Web Security Concepts

Web Security ConceptsThere are many security risks in WEB applications, such as hacking, tampering with web content, stealing internal data from the site, and, more seriously, embedding malicious code into the Web to make users vulnerable. Common

JS string to DOM and Dom to string

JS string to DOM and Dom to stringObjective:Creating standard DOM objects dynamically in JavaScript is generally used:var obj = document.createelement (' div ');Then set some properties for obj.However, in practice, some people might think that it

Use of table layout display:tables in CSS2

First look at display: table the compatibility:You can see that unless you have to contend with IE6/7, display:table need not consider compatibility.Next look at the display optional values for table: table: Specifies that the object is a table

Web Site Services

Web Site ServicesFirst, Apache website Service Foundation1.Apache Introduction1) origin of Apache"Apache http Server" Open source software project distinguished representative, using standard HTTP network protocol to provide web browsing services,

Centos+nginx+supervisor Deploying ASP. NET Core Project

The study and practice of. NET core has been in the world for more than a year, and as of Now, Microsoft has released. NET Core2.1, and articles about. Netcore application deployment abound. Take this today to review the deployment process for the.

Multipart/form-data File Upload form The reason why pass parameters cannot be obtained!

1. What is Multipart/form-dataFirst we need to understand the Enctype property in HTML,Enctype: Specifies how form forms are encoded when sent to the server. He has the following three values. ①application/x-www-form-urlencoded. The default

PHP Operations Excel

Learning Address:http://www.houdunren.com/houdunren18_lesson_240Plug - ins:Https://packagist.org/?query=phpofficeDownload plugin: Composer require phpoffice/phpspreadsheetManual Address:https://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io/en/develop/Environmental

Hibernate bulk Query

Hibernate queries are broadly divided into the following three scenarios, 1.  HQL Queries-hibernate query Language (multi-table query, but not complex when used) 2.  Criteria query (single-table conditional query) 3. Native SQL queries (complex

The first chapter of JSP Dynamic Web page Foundation

What is Dynamic Web site (website)?Dynamic website:Myth: Beginners generally think that dynamic Web pages, is moving pages, but in fact not the case.Dynamic Web pages are interactive Web pages that run on the server side and are designed in a

CSS force HTML does not wrap CSS force English word break to pick up lost

CSS force HTML does not wrap CSS Force English word line breaking Force no line breakDiv { white-space:nowrapWrap LineDiv { word-wrap: break-word; word-break: normal; }Force English words to breakDiv { word-break:break-all;}CSS settings do not

Introduction to 8 types of requests for HTTP protocols

The HTTP protocol defines eight methods or "actions" to indicate different ways to manipulate the resources specified by the Request-uri.The details are as follows:OPTIONS: Returns the HTTP request method that the server supports for a specific

How does jquery get the selected value based on the multiple marquee name.

Using the Multi box name to get the selected value can be implemented with the following jquery code 123 $("input:checkbox[name=‘test‘]:checked").each(function() { // 遍历name=test的多选框  $(this).val();  // 每一个被选中项的值});

Analysis of PHP Function Vulnerability principle

PHP is the world's best language, yes, PHP in the world to feed two categories of people, one is to write PHP code, a class of people engaged in security xxx, because there are loopholes in PHP function.Under certain conditions, these functions are

Common methods of Apache Commons io fileutils

Apache Commons IOIn the study of the IO stream when studying (translated) this, only fileutils some of the methods, not comprehensive, please understandOrg.apache.commons.ioThis package defines a utility class based on streams, readers, writers and

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP protocol is used to pass information between a Web browser and a Web server, the HTTP protocol sends content in plaintext, does not provide data encryption in any way, and if an attacker intercepts a transmission

Lucene's numeric index and range query

For the text search engine inverted index (data structure and algorithm), scoring system, word segmentation system are clearly mastered, I have a lot of value index and search has been a great interest, recently to Lucene on the numerical index and

Summary of usage of "go" jquery in $.get (), $.post (), $.load (), $.ajax (), $.getjson (), $.getscript ()

A, $.get (Url,[data],[callback])Implementing the Get MethodDescriptionURL (String) to send the requested URL address.Data (MAP) (optional parameter) to be sent to the server, expressed as a Key/value key-value pair, is appended to the request URL as

CSS UL (list style)

CSS Ul (List style)CSS List properties function as follows: To set a different list item to mark as an ordered list To set a different list item to mark as unordered list Set list items to be marked as images First, ListIn HTML,

The History of PHP development

The History of PHP developmentTo understand a language, we must know the history of the language, and now I have a version of the changes in the form of a timeline to illustrate the evolution of PHP.The birth of PHP1.0 at the beginning of 1.1995

JS implement pop-up window select information Fill in the text label and need to pay attention to the problem

Here is the complete code for the main page code for two pages1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTML>3 4 Head>5 MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" />6 title>Window pop-up windowtitle>7 Head>8 9 Body>Ten Number: One inputtype= "text"ID= "NumId" /> A BR/>Name: -

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