Using the. NET Stopwatch class to analyze your code

When we debug, optimize our code, want to know the actual execution time of a piece of code, or we suspect that a piece of code, or a few pieces of code execution is relatively slow,Need to get specific execution time for a particular piece of code.

HTTP status Code

The complete HTTP 1.1 specification is from RFC 2616 and can be accessed online at Http:// The status code for HTTP 1.1 is marked as a new feature because many browsers only

Convert URL request parameters to dictionaries in objective-c

The last blog is to convert the URL into a dictionary, then how do we encapsulate the parameters in the URL request into a dictionary, and then encapsulate the array? Working with strings in OC skilled small partners should feel that this is a a+b

DTrace Web site

Oracle SQL Tuning and CBO internals:based Optimizer with CBO internals and SQL Tuning

HTML Comment Tags

Note Tags You can add comments to the HTML source code with the following syntax:InstanceNote: There is an exclamation point in the start tag, but not in the end tag.The browser does not display comments, but it can help record your HTML

The difference between a JSP static include and a dynamic include

Static include is a directive element. The syntax format for the INCLUDE directive:. The role of the include directive is to statically include a file in a JSP page, while the JSP resolves the contained file contentThe meaning of static inclusions.

Cliché-from the input URL to the page to show exactly what happened 2

Read Catalogue 1. Enter the address 2, the browser to find the IP address of the domain name 3. The browser sends an HTTP request to the Web server 4. Permanent redirect response of the server 5. Browser Tracking REDIRECT

JS global variables and local variables

The difference between the two-segment JS code:is not the scope of global variables and local variables? When a global variable has the same name as a local variable, the scope of the local variable overrides the scope of the global variable, and

"Agreement" 1, Tcp,http,socket protocol Introduction

1. TCP connectionMobile phone can use the network function is because the bottom of the mobile phone implementation of TCP/IP protocol, you can make the mobile phone terminal through the wireless network to establish a TCP connection. TCP protocol

Singleton mode vs. static variable in PHP

In PHP, there is no static variable in the general sense. Unlike Java, C + +, the survival period of static variables in PHP is only one session per PHP, so there is no such thing as a static variable of Java or C + +.So, in PHP, the existence of a

Cliché-from the input URL to the page to show exactly what happened

Read Catalogue 1. Enter the address 2, the browser to find the IP address of the domain name 3. The browser sends an HTTP request to the Web server 4. Permanent redirect response of the server 5. Browser Tracking REDIRECT

PHP Basic _ character function or operation symbol

1.PHP String Functions1.strlen () functionReturns the length of a string as a character countGive me a chestnut:Links first PHP page 12 2.strpos () functionThe Strpos () function is used to retrieve characters or text within a

CSS style (font)

CSS Fonts CSS text CSS Links CSS font Properties Define the font family, size, bold, style (such as italic), and distortion (such as small capital letters) of text.CSS Font SeriesIn CSS, there are two different kinds of font family

PHP output HTTP status code and common status code


100-199 is used to specify certain actions that the client should be corresponding.200-299 is used to indicate a successful understanding and acceptance of the request.300-399 is used for files that have been moved and is often included in the

HTML Basics (forms and inputs, frames)

---restore content starts---HTML forms and inputs HTML layout HTML Framework HTML forms are used to collect different types of user input.Example Text field This example shows how to create a text

. NET XML Comments (i) Creating help documents

I. SummaryThe first article in this series describes the. NET FOR XML annotations, this article explains how to use XML annotations to generate the same Help files as MSDN. Main Introduction NDoc successor: SandCastle.Two. BackgroundTo generate a

The use of PHP namespaces (Namespace) is detailed

For namespaces, the official documentation has been described in detail [view], and I've done a bit of practice and summary here.Namespace one of the most explicit purposes is to solve the problem of duplicate names, PHP does not allow two functions

PHP constant crash

1 Simple Assignment1 // Preliminary simple to assign a constant value of 2 define('PI ', 3.14); 3 Echo PI2 Parametric analysisDefine (name, Value,bool)First parameter   Name constant names are generally named in uppercase. A second parametervalue

Based on. NET platform commonly used framework arrangement [reprint]

Since study. NET, elegant programming style, extremely simple extensibility, strong enough to develop tools, a very small learning curve, let me have a strong interest in the platform, in the work and learning also accumulated a number of open

PHP calls external commands

------------------------------------------------------------------first, PHP Call External Command summaryII. Security Issuesthird, time-out problem------------------------------------------------------------------first, PHP Call External Command

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