Distributed Transaction Series (1.1) Spring transaction manager Platformtransactionmanager

Label:1 Series Catalogue The Distributed Transaction series (opening) raises questions and research processes Distributed Transaction Series (1.1) Spring transaction manager Platformtransactionmanager Source analysis 2 JDBC

MVC API OData Query Options $inlinecount, $format options

Label:Online Baidu "OData syntax" will come out a lot of results, one of which is more consistent, that is, OData support a few syntax:$filter conditional expression--the Where Condition query for the SQL statement, such as:/categories? $filter

dash--Programmer's Good helper: API document Browser + code snippet management tool

Label:As a dead coder, the most common action of the day is to look at the various API documents, you must have also opened n Windows (HTML, PDF, CHM), constantly switch between the editor and the document feeling it? How to say that, in fact, I

The following error was encountered while using Sessionfactory's Getcurrentsession method

Label:Problems encountered:Scenario 1:The following error was encountered while using the Sessionfactory Getcurrentsession method, which was checked for the following reasons:is because the following settings have been forgotten in the Hibernate.cfg.

UNIX Advanced Environment Programming (13) signals-concepts, signal functions, reentrant functions

Label:The signal is a soft interrupt.Signals provide a way to handle events asynchronously. For example, the user presses the end process key at the terminal to terminate a process prematurely.?1 concept of the signalEach signal has a name, and

Develop anti-pattern-plaintext password

Label:First, target: restore or Reset PasswordEach password program will encounter the user forgets the password situation, most of today's programs through e-mail feedback mechanism to let users recover or reset the password. This solution has a

Advantages and disadvantages of stored procedure recompilation, determination of raised statements

Label:Stored procedures improve the reusability of execution plans by explicitly converting the variable portions of the query to parameters. This enables the execution plan to be reused when the query is resubmitted with the same or different

"Translated from MoS article" for each file's file.id and file.incarnation number, rename the file alias

Label:For each file's file.id and file.incarnation number, rename the file aliasReferences:Rename Alias of DataFile as Per file.id and file.incarnation number (DOC ID 1494661.1)Suitable for:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version and

Inotify+rsync multiple Dir-sync

Tags: inotfiy rsync inotfy_rsync_dirs.shSystem: centos6.5IP: is synchronized to the end10.19.21.242 Synchronous EndI. Configuring Rsync (synchronous side)1. Install rsync# yum Install-y rsync2. Write rsync configuration#

Leetcode | Integer to Roman

Tags: integer roman Problem Analytical Appendix Roman Numeral Spelling Rules ProblemInteger to roman:https://leetcode.com/problems/integer-to-roman/Degree:mediumGiven an integer, convert it to a roman

About the IIS server download new file type prompt for files not found

Tags: IIS server solution IIS 6.0 Webnew downloadable file types in IIS6IIS 6.0 cannot handle unknown MIME types IIS6 only serves requests for files with known file name extensions. If the file name extension of the requested content is not mapped

Deep Clone objects

Tags: clone front endSometimes, we need to replicate an object, such as the following requirements:1. Using recursion to implement a deep clone, you can copy a target object and return a full copy2. The copied object type is limited to numbers,

The difference and connection between sizeof and strlen

Label:The difference and connection between sizeof and strlenFirst,sizeofsizeof (...)is an operator, in the header filetypedefto beunsigned int, the values are calculated at compile time, and the parameters can be arrays, pointers, types, objects,

Time: UTC; GMT; DST; Cst

Label:GMT time============================================-GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, abbreviated as G.M.T)UTC time============================================-World coordination Time (coordinated Universal)-also known as the world Standard Time, the

hdu1505---City Game (monotone stack)

Tags: monotone stackProblem DescriptionBob is a strategy game programming specialist. In He new city building game the gaming environment was as Follows:a City was built up by areas, in which there was street S, trees,factories and buildings. There

POJ 3260 the fewest Coins minimum number of coins (full backpack + multiple backpack, mixed type)

Label:Test instructions: FJ body has a variety of coins, but to buy m-dollar things, want to buy with the fewest number of coins, and the amount of coins recovered is the least (the boss will be the least amount of automatic change), that is, the

Micro-service--martin Flower "translation"

Label:Original addressContent of this article Micro-Service Micro-service style features Components and Services Organize around business functions Product is not a project Strengthen the terminal and weaken

Installation and configuration of the XAMPP

Label:Tools/Materials Xampp-win32-1.8.2-1-vc9-installer.exe 101 MB Wordpress-3.7.zip or Wordpress-3.6.1-zh_cn.zip Method/Step Download Xampp-win32-1.8.2-1-vc9-installer.exe file, size is 101 MB, Baidu Network disk:

Hdu 4497 GCD and LCM decomposition of number theory primes

Tags: number theory prime factorizationGCD and LCMTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65535/65535 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1339 Accepted Submission (s): 607Problem Descriptiongiven-positive integers G and L, could you

Determine if a point is inside a polygon

Label:There is an n-sided shape, the vertex is P1,P2,..., pn; Given a known point P, determine whether p is inside or outside the polygon.Preliminary knowledge: The definition of intersection of two segments, if the ends of one segment are at both

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