WPS 2009 Automatic Fill Rule Skill Summary

1, the default fill rule: wps to "number" by default to fill the sequence, to the "text + number" combination, text default copy fill, the number by default as a sequential way to fill. 2, Auto Fill

How do I remove a header line in a Word document

How do I remove a header line in a Word document First, Word2013 (Word2010) header horizontal How to remove 1. Quick Steps Double-click the header area to enter the edit header status → Select all

Three ways to select rows in an Excel table

three ways to select rows in an Excel table There is an Excel table that needs to be selected every n rows. It may be a separate row, or it may be 2 lines, 3 rows. There are two common o

How do I insert a subtotal in an Excel worksheet

How do I insert a subtotal in an Excel worksheet 1. Open the worksheet where you want to create subtotals, select the column that contains the employee department, and then click the Descending butto

Methods for using a mock table in an Excel worksheet

methods for using a mock table in an Excel worksheet 1. Create a new Excel worksheet and enter data on the worksheet. Enter the calculated formula for the commission amount in Cell B9 = $B $2* $B $,

Topaz filters using and cracking graphics tutorials

The Topaz filter attracts countless non-mainstream PS players in its particular style. The Chinese version of this filter I am based on the use of the habit of translation, some places is

Use jquery to validate bank card number information

  $ ("#bankAccountNumber"). Change (function () { Alert ("1"), var account = $ (" ChannelForm.bankAccount.account "). Val (); Alert ("2"); var reg =/^d{19}$/g//is preceded by a 19-digit number

SQL statement detects if SP4 patches are installed

Select SERVERPROPERTY (' ProductLevel ') If the SP has not been hit, RTM is the SP version, otherwise it will be displayed. View your current version number: SELECT @ @VERSION The result: Microso

Flash makes very cool clock animations

Final Preview Let's look at the final preview effect The first step: what does the binary mean? Everyone knows how to count, but not everyone knows how many different methods there are. Now we're g

360 security guards How to automatically delete a patch file

Now, the computer will be reminded to install the patch. But after the installation, many people put the patch file regardless, this is occupied computer memory, resulting in slow computer speed. So,

A list of all function functions for the Lua math library

This article introduces all the functions of the LUA Math Library, this article lists all the functions of the LUA Math library, and gives a brief description of the functional function of each functi

HTML 4.0 Syntax Font label

"Title label" Use method:<h1> Header content </h1> Tag commentary: the title of the size of a total of six, two tags in a group, that is, from <h1> to <h6>,<h1> Max,<

HTML 4.0 Syntax Table tags

"The table concept in the Web page" For instance, if today we want to do a 3 column 2 columns of the table, in Word, as long as the set table is 3 columns, 2 columns to complete, but in the Web page

FAQ for Network loop in switch

An improper port connection between switches in Ethernet can cause network loops, and if the associated switch does not have STP enabled, the loop triggers endless repetitive forwarding of packets, cr

How to create a tri-pane HTML Help window with Win32 SDK programming

HTML help enables users to use a tool bar, view directories, and help topics in one of the helping Windows. Currently, there are two ways to create a tri-pane type of HTML Help window: Create a windo

36 Important HTML Tags

1. &lt;!? ?&gt;: Annotation Every HTML tag has its uses, but when we write HTML code, we often roamed, ignoring a number of very important and particularly useful tags. Since so many tags

How do I hit word underline?

One, set the underline of the characterWhen you set a character underline, you should usually select text, and if you click the Underline button and then type the character, the text you type will be

How Django accesses Sina Weibo OAuth

This example describes the way Django accesses Sina Weibo oauth. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The recent integration of the Web site and Sina Weibo, the

Explanation of the meaning and reason of 404 Not Found

What does 404 Not found mean? Why does it appear 404 Not Found? The meaning of 404 Not Found: 404 Not Found is a standard HTTP return code that, when a user enters a link, the IIS (Internet Informat

. NET call stored procedures detailed description

Connection string The code is as follows: String conn = configurationmanager.connectionstrings["NorthwindConnectionString"]. ConnectionString; Confige fileThe code is as follows: &lt;con

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