WordPress Server Installation and responsive site configuration

First, quickly install WordPress on Linux by using Dokcer1. Installing Docker and Docker-composeInstall using the official installation scriptCurl-ssl https://get.docker.com/| ShVersion QueryDocker–vStart the Docker engineSystemctl Enable

Installing the Apache Web server

█ installation Apache2.4.23 New Modules:MOD_PROXY_FCGI (fcgi agent available)Mod_ratelimit (limit user broadband)Mod_request (Request module, filter on request)MOD_REMOTEIP (matches the IP address of the client)IP-based access control has been

Prevent web pages to be collected by search engine crawlers and Web Capture methods summary

Source: Scripting House http://www.jb51.net/yunying/28470.htmlThe following methods can be treated as a specimen:1, limit the number of times the IP address unit time AccessAnalysis: No one can access the same site 5 times a second, unless it is a

HTML Tags: image can also submit form!!!

HTML Tags: image can also submit form!!!Image can also submit a formPreviously, the "" was often used to submit a formThere is such a feature in the development process today in the project:Click "XXX" button to submit form form, but this commit

PHP implementation ppt to picture, PHP calls COM component problem

PHP calls the COM component to convert the PPT to a picture.Need to be opened in php.iniExtension=php_com_dotnet.dllcom.allow_dcom = True test code is as follows:presentations->open ($addr, False, False, false) or die ("unable To open presentation ")

Test PHP parsing

Verify that the configuration file is correct before starting Apache:/usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl-tIf there is an error, please continue to modify httpd.conf, if it is correct, then display as "Syntax OK", the command to start Apache

Summary of PHP encryption methods

There are 4 ways to encrypt PHP, in addition to the encryption and decryption of URLs. Hope can be useful for your development.Incidentally, I will be in the back of the whole set of Css3,php,mysql development Notes pack to Baidu Cloud, there is a

Reproduced HTML Email Authoring Guide

Original address Today, I want to write a "low-tech" question.I've subscribed to a lot of news mails (Newsletter), such as JavaScript Weekly. Get an email every week to see what's happening this week.One day, I was thinking, is it possible for

PHP Status Code

-Server successfully returned to Web page301 (permanently moved) The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. When the server returns this response ( a response to a GET or HEAD request), the requestor is automatically forwarded

Abstract classes in PHP and abstract methods/static properties and static methods/php in simple interest mode (single-state mode)/serialization and crossdress (serialization and deserialization)/constraint Type/Magic method summary

Objective Oop Learning PHP for a long time, today to summarize the abstract classes in PHP and abstract methods/static properties and static methods/php in the simple interest mode (single-state mode)/serialization and crossdress

Jquery+bootstrap make a switch (mutex selection)

knowledge Point : JS in the return can not make the JS program stop or jump out of execution , will continue to execute down. To let the JS program stop or jump out can be used to return False .Code:html3html3LeftMiddleRight Jquery+bootstrap make a

HTML p Inline Distance <p> label up-down spacing CSS settings

In the HTML page, we see the article paragraph using the P tag between the upper and lower paragraphs there will be a line between the distance, here is the p and p paragraph distance between the adjustment of the setting?HTML p line spacing p line

HTTP protocol (2)--------Network programming

1. HTTP request FormatPeople who have done socket programming know that when we design a communication protocol, the "message Header/Message body" segmentation method is very common, the message header tells the other party what the message is doing,

Linux Source installation php7.0 Yum

Comparison of PHP7 and HHVMThe performance of PHP7 in real-world scenes has indeed been comparable to that of HHVM, in some cases even exceeding the HHVM. HHVM is a multithreaded model, which means that if a thread causes crash, the entire service

js-20170605-Basic Syntax

1. the difference between a statement statement and an expression is that the former is primarily intended to perform some sort of operation, and generally does not require a return value, while the latter is intended to return a value. A statement

Plupload upload detailed explanation, Plupload multi-instance upload, plupload multiple upload button--Recommended use

Today help friends solve plupload upload problem, check a lot of information, data is still quite whole, but a little fragmented, so tidy up, merge hair out.This tutorial includes: Plupload upload detailed talk. Plupload multiple

XML string to XML object, XML object to JSON object

XML string to XML object: function loadXml (str) { ifnull) { returnnull; } var doc = str; Try { = createxmldom (); false ; Doc.loadxml (str); } Catch (e) { = $.parsexml (str); } return Doc;}/***xml object to JSON object

Filesaver.js browser to export Excel files

Limit one: Different browsers have different restrictions on BLOB objectsTake a look at the table below (from Filesaver.js): Browser constructs as Filenames Max Blob Size Dependencies Firefox 20

Invasion took Dvbbs PHP website detailed process

A few months ago, Dvbbs php2.0 A can directly read out the Administrator password SQL injection vulnerability, when the loophole came out, I look at the heart itch, how there will be so retarded loopholes, Dvbbs php2.0 This set of code I have not

Web front-end Browser compatibility personal experience Summary

   Preface browser compatibility is a skill that front-end developers must master, but first-class students or other back-end Web developers tend to be easy to ignore and form two extremes: I started with ie6,ie6. Other Browsers Pit Daddy (many

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