Php-socket-blocking and non-blocking, understanding of synchronous and asynchronous concepts

1. Conceptual understandingIn network programming, we often see synchronous (sync)/async (Async), blocking (block)/non-blocking (Unblock) Four call modes:Synchronous:The so-called synchronization is that when a function call is made, the call does

PHP error and exception notes and summary (3) Error-related options in PHP configuration file (php.ini) and setting error levels

"Error-related options in PHP configuration file" Options Describe Error_reporting Set the level of error reporting Display_errors Whether an error is displayed Log_errors

Configuration file of Nginx and PHP-FPM in LNMP environment

One, nginx configuration fileUser nobody nobody;worker_processes 2;error_log /usr/local/nginx/logs/nginx_error.log  crit;pid /usr/local/nginx/logs/;worker_rlimit_nofile 51200;events{     use epoll;    worker_connections 6000;}

Use Apache-fileupload to process files uploading and uploading multiple files two (59)

One use Apache-fileupload to process file uploadsFramework: Refers to a code encapsulation of a business that is often handled by a user. Make it easy for users to call.Current file Upload (frame) components:Apache----FileUpload-orialiy–cos–2008

Use of header ("location:*****.php")

the header ("location:*****.php") should pay attention to several issues:Header ("Location:") as a steering statement for PHP. In fact, in use, he has a few points to pay attention to the place.1. No output required before headerBut many times in

jquery Gets the text and Value selected by select

jquery Gets the text and value of the Select selection: Syntax Explanation: 1. $ ("#select_id"). Change (function () {//code ...}); Adds an event for select, triggering 2 when one of the items is selected. var checktext=$ ("#select_id"). Find

HTML form form element various input elements common elements synthesis case

Html Table Element , main purpose : user input data, and submit to the serverthe basic syntax is :get/post), default is get" >Various input elements "input box, drop down list, text field, Password box"Case Study: Login


Original link Address:"Telnet" is a well-known terminal access Protocol, and traditional Web service programs such as FTP, Pop, and Telnet are inherently insecure because they transmit data,

HTML effect for text in OAF and default line wrapping for super long text

Today met a demand, customer registration page customized a super long registration notice, a lot of content. But the style is relatively nice to do.The content of the registration notice is made using multiple message stitching.Boss said Rawtext

Introduction to ASP. 5

Introduction to ASP. NET 5 5 & MVC6 Series (1): Introduction to ASP.2015-05-13 09:14 by Uncle Tom, 3379 read, 39 reviews, Favorites, compilation Introduction to ASP. 5The ASP. NET 5 is a cross-age rewrite, with all the functions and modules being

New ASP. Features and Fixes in Visual Studio RC

Jeffrey T. Fritz MSFTAPR 10:05 PM 21st Today Scott Hanselman announced the Release candidate of Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Update 5. We hope that all//build attendees is enjoying the show, and we are

php-fpm startup script in LNMP environment

Install LNMP environment,PHP5.4.37 version installed successfully, add PHP-FPM service to system startup item, error service PHP-FPM does not support Chkconfig ; PHP-FPM service does not support Chkconfig ;Edit/etc/init.d/php-fpm startup script,

URL Rewrite Rule Rewrite rules

php URL Rewrite path rewrite exampleFirst, document Test.phpCopy Code code example:First in the Apache fileOpen the Apache configuration file httpd.conf and find the following: #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.soTurn on the rewrite and

Dahne Training: PHP online port Scanner

Dahne Training: PHP online port Scanner[Source] Dahne [edit] Dahne [Time]2012-12-21This scanner is very simple. is to use an array to define the port related information, the principle is to use the Fsockopen function connection, if you can connect,

HTTP protocol Request mode: Introduction to get, post, and head _ Lone sail One leaf

Introduction to get, post, and head in the HTTP protocol 2008-05-10 14:15 GET: Requests the specified page information and returns the entity principal.HEAD: Only the header of the page is requested.POST: The requesting server accepts

Send mail via Curl SMTP in PHP

Google first, found a lot of questions related to the question but there is no relevant answer, in the phpclasses also found no related classes and then he looked at the stmp of the relevant protocol side began to try CurlSMTP protocolThis can be

PHP Learning Notes

Organize from brother to learn video > execute operator ' PHP attempts to execute the contents of the execution operator (back quotation marks) as a shell command and return its output information (for example, you can assign a variable instead

JS and JSON interaction theory and examples

The theory and technique are explained in detail, the practical development work is of great significance.The syntax of JSON can represent the following three types of values. Simple Values: Using the same syntax as JavaScript, you can represent

How to use # include file in HTML

There are two files a.htm and b.htm, under the same folder a.htm content such as the following -B.htm content such as the followingToday: Rain 31℃~26℃ Tomorrow: Thunderstorm 33℃~27℃Open a directly in the browser, no matter what the display, and

PHP function Binary Security issues

This paper mainly discusses the binary security of PHP from three angles: 1. What is php binary security; 2. What structure ensures the binary security of PHP; 3. What other aspects of this structure are used?Do know it, but also know the reason why.

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