Start from zero HTML

1. PropertiesHTML tags can have properties . The properties provide more information about the HTML element. A property is always in the form of a name/value pair, such as:name= "value".Attributes are always specified in the start tag of an HTML

PHP uses AJAX to export CSV or Excel (thinkphp) methods

First of all I highly recommend to see this article you will export files set to CSV format file The actual test export CSV file speed is 10 times of the Excel file aboutFirst, let me introduce the method of exporting CSV file:If you are simply on

Experiment One: Configure Telnet login for the router

"Experimental Purpose"Learn how to configure Telnet on a router to enable remote login access to the router."Background description"When routers are used to connect multiple subnets, the placement is usually far apart, and it is more difficult to

Script sharing: According to the Access log Statistics site daily PV, total bandwidth, IP statistics, URL statistics, etc.

In peacetime operation and maintenance work, our OPS personnel need to know the total number of daily visits, total bandwidth, IP statistics and URL statistics of their website.Although the website has already done CDN acceleration in the service

Apache Service in-depth analysis

One, Apache service installation, service management and related documents!Explains the installation, service management, configuration files and other related files of Apache services under Linux.CentOS 6.3 (RHEL 6) Yum is integrated with Apache 2.2

JS Tool Class


When writing JavaScript code, you often need tools and public methods, which gather common common methods and encapsulate them as tool classes.Date Tool Class/********************** Date Tool Class ***************/date.prototype.format = function

Exif.js reading metadata for an image

Exif.js provides a functional extension of the raw data that JavaScript reads from images, such as: Photo orientation, camera device model, shooting time, ISO sensitivity, GPS location, and more. Precautions: EXIF data mainly from the

Creation and use of JS object

This article contains: 1. Two types of objects are introduced;2. Create objects and add members; 3. Access object properties; 4. Use the For loop to enumerate the object's property types; 5. Delete an object member using the keyword delete 6. An

HTTP protocol Detailed

Reprinted from:'s Web program development technology is really a contention, ASP, PHP, Jsp,perl, AJAX and so on. Regardless of how web technologies evolve in the future, it is important to understand the basic

node. js v6.6.0 (current) released, significantly updated

node. js v6.6.0 (current) is released, and node. JS is a set of JavaScript toolkits for writing high-performance Web servers (Getting Started tutorial, as shown in this update:Notable changesCrypto:added crypto.timingsafeequal (). (Not-an-

js-Read check box

Js:var obj = document.getelementsbyname ("YK"); var check_val = []; for inch obj) { if(obj[k].checked) Check_val.push (obj[k].value); }Jquery:$ (document). Ready (function() { var checked = []; $ ("#submitButton").

PNG format small icon CSS any color coloring technology

First, seeing is realCSS can modify the color of the picture, yes, can, seeing is real! You can fiercely click here: PNG small icon CSS Color demoThe above is not very black is the original icon, is a PNG image, the following can be color:Below, we

CSS Background Properties background


The Background property is an abbreviation for all background properties:The following are the background properties:Background-color: Background colorYou can use the color name (red/green/blue) to setYou can also use Hex (#fff/#000/#bcbcbc)RGB (X,X,

PHP the most effective solution to run the error fatal error:out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 98304 bytes) in H:\freehost\zhengbao2\web\in cludes\lib_common.php on line 744

The most effective solution to PHP running errors fatal error:out of memory (allocated 6029312)Fatal Error:out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 98304 bytes) in H:\freehost\zhengbao2\web\includes\lib_co mmon.php on line 744Question: 786

Linux installation Apache

This article is from the Internet on the reference summary, has been personally tested.Ubuntu under compile install Apache need to pre-compile and install multiple dependencies, including: Apr, Apr-util,pcre,zlib-devel, etc., quite troublesome,

JS string intercept function slice (), substring (), substr ()

SummaryIn the JS character interception function has commonly used three slice (), substring (), substr (), let me introduce you to the slice (), substring (), substr () function in the character interception of some usage and difference it. Take

jquery Tmpl Detailed

dynamic request data to update the page is now a very common method, such as blog comments on the page dynamic loading, micro-blog scrolling loading and timed request loading. In these cases, the data returned by the dynamic request is generally not

Two ways to display the two-level menu in HTML with mouse hover

charset="UTF-8"> onmouseover="disp()" onmouseout="out()"> 手机数码 class="sss">iPhone class="sss">SAMSUNG class="sss">SAMSUNG Method Two charset="UTF-8"> sss

A detailed description of the deferred object of jquery

NanyiDate: August 16, 2011The development of jquery is fast, with a small version of almost every half-yearly, every two months.Each version introduces some new features. What I want to introduce today is a new feature introduced from the jquery 1.5.

thinkphp V5.0 Official release

ThinkPHP5.0 version is a subversion and refactoring version, the official team in October, poured a lot of time and effort, with new architectural ideas, introduced more new PHP features, optimized the core, reduced reliance, realized the real lazy

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