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Reproduced, this basic knowledge http://www.cnblogs.com/yoosou/archive/2012/07/27/2612443.htmlx-ua-compatible used to specify the model for IE browser to parse the compiled page X-ua-compatible header label case insensitive, must be used in head and

Visual Studio and. NET Framework 4 Release Candidate released

Microsoft released the visual Studio and. NET Framework 4 RC version on February 8, with a public download on February 10, please refer to ScottGu's vs. NET 4 release candidate[Chinese version] blog. In this article I have compiled the Visual Studio

Analysis of distributed Application pattern design and implementation of large. NET ERP System

c/S architecture application, the transfer of some complex computational logic from the client to the server side can improve performance, but also for other aspects of control.. NET remoting performance is pretty good in LAN calls. The ERP system

Introduction to HTTP Referer

Search Sohu in Baidu, click the link in, grab the package information as follows:  get http://www.sohu.com/HTTP/1.1 Host:www.sohu.com Connection:keep-alive  user-agent:mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) applewebkit/535.4 (khtml, like Gecko) chrome/1

CentOS Curl version NSS changed to OpenSSL

The support for Curl in CentOS 6.2 system is NSS version, not OpenSSL, so when PHP uses curl to access HTTPS, it will report unable to load client key-8178 error, in Google Group inside found inspiration, is also curl and HTTPS, inside said is curl

Phpstorm set up FTP for file upload, download, compare

Content reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/jikey/p/3486621.htmlHow to set up connection ftp in Webstorm/phpstormAnd quickly file comparison, upload download, synchronization and other operationsAdd: 1. How to open the Remote host window: Tools |

ajax+php File Manager

Found in the previous two years written a file manager, feel very useful, share out, a total of two files file.html,file.php upload to the directory, upload function please download the uploadify and then configure the SWF address in file.html

PHP--Time function

php– Time function php– time function Table of Contents Time Time format for date Time Date Mktime Strftime SetLocale Strtotime Datetime DateInterval Time/etc/php.iniDate.

Parsing large. NET ERP system design general Microsoft Excel import feature

Enterprise management software is difficult to avoid with Microsoft Excel, often the software is done, the customer asked to do an Excel import function. The ability to import Excel data is less difficult, from the values of Excel column data fields,

Use MediaWiki to do the encyclopedia website resources Big Reference

MediaWiki easy Installation Tutorial* * About MediaWikiSome good information:Http://codex.wordpress.org.cn/Mediawiki%E5%BB%BA%E7%AB%99%E7%BB%BC%E8%BF%B0Http://www.ziyuan8.com/Article/IT/200810288308.htmlMediaWiki installation steps:0) Prepare the

The difference between a URI and a URL and a urn

For the URL, everyone is more familiar with, the other two words are more unfamiliar. URIs, URLs, and urns are standard ways to identify, locate, and name resources on the Internet. 1989 Tim Berners-lee invented the Internet (World Wide Web). WWW is

JSON is transferred between PHP and JS

1. js-->phpa). JS Create Json1Js code Create JSON array objectb). Pass Json from JS to PHP by using Ajax1JS Side1PHP Side2. Php-->jsa). PHP Create Json1PHP2 3 $arr=Array(4' Name ' = ' Bruce ',5' Age ' = 25,6 );7 EchoJson_encode ($arr)

NET design mode the second branch-mode (17): Iterator mode (Iterator pattern)

OverviewIn object-oriented software design, we often encounter a class of collection objects, the internal structure of such a collection object may have a variety of implementations, but it comes down to two points that we need to care about: one

The "Angular JS" website uses social comment plugins, as well as the pits encountered during the process

is currently developing its own website, technically using angular js + Express js + Mongo DB. Because the site will have articles published, so need to have a comment function. Comments can also be developed on their own, but because of the social

Xu Hanbin: Large-scale concurrency of web systems-e-commerce second kill and snapping (technology implementation)

E-commerce's second kill and snapped up, for us, is not a strange thing. However, from a technical point of view, this is a huge test for web systems. When a web system receives tens or even more requests within a second, the optimization and

Entity Framework Learning Summary: Overview of the ADO Entity Framework

ADO Entity Framework OverviewADO in the new version features the new Entity Framework. It enables developers to focus on data through the object model, rather than the logical/relational data model. The Entity Framework helps abstract the logical

deflate--outdated Web compression format, it is best to disable [go]


When you set up gzip, you find that you have a deflate compression setting at the same time, and you do not understand deflate compression at first, so that deflate compression is enabled while Gzip is enabled. While setting gzip and deflate

The difference between TCP/IP,HTTP,SOCKET,XMPP

The network is divided from bottom to topThe physical layer, the data link layer, the network layer, the Transport layer, the session layer, the presentation layer, and the application layer.with a preliminary understanding, I know that the IP

NET design pattern the second part of the creation pattern (6): Creation pattern Thematic summary (creational pattern)

Creation Pattern Thematic Summary (creational pattern)——. NET Design Pattern series SevenTERRYLEE,2006 year JanuaryOverviewCreating patterns, which are patterns used to create objects, abstract the process of instantiation. It helps a system to be

[Tool] Local pages in Chrome, using XMLHttpRequest to read local files

[Tool] Local page in Chrome, using XMLHttpRequest to read local archive problem scenariosDevelopers can use the IDE's capabilities to debug the program to a mobile phone or emulator when developing Cordova, a hybrid app that uses Web content as a UI.

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