SQL row to column (and EAV model fetch data)

Label:Reference article:Http://www.williamsang.com/archives/1508.htmlScenario BriefThe school records the results, each person's choice course is different, and later will add the course, so do not need to take all the courses as a column. Database

[Introduction to Hadoop]-2 Ubuntu Installation and configuration Hadoop installation and configuration

Label:Ubuntu installation (Here I do not catch a map, just cite a URL, I believe that everyone's ability)Ubuntu Installation Reference Tutorial: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/14bd256e0ca52ebb6d26129c.htmlNote the following points:1, set the

Operating system Learning Notes process

Tags: blog http using SP for strong file on dataDefinition of the process1. A process under implementation;2. An instance of the program being executed on the computer;3. Entities that can be assigned to the processor and executed by the processor;4.

Basic functions of array manipulation

Label:Basic functions of array manipulationThe key name and value of the arrayArray_values ($arr); Get the value of an arrayArray_keys ($arr); Gets the key name of the arrayArray_flip ($arr); the values in the array are exchanged with the key names (

BASE64 algorithm

Tags: des style blog http io ar color using SPSimple Concept Understanding:The BASE64 algorithm uses the idea of a single-table permutation algorithm. Base64 uses a 64-character mapping table, seeBase64 character mapping table,all other symbols are

WINHEX Using Tutorials

Tags: using file data problem log code AD as timeWinhex has perfect partition management function and file management function, can automatically analyze the partition chain and file cluster chain, can be different ways to backup the hard disk, and

Five, IPv6 address representation method (level three network technology)

Label:For a complete IPv6 address, need to write 128 bits, has been divided into 8 paragraphs, 4 characters each, that is, the complete representation of a IPV6 address, need to write 32 letters, which is quite long, and easy to confuse and error,

Who says their version is incompatible--hadoop1.2.1+hbase0.94.11+nutch2.2.1+el

Label:I. Background recently, due to the needs of the project and the paper, a vertical search environment needs to be set up, consulted a lot of information, decided to use Apache's solution hadoop+hbase+nutch+es. The role of these artifacts is not

Detailed explanation 2 binary, 10 binary, 16 binary, 8 binary, 36 binary

Label:This article introduces the concept of the introduction of the C + + language, mainly introduces 2 binary, 10, 16, which are the three kinds of programming must be mastered is also the most commonly used. In addition, the introduction of 8 and

IIS7.0 deploying WCF 404 or Configuring MIME

Label:WCF is deployed under IIS with an error as follows:Server error in Application "DEFAULT WEB SITE/IMF"Internet Information Services 7.0Error summaryHTTP error 404.3-not found the page you requested is not available due to an extended

New Essays

Label: <title>Gitsimpletutorial</title> Gitsimpletutorialtable of Contents 1 Creating a version Library 1.1 Adding files to the repository 1.2 Summary 2

Open Source network Communication Library Reference

Tags: des style http io ar os using SP forSockets TCP/IP communication LibraryC + + Sockets LibraryThis is a GPL licensed C + + class library wrapping the Berkeley sockets C API, and therefore works on most unixes and also Win32. The library is in

chmod 777 Setting Directory Permissions

Tags: blog http io os using SP strong on fileHttp://william71.blogbus.com/logs/33484772.html755 on behalf of the user to the file has read, write, execute permissions, the same group of other people have the ability to execute and read, no write

(Symmetricds Quick Start Guide) Chapter 1. Quick Start Guide

Tags: database server JDBC Database batch ServerThis document is the first chapter of the SymmetricDS3.6.14 document, which translates the Quick Start Guide document to help readers quickly build a Symmetricds cluster and popularize some basic

ASCII Code table char (9), char (Ten), char (13), etc.

Label:char (9) Horizontal tabCHAR (10) line breakchar (13) EnterMethods for testing ASCII code:In Notepad, hold down the ALT key and enter the decimal ASCII code with the keypad, then let go and you can see the effect!If the ASCII code for "A" is 65,

XAMPP Related learning Experience

Label:Need to remember: if the XAMPP installed, Apache 80 port has been accounted for, then you have to modify the port number, the port number modified, enter the address must be after localhost or IP plus the new port number. How to modify the

2013 2014, the days of barefoot running

Tags: Run exercise barefoot Run barefoot Run2013 2014, the days of barefoot runningStarted running at the end of 2012, initially only want to run every day, exercise under the body, did not expect to run a long distance.The day of the 2012 Shanghai

RABBITMQ Learning: (10) AMQP and RABBITMQ Introduction (repost + my comments)

Label:From:http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/amqp-rabbitmqReady to startThe Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP1) is an application-layer protocol specification used by asynchronous messaging. As a line-layer protocol, rather than an API (for

Real number theory (1) deduction of the basic properties of proportional numbers

Label:Question 1: Why A+b=b+aQuestion 2.1/3 Why is a positive number, 1/3 why greater than 0Question 3: Why a third proportion must exist between any two scale numbersQuestion 4: How to prove the Archimedes nature of the proportional numberQuestion 5

Geography error and wearing lens in the film assassination of Kim Jong-un (for entertainment only)

Tags: Google earth map GPS GISIn the first 15 minutes, North Korean communications officials called the producer Aaron Rapaport and gave him a coordinate to meet with the North Korean side, which was given in decimal degrees and latitude and

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