What are the colons, endif, Endwhile, endfor in PHP?

We often see a lot of strange php syntax in the wordpress template of a blog program, such as: Empty For a lot of PHP enthusiasts have never seen Ah, what are these things? Are those blog developers doing their own php-like template

A station web security engineer VIP Training Video

A station web security engineer VIP Training VideoThis is the old video that came out of the 2017, not on the Internet. :Http://www.zygx8.com/thread-5754-1-1.html Directory:Web security Engineer Crash cheats first lesson: Web TerminologyWeb Security

Amoy Mall Series--test of uploading pictures using Fastdfs-client client

http://blog.csdn.net/yerenyuan_pku/article/details/72804018Not long ago, we realized the category of product selection this function, but this is only the first step of Long March, we have a lot of things to do, such as how to achieve the image

PHP Create socket Service

PHP can create a socket service.First familiar with a few PHP network functions, operating manual address http://php.net/manual/zh/ref.sockets.phpA simple introduction to the socket, which represents the socket, is used for the TCP/IP protocol. A

Apache Flink 1.3.0 official release and introduction to new features

The following document is translated this morning, because to work, time is rather hasty, some parts did not translate, please forgive me.June 01, 2017 the Apache Flink community officially released the 1.3.0 version. This release underwent four

PHP Common Symbols and functions

Recently in the writing PHP program found some special PHP symbols, such as continuous less than the symbol, three less than the symbol, eot,eod,echo example, print example, suddenly found that with so long PHP, even PHP basic symbols are not

4 ways to generate two-dimensional code (JS control canvas to draw a two-dimensional code)

transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/webers/p/4172313.htmlWith the rapid development and development of the network, the application of QR code will be more and more. At the same time a lot of just a very ordinary two-dimensional code, please

NET USE command detailed

Disclaimer: This article is reproduced content, thanks to the original author hard work. The original link is: http://www.cnblogs.com/chinahbzm/articles/1423875.html1) Establish an empty connection:NET use \\IP\ipc$ ""/user: "" (be sure to note that

Use the Box-sizing property of CSS3 to set the element size to include border and padding

? By default, the width or height of an inner element (for example,input) does not contain the border and padding of the element, which is the element that needs to be set using the box-sizing property. ? box-sizing is a property of CSS3 ,

Tornado WEB Framework

First, IntroductionTornado is an open-source version of the extensible, non-blocking Web server and its associated tools used by FriendFeed. The web framework looks somewhat like web.py or Google's WebApp, but the web framework contains some useful

Multi-PHP version coexistence installation under Linux

We know that Apache + PHP is a more classic collocation, but both will be upgraded, we have experienced PHP two times to upgrade version.The general is to re-download the new version of PHP, and then compile the installation. It's all very tedious.

Hibernate primary Key generation policy

First step: Introduce the jar package omissionPart II: Creating an entity classPackage Cn.hibernate.bean;public class Student {private Integer sId;private String sName;Public Integer GetSID () {return sId;}Public void Setsid (Integer sId) {this.sid =

Summary of AXIS2 Development WebService

requirement Environment: The WSDL file is provided by the docking company, and we develop the service side according to the WSDL file. Configure the AXIS2 development environment, many online tutorials, no longer verbose. Environment after

HTML Basics of Reactnative Learning

Objective:React native development as a new way of mobile development, the individual feel that part of the application needs will be gradually replaced by this way, but also the company mobile developers must master a development technology, so in

Getting Started with HTML

1. Introduction to HTMLHTML (hypertext Markup Language), or Hypertext Markup Language, is a markup language used to describe a Web page document.HTML tag tags are often referred to as HTML tags (html tag). HTML provides a number of tags, such as

Rdiframework.net━. NET rapid Information System Development Framework v3.2-> new Module Management interface Export function (can be exported by criteria)

The export function is required in many scenarios, The rdiframework.net V3.2 version adds an export feature to the module management interface to allow administrators to manage all configured modules. First, Web Edition module management export

In-depth understanding of scope and variable promotion (hoisting) in JS

Scope (scoping)The JavaScript scope is confusing because its program syntax itself is long like the C-family language. My understanding of scopes is a closed space that only has an effect on a range and does not have an impact on the outside. In

JS converted to a few days ago, a few hours ago, a few minutes ago ...

Conversion Standard Time is timestamp:return Date.parse (Datestr.replace (/-/gi,"/"));}Calculate the time difference:1 function Getdatediff (datetimestamp) {2 varminute = +* -;3 varhour = minute * -;4 varDay =

ThinkPHP5.0 change the validation method for the Framework: object->validate (true)->save ();

we would prefer to see://new object to data table $result=$Teacher->validate (true),Save (); Not://new object to data table $result=$Teacher->validate (true)->save ($Teacher-GetData ()); The reason is very simple, the above writing is

PHP file operation function and file pointer understanding

Knowledge Points:one, fopen (), File Open function, Read and write Parameters are:1, R: read-only, Pointer at the beginning of the file2, r+: Read and write, pointer ibid.3, W: write-only, Delete the contents of the file before writing, then the

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