PHP file related operation functions--Directory operations

1. Functions related to file typesPHP is modeled on UNIX file systems, so we can only get "file", "dir", or "unknown" in the Windows system for three types of files. In Unix systems, we can get 7 types of "block", "Char", "dir", "FIFO", "File",

Jquery-get-data (Width,height,position, (top,left), scrolltop,scrollleft) Get data

Get dimensionsAs follows:Heigh ([VAL|FN])Width ([VAL|FN])Innerheight ()Innerwidth ()Outerheight ([soptions])Outerwidth ([options])Here is a brief introduction (here is a lot of jquery is to return both the value of matching elements, but also to set

The difference between XML and JSON

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format. Easy for people to read and write. It is also easy for machine parsing and generation. It is based on JavaScript programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 a subset of 3rd

Tag of HTML

First, HTML tagsHTML tag tags are often referred to as HTML tags (html tag).HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets, such as HTML tags are usually paired, such as and • The first label in the pair is the start tag, the second tag is the

JS Timestamp converted to date format

Original: JS timestamp converted to date formatJS Timestamp converted to date format What is a Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp): Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp), or Unix time (Unix times), POSIX time, is a time representation, Defined as the total

[UK] recommended 15 jQuery selection box plugins

JQuery Selectbox Plugins Let's create beautiful and eye catching select box for your websites instead of the Orthodox HT ML select box which looks old and boring. This gallery includes- jQuery selectbox Plugins which can be used-enhance any website

Use JS to add and subtract dates and days

To add or subtract days from a date, just call the setdate () function of the Date object, as follows: (easy to use)function Adddate (date,days) {//date plus minus daysvar d=new date (date);D.setdate (D.getdate () +days);var m=d.getmonth ()

"West Shrine Diary" "07" hard work, find information, thinking, how to do ASP image upload

"West Shrine Diary" "07" efforts to find information, thinking, how to do ASP image upload (2015.07.23 Thursday) Today forgot to bring a book, directly written in the books on the notes, later or in the book folder; Learned so long Web

Des symmetric plus decryption, AES rijndaelmanaged plus decryption, Base64 encryption and decryption, MD5 encryption and other operational auxiliary classes Encodehelper

Use default encryptionpublic static string Desencrypt (String strText)Use default decryption Decrypt string public static string Desdecrypt (String strText)Encrypt the string, note that the length of the Strencrkey is 8 bits Strings to be encrypted

FTP Upload and download

1. Connection First assume an FTP address user name password FTP server: User:administrator Password:abc123 2. Open the Windows Start menu, execute "Run" command, enter FTP in the dialog box, press "OK" button will switch to DOS window,

Hibernate (12) session cache and level two cache

The primary role of a first-level cache is to manage objects.Application-level caching (cache at the sessionfactory level), also known as Level two cache, is not enabled by default.Whether it is a first-level cache or a level two cache, it is only

CentOS httpd + Ubuntu conf location

Linux version RHEL7.0IP address Service package named httpd, check PackageUsing the Yum source installation package,Configure the Yum method to refer to my blog, "Linux Yum Source Configuration method"

Jquery.validate Usage Guide

Mainly divided into several partsJquery.validate Basic UsageJquery.validate API DescriptionJquery.validate CustomJquery.validate Common types of validation codeJquery.validate Plugin's document

NET ERP System Architecture Design

Analysis of large. NET ERP system Architecture Design framework+ Application design patternMy understanding of large-scale systems, from the number above, the source code more than millions of lines above, the system has more than 300 functions,

Brief analysis of File Upload vulnerability of OWASP Top 10 (II.)

0x01.In question one (see above), get the file suffix name $file_type = $_fiels[' file ' [' type '], by comparison with the whitelist, if the same, then take the name of the upload file suffix. As mentioned above, the MIME header spoofing problem

Brief analysis of owasp file Upload vulnerability

0x01File upload vulnerability results from the upload program does not correctly determine the upload file format, resulting in executable programs uploaded to the site directory.There are two common authentication upload files: 1.js local

Use of HTML control File in ASP.

1. Foreground codeenctype= "Multipart/form-data"> Export Packing List Please select File onclick= "Btn_export_click"/> Templates 2. Get the code for the file in the backgroundprotected void Btn_export_click (object sender, EventArgs

PHP-Session Sessions

PhpSessionsThe PHP session variable is used to store information about user sessions (session) or to change settings for user sessions. The Session variable stores information for a single user and is available for all pages in the application .The

Ajax upload image plus crop as avatar

A lot of online functions.But heard that a common (often searched) jcorp+uploadify used in the Laravel will report 302 errors. I don't know which version of JCorp which version of uploadify which version of LaravelThink about uploadify and laravel

Examples explain the configuration of httpd virtual host and the configuration of HTTPS

Requirements:1. Establish a HTTPD server that requires:provides two name-based virtual hosts:(a), page file directory is/web/vhosts/www1; error logFor/var/log/httpd/www1.err, the access log is/var/log/httpd/www1.access(b),

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