DB2 NoSQL JSON feature (i) DB2 NoSQL JSON Introduction

Fast-changing application environments require a flexible mechanism for storing data and passing data between different application tiers. As it turns out, JSON (Java Script Object notation) is an important technology for moving, interactive applicat

DB2 Data Server Usage FAQ

Introduction: This article answers the DB2 customer's most common questions about data servers in question and answer, including DB2 UDB V8, V8.2, V9, and V9.5 Some of the issues encountered in installation, upgrades, and use of several versions. 1.

Data retention and data migration in the V1.2 Administrator of data Studio

Use the data Studio Administrator to preserve and migrate information during complex database changes Introduction: Do you need to make complex changes to the database? For example, the column is moved to another table while the original data is pre

Learn how to write DB2 JDBC tools with Jython

Brief introduction The Db2®universal database™ (UDB) JDBC driver has proven to be a powerful and IBM-supported technology. Jython is a pure Java implementation of the Python programming language. First, we'll tell you why Jython is powerful, easy t

32 Classic Tips for using the DB2 database

In browsing the forum posts, found that many students suffer from not having some "tips", so have to put down the work to check the data, the results found out, just the idea of a meaningful and no. Now sort out some tips to help people in need. Let'

DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer Certification Examination 735 preparation, 1th part

Before you start About this series This series, which contains 6 DB2 SQL Procedure Developer tutorials, covers all the basic structures and methods of SQL procedural Language (SQL PL) and shows how to store procedures, user-defined functions, and t

DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 Introduction

Compared to the previous DB2 Content manager V8.2 portlet version, ibm®db2®content manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 offers many new features and significant improvements. It is also extended to use the services provided by the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Serv

Sybase application Example: Portuguese Telecel Mobile Telecom Co., ltd

Business challenge: To become a leader in Portuguese mobile communications by improving customer service and innovation. Establish a data warehouse to understand the business situation in detail, know what customers are interested in, what they are b

Easy to understand usage and description of Informix common commands

Syntax OnInit [-S] [-i] [-P] [-y] oninit将系统从off-line模式变为on-line模式 oninit -s  将系统从off-line模式变为quiescent模式 oninit -i  初始化系统 oninit -p  在共享内存初始化时,不搜索,删除临时表 oninit -y  对提示自动回答yes oninit -v  加入这个选项显示oninit处理过程 oninit-- 键入此命令可以获得使用帮助 The OnInit co

Building Cross-platform Mobile applications for multiple devices using the IBM worklight optimization framework

Brief introduction One of the common challenges in developing mobile applications (and financing mobile application development) is to present them in cross-platform scenarios, that is, to display the same mobile application equally on IOS, Android,

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (ii) (4)

13.4.5 Install SQL Link Installing the SQL link performs the same steps as installing BDE, selecting only the SQL link check box in Figure 13.7, and then performing the installation, selecting the SQL database server to which the application will be

Introduction to the Enode Framework: a framework for physical deployment ideas

In the last article, it introduces the overall goal of the Enode framework, and how to realize the idea of high throughput, low latency, high availability and no single point problem. In this article, we'll analyze some other issues that need to be c

SQL Server2005 data Type maximum value

Things started very simply. Megaware's marketing department wants a new Web site to publish documents, and the development team feels that using a SQL Server 2000 database as a document storage repository makes things easier. Steve is Megaware's data

Managing unstructured data through SQL 2008

Managing unstructured data through SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Technical Documentation Author: Graeme Malcolm (Content Supervisor) Technical Auditor: Shan Sinha Project Editor: Joanne Hodgins Release Date: August 2007 Applicable products: SQL Se

SQL 2008 FILESTREAM data type

SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM data type Directory Prepare for Work 1 Exercise: Using FILESTREAM data type 2 Preparatory work Estimated time required to complete this experiment 60 Minutes. Goal After completing this experiment, you will be able

Unmi's Struts2 Learning notes (III.)

A few days of continuous stay up, so that left chest and pain, how come so hard? Not from the thought, life so far, the impression has never been comfortable and happy feeling. Often avoid stinging pa

UVa 10177 (2/3/4)-D sqr/rects/cubes/boxes? (A good maths problem)

10177-(2/3/4)-D sqr/rects/cubes/boxes? Time limit:3.000 seconds Http://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=99&page=show_problem &problem=1118 You

Seam Seamless Integration: Customizing the application framework for JSF

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is the first standardized user interface framework for Java™web applications. And Seam is a powerful application framework to extend JSF. In the first article in this three-par

[JAVA100 example]039, PDF file generation

Import com.lowagie.text.*; import com.lowagie.text.pdf.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import Java.awt.Color; /** * <p>title: Generate PDF file </p> * &

Merlin's Magic: Character set

To represent with a number Not afraid to mention, in fact, the computer only understand the numbers. But the following may not be so obvious--because computers only understand numbers, they need to m

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