, you need to use the Cookie+session mode to save the u

How to create a database after MDF files and LDF files __ Database

Today downloaded a C # source code, used to the database. The source project has the file to create the database, is the database master file and log file, the format is MDF (database Master file) and a LDF (log file). The steps to create a databas


There are many ways to use a database, and for most databases it may not be appropriate to choose a C + + product. We know that products such as dBASE iv,foxpro,oracle and access are completely centered on database management. In fact, these products

DNS Literacy Series III: About Smart DNS (Bind+view)

Intelligent DNS is the function realization of bind+view. At home, the first smart DNS into the market is a I (how to give people not humble feeling it). I think bind9.x introduced view (view) function is not for China, but this function just can sol

One day a design pattern---Enjoy meta mode __ design mode

Introduction: This is a very small pattern in such a variety of design patterns to improve program performance. The main idea is-if there are multiple identical objects in the system, then only one copy of the object is required, without having to cr

Comparison of DBCP, C3P0, Proxool, BONECP Open source Connection Pool __ Database Technology

DBCP, C3P0, Proxool, BONECP and other open source database connection pool Basic Introduction Brief introduction Use evaluation Project Home DBCP DBCP is a database connection pool that relies on the Jakarta C

Database connection pool, dynamic agent __ Database

in the Web project, Java Access database is a multi-user operation, the need to connect the database frequently, one method is to a request to an operating object, this method of thinking simple, but there are huge hidden dangers, if the traffic is p

HTTP request: Difference between get and post method (turn)

HTTP defines different methods of interacting with the server, and the most basic method is get and POST. In fact, get applies to most requests, while the reserved POST is used only for updating the site. According to the HTTP specification, get is u

The difference between request-getparameter () and getattribute ()

The HttpServletRequest class has GetParameter (), getattribute (), setattribute (), and no Setparameter () method GetParameter () is used to post or get the form, to obtain the data in the form, or the parameters on the URL. When the Web component is

Ecshop reconstruction of Read and write separation

Two days ago configured MySQL master and slave mode, today take ecshop practice reading and writing separation. The following code is only for learning reference, immature place, still need to improve. config.php <?php $db _name = "Ecshop";

The DataSource configuration __tomcat of Tomcat in the primary study of Jndi

Some people say that there is no real understanding of Java EE without mastering Jndi.It seems that I have never understood. the role of Java EE Before we talk about Jndi, let's start with the role of Java EE.the Java EE specification delegates respo

Fedora Core 6 Services detailed

Below we will give a brief introduction to the various services in Fedora Core 6 and provide recommendations for their use. Knowledge Service (services) Please read the Fedora Service Management Guide first. Learn what a service/background process (s

Delphi Xe10,json Generation and parsing, then utilizes indyhttp control POST__JS

--not much, directly on the code Procedure Tfrmmain.brand; Var Jsonobject, Jsonparam:tjsonobject; JSON class Jsonarray:tjsonarray; JSON array variable I:integer; Flag_do:boolean; Jsontosend:tstringstream; Jsonstr, rjsonstr:string; Rjsonobject, Rjso

MYBATIS3 Source Analysis (02)-Load Configuration-xmlconfigbuilder

The role of configuration class in MyBatisThe configuration class holds configuration information for all MyBatis. That is to say, all configuration information in Mybaits-config.xml and Usermapper.xml can find the appropriate information in the Conf

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