JS Learning: First week--no.3 object-oriented

"Object-oriented fundamentals" Encapsulation: For the same function code, we only need to encapsulate once, and then encounter similar functions, just call it, without rewriting, avoid a lot of redundant code. Characteristics of objects:

$t=date () function parameter meaning and time change in PHP

php in date The () function uses the most: date (' y-m-d h:i:s ', ());  y -  year, four-digit;  such as:   "", m -  month, two digits, if less than two digits in front of 0;  such as:  "" "  to  " three "; d -  a few days, Two digits, if

Test PHP parsing

Apache with PHPThe Apache master configuration file is:/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.confVim/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.confFound it:AddType application/x-gzip. gz. tgzUnder this line, add the following:AddType application/x-httpd-php. phpFound it:

PHP: Anonymous function (closure) [i]

Excerpt from: http://www.cnblogs.com/starlion/p/3894578.htmlOne: anonymous function (Can be used at php5.3.0 or above)The anonymous function in PHP (Anonymous functions), also called the closure function (closures), allows you to specify a function


First, Text-shadowGrammar:length> None | [color>]*: text-shadow:[color (color) X axis (x offset) y axis (y offset) blur radius (Blur)], [Color] X axis (x offset) y-axis (y offset) blur radius (Blur)] ... or text-shadow:[x axis (x offset) y axis (y

Building Discuz based on lamp environment

======================== written in front of the words =========================1.LAMP Environment Construction Please check this log:http://blog.163.com/wangke_email/blog/static/150335003201610315142268/2. This is just a simple discuz installation

HTML5 Dash, draw a circle

Dash CanvasDraw Round CanvasGradientImageHTML5 Dash, draw a circle

HTML Forms and inputs

HTML formA form is a region that contains form elements.Form elements allow users to enter content in the form, such as text fields (TEXTAREA), drop-down lists, radio boxes (radio-buttons), check boxes (checkboxes), and so on.The form uses the form

IIS, Apache, Tomcat server virtual host Configuration

First of all we have a domain name xxx.com; (Note that two first-level domain names may be different)There are two levels of two domain names priject.xxx.com and movie.xxx.comThere is a host that now assumes access to the host computerIIS Server

JMeter Learning -039-jmeter 3.0 Generating Dashboard HTML report chart Chinese garbled

Recently, people often asked JMeter 3.0 when using the generated HTML report chart in the Chinese garbled problem. Here, a brief talk about the solution of the method.Information about the encoding is as follows:1, check the control CSV, XML and

XML Web Service First experience: Http-get, http-post and soap comparison

Tag: Value standard cannot decompress Val depend name POS technology, in ASP. XML WEB Service supports three protocols to communicate data with users. These three types of agreements are:1. Soap:simple Object Access Protocol2. Http-get3. Http-post1 .

Date and time of PHP

One, Unix timestampRepresents Greenwich Mean Time in a 32-bit integer. The UNIX timestamp is the number of seconds that have passed since the start of the January 1, 1970 0 o'clock to the current time.1. Convert date and time to UNIX timestamp(1)

Koahub platform based on node. JS developed KOA rewrite and index support plug-in code details

Koa-static-serverStatic file serving middleware for KOA with directory, rewrite and index supportKoa-static-serverStatic file serving middleware for KOA with directory, rewrite and index supportInstallation$ NPM Install Koa-static-serverApivar koa =

JS Regular expression Check nonzero positive integer: ^[1-9]\d*$ or ^ ([1-9][0-9]*) {1,3}$ or ^\+? [1-9] [0-9]*$

"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "HTTP://WWW.W3.ORG/TR/XHTML1/DTD/XHTML1-TRANSITIONAL.DTD">"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> "Txtnumber"Name="Txtnumber"Type="text"/>

PHP Basic Class Beginner experience: Using JQ to achieve the full selection of forms, anti-selection, cancellation and deletion function

Abstract: I have just participated in basic PHP training, because there is no foundation, the experience of sharing may not be standardized, the method may also "heterodoxy", can not guarantee the quality, only for their own summary of learning, but

Web services development using WSCF for contractual advance

Http://www.cnblogs.com/goody9807/archive/2007/06/05/772107.htmlWhat is contract advance (Contract-first)?If a new software development model can affect or even change the software development process, this change is undoubtedly the most profound for

node. JS Arrow function

Format: = = (read: Goesto) The left is the argument, the right is the method body Evolution: function f (x, y) {}-----> evolved into arrow functions(x, y) + = {} syntax is simple to format Several forms of the arrow

JS actual application to do the LOL led icon Task ~

Say a technology for the benefit of the human story, the thing is this, I am a loyal Hero league player, when browsing the official website to see such an activity (http://lol.qq.com/act/a20161020teemo/index.html), There's a quest to get the Doom

React and ANGUALR dynamically insert data with HTML tags or without HTML tags

let content = ';//Content is an unknown long string of strings returned in the background, possibly ' content a div ', or ' content \ r \ n Any format 'Let Reg =NewRegExp (' ^\s]+) [^>]*> (.*?)? $ '); Let format= reg.test (content);//content may

WebService concept and Working principle (i.)

Today we will study WebService Together. What the hell does it do?Web service is a platform-independent, low-coupling, self-contained, programmable web-based application that uses Open XML (a subset of standard common markup languages) to describe,

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