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Microsoft Office Office Components play an important role in our daily work life. It can be said that today's life is inseparable from office Office components. This article recommends 10 enhanced application Plug-ins to help expand Office functionality and help users better use Office software.

Expand Outlook Use Feature series

Users tend to use Outlook only as e-mail clients and contacts. And the following two plug-ins can play its other functions.

1, xobni Mail analysis tool

This excellent and free plugin lets Outlook become smarter. Users can share and search for e-mail addresses and phone numbers in Outlook. Xobni intelligently filters, and when the user types the name of the searcher, all the information about the person is listed.

The future XOBNI will be directly integrated into the Gmail search box to help you make automatic recommendations when searching. Other features that will be implemented in the future include search suggestions, phone number searches, and attachment searches when searching for contacts.

2. pocketknife peek allows HTML files to be read like text

Perhaps the user will be suspicious of HTML mail, is it malicious mail? Don't worry, using the Pocketknife Peek Free plugin allows you to read HTML messages just like you read the text. You can also view HTML source code and Internet headers. Pocketknife peek is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Let Microsoft Office and Google collaborate

Microsoft's office and Google's web-based apps are unrelated, but the following two tools are available to work with.

3. CompanionLink for Outlook sync Outlook tool

CompanionLink can sync Outlook with Gmail via Google date.

Google Calendar and Outlook dates are sometimes not synchronized, and Outlook contacts and Gmail contacts are often not synchronized. Using CompanionLink can solve this problem. But the plugin is charged for 40 dollars and can be tried for 14 days. It automatically synchronizes outlook,gmail and Google Calendar, so you don't have to worry about repeatedly entering information or when calendars and contacts don't match. It can run on an Android device and use it as an intermediary to sync Outlook contact information to an Android device.

4, Google Cloud connect Sync Office Documents

Microsoft Office is the best tool for creating documents, but it's not easy to share. Google docs can be easily shared because they are stored using cloud connections, but the effect of creating a document is not as good as office.

This Google Cloud connect free plugin, is created by Google. You can keep your Office documents in the form of Google Docs documents, and then synchronize them so that users can view them elsewhere.

Master the Interface Interface Control Tool series

Want to use the Office interface more quickly, the following three tools can help you.

5, Office tab Free Label tool, let Office documents render a tabbed interface

Typically, when you open multiple Office documents, the work becomes complex and the response is slow. The Free Office Tab tool enables Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to render a tabbed interface. An interface similar to that of a browser. In this way, you can switch views of multiple documents in one interface at random. In addition, a paid version of the 32-bit label tool enhances the ability to turn off all tabs, such as clicking.

6. Ribbon Helper for Office can use hover to change the Ribbon label.

Sometimes, some office operations can be cumbersome. If you want to move the ribbon tag, you must click the destination each time. Ribbon Helper for Office (15 USD. There is a 45 day use version so you don't need to click, as long as the mouse hovers over the destination, the label will automatically move.

7, search commands searching command

Search commands is a link to a task command that the user wants to perform. Not sure how to perform a specific task in office? Using Search Commands, it is a free tool provided by Microsoft to easily understand how to perform complex tasks and guide you through your work. On the Ribbon interface, Search commands is directly integrated into Word,excel and PowerPoint as a new option. Click this option to enter the task you want to complete, and Search commands will display a series of matching results. Select one of these, and the user can easily complete the task by using the wizard.

Other plugins

The following three plug-ins give office a surprising side.

8, Slideboxx make the slide presentation more convenient

If you do a lot of briefings, it makes it difficult to query exact slides, information, and resource introductions. With Slideboxx, it can index your presentation and help you quickly navigate to the location you want to query. You can also create a new PPT by dragging some of the slides from an existing PowerPoint presentation. Used users will find it saves a lot of time. Slideboxx can be used for 30 days for free and 119 dollars for purchase.

9. Advanced Office Password Recovery Home password recovery software

Advanced Office Password Recovery uses a variety of techniques to help users retrieve forgotten passwords. It tries to crack the password by checking the cached password in the computer and moving it into a powerful dictionary. The free version of Advanced Office Password Recovery Home can only recover part of the password, the full version of 49 dollars.

10, Duplicate Remover for Excel delete Excel duplicate record software.

If you have too much data in your worksheet, you will inevitably experience duplication of data records. Using duplicate remover, it can trace and delete duplicate data. It's not free, it costs 30 dollars.

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