CentOS encountered an ARP not found workaround when installing the apache2.4 version

There was an error compiling Apache today:#./configure--prefix ... When checking the editing environment, it appears:Checking for APR ... noConfigure:error:APR not found. Please read the documentationWorkaround:1. Download the required packages:

WebService Study Summary

Why should there be webservice? In network programming, often in different programs to exchange data, some programs using C language, some written in Java, and some in C # written ..., in order to facilitate the exchange of data between different

A stable distributed data acquisition architecture based on Linux and PHP

Data acquisition is critical for some websites, and some of the following problems are encountered when developing this collection program:One, the single process acquisition slow, the acquisition task interval time cannot control.Second, the data

Summary of common security vulnerabilities and corresponding precautionary measures in PHP websites

At present, the Web site development based on PHP has become the mainstream of the current website development, the author focuses on the PHP website attack and security precautions to explore, aimed at reducing the vulnerability of the website, I

Basic PHP Learning from scratch-the first day

Writing this series of articles is mainly to urge themselves to daily quantitative digestion of some knowledge! At the same time, in order to let the people need to learn something ~! I really do not have high technology! There may be errors

HTTPD (Apache) configuration file (httpd.conf) An explanation of Chinese in English

I have seen some books about httpd in recent days, and by the way I have recorded the knowledge I learned, not very proficient,Just some of the fur, can help some bad English just contact Linux under httpd classmate, the wrong please comment correct.

. NET Platform Machine learning

. NET Platform Machine learning Resources Summary, do you have what you want?Contact machine learning for more than 1 years, because it will only use C # heap code, so only focus. NET platform of resources, while accumulating, while collecting,

Start PHP learning from a zero base-the next day

Writing this series of articles is mainly to urge themselves to daily quantitative digestion of some knowledge! At the same time, in order to let the people need to learn something ~! I really do not have high technology! There may be errors

JSON data types and how to pass bool type data processing

Other data types are not an issue when using JSON to pass data in Ajax, but if there is a bool type of data in the server-side generated JSON, there is a small problem when parsing to the client, summarized as follows:The JSON returned by the server

Another example of PHP and JS data interaction

How PHP and JS communicate data to each other via JSON font: [Increase decrease] Type: Reproduced JSON is a data format JS, you can directly be JS parsing, PHP cannot directly read JSON data, but PHP provides json_ Decode function to convert JSON

Basics of AngularJS

Basics of Angularjs:part 1ByGowtham RajamanickamOnAPR, AngularJSI have planned to start writing about AngularJS. I have begun to learn AngularJS a few months back, it's a great feature for website UI developers. It is also easy to learn with

Yii2 PHP Namespace introduction of third-party non-namespace library files, error: Class not found resolution


Namespace Library mode for a class fileThe class is introduced in the following way, with the error class not Found:namespace Frontend\block\customer\account;use yii;use frontend\block\blockbase;//use yii\base\model;//use backend\ Models\helper\base.

"PHP Basic Class Library" Prototype prototype teaching articles!

Preface Hello everyone I am: The stone is not easy, today I brought the PHP base Class Library prototype version of the teaching article, so my work line has been divided into three categories, namely: JavaScript front-end Framework (package library)

Website Analysis: Site search needs a limited scope?

Limiting the search scope of a site can achieve better search results, but sometimes it can backfire.There are usually two ways to do this: manually select ranges and automatically generate ranges. Such as1Brookings, Edu: Opens the menu options drop-

Uploading files with common FileUpload

recently in doing a DRP project, one of the functions is to implement file upload of files! I used to think of Itoo project, but that is . NET , although the idea is the same, but with the technology there are a lot of different! Want to write about

Visual Studio (VS IDE) You must know the features and tricks-". NET must-Know series "

ObjectiveThis article mainly describes some of the Visual Studio development needs to know the few and more practical features, but also many people ignore the part. Some of the less common and unpopular features are not in the scope of this article,

Js uses the new keyword to invoke the difference between a function and a direct call function

Recently began to learn JS, in reading an example of the book, triggered a series of my thinking:Examples in the book:function Person (name,age,job) {var o =new Object ();O.name=name;O.age=age;O.job=job;O.sayname=function () {alert

PHP gets a summary of the current time and time stamps in various formats

Today write down PHP, how to get the current system time, time stamp, and note the meaning of various formats, can be flexible.1. Get the current Time method date ()Quite simply, this is the way to get the time, in the format: Date ($format,

For JSON pairs, how to traverse all the keys of a JSON object, when using a JSON object, if the key is not known, how to get the value by the key variable

For JSON pairs, how do you traverse all the keys of a JSON object, and when using a JSON object, if you can't know the key, how do I get the value through the key variable? See the following key code:HTML>Head> Metahttp-equiv=

Header () in PHP &html–refresh (Redirect) to location (URL) in X seconds

Case 1:redirect a page to a URL without waiting in PHP. 1 header("Location: index.php"); Case 2:redirect a page to the URL after waiting for X seconds in PHP. 12345 header("Refresh: 5;

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