Create socket instance using Lua-nginx in Openresty

This article mainly introduces the use of Lua-nginx in openresty to create a socket instance, this article directly gives code examples and running effects, need friends can refer to the following Th

IP Call Sina API to get city name and convert to Pinyin

  This article mainly introduces the IP call Sina API to get the city name and converted to Pinyin example, the need for friends can refer to the following Function:   1, get current I

JS gets and empties the value of the input type= "file"

  This article mainly introduces the JS access, empty input type= "file" value (sample code) needs of friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. The Upload control (<input ty

JS Object Attributes (check properties, enumeration properties, and so on)

1. Delete Attributes The delete operator can delete an object's properties The code is as follows: Delete person.age//That person no longer has attribute age Delete person[' age ']//or so De

Bulk canceling manual wrapping in the WPS table

In the WPS table, we often use the manual newline character, which is to force the line break by pressing Alt+enter or pressing the line-wrapping button on the toolbar during the entry. How do you can

WPS Text 2012 Blank underline setting Tips

When editing contracts, agreements, examination papers, and references to a class of documents, it is often necessary to set aside certain spaces in the text and underline them for future completion.

How Word uses kana for kanji in Japanese

After you have entered Japanese with the Japanese input method from Word 2000/2002, select the kanji to be marked with a pseudonym, then click "format" → "Chinese Layout" → "Phonetic Guide", pop-up a

How do you solve a chart that can't be printed in Excel2010?

When you edit a chart with Excel2010, if the chart doesn't print when you print it, it's probably a problem with Excel settings. Here is a workaround. 1, for example, to print the Excel chart in the

How do I use the Eomonth function in Excel?

How do I use the Eomonth function in Excel? The Eomonth function is the serial number that returns the last day of the specified month before or after start-date, how do you use the Eomonth function i

Excel standard deviation function

First, the concept of standard deviation Standard deviation (Standard deviation), the average number of distances from which each data deviates from the average, which is the square root of the devia

RPC Server not available

Many friends in the installation of their own printer driver will be prompted "Can not install this hardware, RPC server is not available" situation, then what is PRC, why will the RPC server is not a

Foxmail message content or subject garbled how to do

Foxmail when reading a message, if the message content or subject appears garbled, it is usually because the message is not displayed in the correct language encoding. You can set it in the following

WinRAR how to extract rar file annotation information quickly

WinRAR can contain annotation information when making a compressed file. When you download the RAR compressed files from the Internet, when the decompression operation, or run the files contained ther

Win7 Ubuntu 12.04 XP Dual-Disk 3 system grub Configuration

Disk 1:ubuntu12.04 Win7 Disk 2:XP sudo update-grub results only Win7 and Ubuntu, click win7 into the system, see Win7 and xp,win7 can start, but XP cannot. So I found a grub file with someone else's

The latest GoDaddy account domain name unlock/Get Transfer code method

At the end of May this year, GoDaddy to the background for a small adjustment, to the background of the rookie not too skilled friends may be some not accustomed to, Cnjoel here to transfer the domain

How to build a local Ubuntu mirror server

To install and build a local Ubuntu mirror server on your computer, you can reduce time when installing other common tools! So how to build it! Let's take a look at it! I. Demand analysis A recent r

QQ Browser micro-letter version can not brush friends circle?

QQ Browser micro-letter version can not brush friends Circle Mody? QQ Browser micro-letter version of the Brush circle of friends What are the tutorial? I believe you must want to visit the Web side C

PS teach you easy 6 steps to embed the GIF animated map into the phone template

Many designers can do an animated GIF, but do not know how to embed in the template as shown in the following diagram: Yesterday, a design sister asked me this question, since it is a sis

tutorial on installing filters in Photoshop

In the previous Photoshop tutorial, we shared the Photoshop installation action, the Photoshop installation Brush tutorial, in today's tutorial, we will share the Photoshop installation filter tutoria

EXCEL2010 using ABS function to find the difference between two values


How to use ABS function in Excel, in fact, the ABS function is used to return an absolute value of a parameter. For example, the height of a and B are known, and the difference between a and B is calculated. Operation Steps Open Excel2010 and enter

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