Sphinx installation process and working experience with PHP

1. What is SphinxSphinx is a high-performance full-Text search package developed by Russian Andrew Aksyonoff, which is issued under the GPL and Commercial agreement dual license agreement.Full text search refers to a kind of information retrieval

Parse URL query string parameter as Object

Elevation 3 using the concatenation of String parsing query string, online has a variety of regular way to parse, remember too much, the temporary need to write, they are confused. Just remember one, use the regular.   functionGetquerystringargs (

HTTP protocol, HTTP protocol principle analysis

Baidu Encyclopedia Description:Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Http,hypertext Transfer Protocol) is one of the most widely used network protocols on the Internet. All WWW documents must comply with this standard. HTTP was originally designed to provide

HTTP Essentials Overview: Three, client and server, request and response

One, client and server:The HTTP protocol is primarily used for communication between clients and servers.1, client: request access to one end of the resource. (Know why C means the client?)2, Server: Provides one end of a resource response.Two

Six ways to define JS classes

Reprinted from:Http://www.jb51.net/article/84089.htmIn front-end development, it is often necessary to define JS classes. So in JavaScript, there are several ways to define a class, and what are the differences? In this paper, the six-way

Webpack2 image compression using ch10-processing pictures (png jpg svg, etc.)

1 Catalog Display installation dependencies"File-loader": "^0.11.1","Image-webpack-loader": "^3.3.0","Url-loader": "^0.5.8",2 using images in CSS2.1 Webpack.config.jsConst WEBPACK = require (' Webpack '), Htmlwebpackplugin= Require ('

Php-memcached detailed

I. Introduction of MemcachedIn many occasions, we will hear the name memcached, but many students just heard, and have not used or actually understand, only know it is a very good stuff. As a brief introduction, memcached is an efficient and fast

(Advanced article) PHP combined with Redis for high-concurrency snapping, seconds kill function

Snapping, second-kill is now a very common application scenario, there are two main issues to solve:1 high concurrency pressure on the database2 How to deal with the correct reduction of inventory ("oversold" issue) under competitive statusFor the

DICOM Medical Image processing: A preliminary discussion on WEB PACs four, PHP dicom Class

Background:A long preview of several column posts has not been sorted out, mainly because the WML server plan that I wanted to build earlier was having problems. At first, the DCMTK official document Wwwapp.txt combined with the WAMP server that was

The relationship between FastCGI and PHP-FPM

First of all, what does CGI do? CGI is designed to ensure that the data passed by the Web server is in a standard format and facilitates the writer of CGI programs. Web server, such as Nginx, is simply the publisher of the content. For

PHP Call DLL Experience Summary

Recently make a website, need to use the remote data frequently, the data interface is already done. When doing the conversion encountered a performance problem: began to use PHP to achieve the conversion, struggled for several days, did not find a

Case analysis of Apache exploit and security reinforcement

Apache as a carrier of Web applications, once security problems, the security of the Web applications running on it can not be guaranteed, so it is very important to study Apache vulnerability and security. This article will combine examples to talk

Xxx.hbm.xml Detailed summary of mapping files in hibernate

Transfer from http://blog.csdn.net/a9529lty/article/details/6454924The role of the Hibernate mapping file:Hibernate mapping file is a bridge for hibernate to persist with the databaseTwo, Hibernate mapping file main content: (1). Definition of the

memcached installation and PHP two extension software installation (Memcache, memcached)

Baidu Cloud Installation package: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKZeDwn K3AP1, installation memcachedMemcached is based on Libevent event handling, so its installation relies on libevent. So we first need to install the libevent and then install the

Curl Common Commands

Curl Common Command CollectionDownload a single file and print the output to standard output (STDOUT) by defaultCurl http://www.centos.orgSave the downloaded file to the specified file with the-o/-o option:-O: Save the file as the file name

Using the. NET Stopwatch class to analyze your code

When we debug, optimize our code, want to know the actual execution time of a piece of code, or we suspect that a piece of code, or a few pieces of code execution is relatively slow,Need to get specific execution time for a particular piece of code.

DTrace Web site

Oracle SQL Tuning and CBO internals:based Optimizer with CBO internals and SQL Tuning

Interval---point, point-to-zone, Segment tree optimization map +dijstra codeforces Round #406 (Div. 2) D

Http://codeforces.com/contest/787/problem/DThe main topic: There are n points, three kinds have the direction of the edge, these three have to add to the side of a total of M, then the starting point is S, ask, from S to all points of the shortest

PHP some useful custom function collection

1. PHP can read random stringsThis code creates a readable string that is closer to the word in the dictionary, and is practical and has password validation capabilities./************** * @length-length of random string (must be a multiple of 2) ****

Comet: "server push" Technology based on HTTP long connections

Application of "server push" technologyOriginal Address: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/wa-lo-comet/Visit the Ajax Technology resource center, a one-stop Center for information about the AJAX programming model, including many documents,

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