php5.3 namespace instructions to help the first contact with namespace Phper Quick understanding

Namespace one of the most explicit purposes is to solve the problem of duplicate names, PHP does not allow two functions or classes to appear the same name, otherwise it will produce a fatal error. In this case, as long as you avoid naming

An analysis of Ajax grammar

Introduction to AjaxAjax is all called "Asynchronous JavaScript and xml", meaning "asynchronous JavaScript and XML". With Ajax we can send requests to the server to interact with the data without blocking the page, or to interpret the asynchronous

100+ WEB development resources that are worth collecting

Original 1dd7a77a2eff98e4e4b1c7b16a3ca9b4&scene=22&srcid=09065qexot1yfi3h8tnm9yvs#rdJavaScript Libraries JQuery: The most well-known JavaScript library. Backbonejs:

Definition and loading of the Requirejs module

The module differs from the traditional script file, and it defines a scope well to avoid global namespace contamination . It can explicitly list its dependencies and inject those dependencies in the form of a function (the function that defines the

Use of transactions in "PHP" Yii2 and Code instances


Use of transactions in YII2 and preamble to code examplesIn general, we do business logic, and will not just associate a data table, so you will face a transaction problem. A database transaction is a sequence of operations performed as a

JS inheritance borrowing constructor inheritance and combinatorial inheritance

According to the less routine, more sincere this principle, continue to learn.Borrowing constructor inheritanceIn the process of solving the problem of containing reference type values in the prototype, the developer began using a constructor called

Twaver HTML5 (2D)----data element

OverviewThe data element is the basic element of the data model that describes the graphics network element, the Business network element, or the pure data. All data elements in Twaver HTML5 inherit from For the requirements of

Koahub.js--Koahub-loader of node. JS Web Rapid development framework based on Koa.js platform

Koahub LoaderInstallation$ npm Install Koahub-loaderUse with KOA //1.model loader var model = Loader([  {root: './app/model', suffix: '. Model.js'  }, {root: './addon',       suffix: " model.js , filter: [/\w*\/model\/]  } 

[Go] HTTP protocol (caching mechanism cache)

Transferred from: of HTTPAs for the entity that responds to the message, it is similar to the entity content of the request message, where only the user-agent header is borrowedThe contents of the

[Li Jingshan php] every day laravel-20161107| phpengine.php

evaluatepath ($path,  $data);    }// get the evaluated  Contents of the view.   // evaluate Path    /**     *  Get the evaluated contents of the view at the given path.      *     *  @param   string  $__ path     *  @param   array   $__data      *  @

How Ajax Works

Before writing this article, once wrote an essay on Ajax technology, but the aspect is very narrow, on the background of Ajax technology, principles, advantages and disadvantages of the various aspects are rarely involved in null. This article was

How to make Phpstorm a dedicated IDE

1. How to set the default encoding for Phpstorm, such as UTF-8?The Phpstorm encoding is divided into IDE Encoding and Project Encoding, which are set up by opening file->setting->editor->file Encoding settings, such as the IDE Encoding is set to Gb23

[Share] Input photo Upload image method Sharing, can be single graph and multi-image

Demonstration, relatively humble, not strange, the method is simple!Input is clicked after the default appearance of photos, documents and other options, you can take photos upload, you can also choose the library file upload, you can also record

JS get current time &js page clock

JS Get current time//gets the current time, format Yyyy-mm-dd functiongetnowformatdate () {varDate =NewDate (); varSeperator1 = "-"; varYear =date.getfullyear (); varmonth = Date.getmonth () + 1; varStrdate =date.getdate (); if(Month >= 1 &&

SOAP Webservice and RESTful Webservice

Http:// is an architectural style whose core is resource-oriented, rest is designed and developed for network applications to reduce the complexity of development and improve the scalability of the

Tomcat Security Configuration (disable HTTP method, deploy multiple apps, enable from security cookie, specify error page and display information)

Configuration version: Tomcat61, virtual path, you can configure multiple hosts in a Tomcat, Docbase is the Web application directory, here in server. XML to add the application configuration, to make the Server.xml configuration effective requires

Chinese characters in URL parameters converted to 16 Unicode form

To import a jar package:Import*;Convert kanji into 16 Unicode form:String xw= "News Center";String Name=urlencoder.encode (XW, "utf-8");Converts a 16-binary Unicode form string to a Chinese character:Urldecoder.decode

HTTP protocol [get and post] detailed

HTTP defines the different methods of interacting with the server, the most commonly used are 4, Get, Post, Put, delete,put (Increase), delete (delete), Post (change), Get (check), that is, add and remove changes for Delete and Put almost do not

Some questions about JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)is a lightweight data interchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript. JSON takes a completely language-independent text format, but also uses a similar idiom to the C language family (c, C + +, C #, Java,

Use JS to remove all HTML tags and get all the content in the HTML tag

  Use JS to remove all HTML tags and get all the content in the HTML tag

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