PHP socket client and server-side application Example

Often friends will be full of doubts about the application of the PHP socket, this article is an example of the code to explain, I hope to beginners PHP friends play a little help roleThe specific code is as follows:1. Server-side

Operating instructions for the Apache Medium pressure test Tool AB

1. Brief description of the pressure test tool AB (Apachebench)1) website Performance Stress testing is an essential part of the performance tuning process. It is only when the server is under high pressure that it can truly reflect the problems

Apache Master configuration file httpd.conf detailed

Apache master configuration file:/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.confDefault site home directory:/var/www/html/Apache server configuration information is stored in the main configuration file/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, the content of this file is very large,

[Turn] all kinds of useful PHP open Source Library carefully collected

from: 1.html2ps and html2pdf : can convert HTML with images, complex tables (including Rowspan/colspan), Layer/div and CSS styles into PostScript and PDF. HTML2PS

The method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects

1 the method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects2Date: 2013-08-19Editor: www.jquerycn.cn3 When you start learning jquery, you may not be able to figure out which jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. As far as DOM objects

Install memcached server and add memcache extension module in PHP

Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to mitigate the load on a database. It reduces the number of times a database is read by caching data and objects in memory, thus speeding up the

PHP eval () function

Definition and usageThe eval () function calculates the string according to the PHP code.The string must be a valid PHP code and must end with a semicolon.If no return statement is called in the code string, NULL is returned. If there is a parsing

php5.2 extending remote connections through SAPRFC sap730 success stories


The company just on the SAP system, because of limited funds, SAP and other systems of data exchange needs to be implemented within the company. Therefore, the leader decides the warehousing application process needs to realize the electronic

. NET in the EF framework: A connection string problem named "" is not found in the application configuration file

Today when using the EF Code First Framework, when the model is defined, want to use the package management console using Enable-migrations–force to generate the database table error, as follows;Could not find the connection string, but I carefully

HTML5 (first article)

HTML5 is the next generation of HTML. What is HTML5? HTML5 will be the new standard for HTML, XHTML, and HTML DOM.The last version of HTML was born in 1999. Since then, the Web world has undergone great changes.HTML5 is still in perfect. However,

HTML at the front

HtmlHTML Explanation:HTML is an abbreviation for the English Hyper Text mark-up Language ( Hypertext Markup Language ).The equivalent of a uniform set of rules, everyone to abide by him, so that you can let the browser according to the rules of the

Distinguish between interfaces and abstract classes in Java

Abstraction is one of the major features of object-oriented design, and in the Java language is abstract classes and interfaces. The two are very similar, and it is difficult to distinguish between many beginners and even those who have been in

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Note (1): Go to MVC mode

First, ASP. Net of two development Modes 1.1 ASP. WebForm Development Mode(1) Process flowIn the traditional WebForm mode, we request an example of Index.aspx URL, then our WebForm program will go to the root directory

HTTPD Basic Configuration

First, the common configuration1, modify the listening IP and portListen[ip:]port omitting IP means listening to all the IP of this machine; Listen can occur repeatedly;2. Persistent connectionPersistentconnection:Connection is established, each

HTML&CSS Basic Learning Note 1.4-defining document types

There are many different documents in the Web world. The browser can display the document correctly only if you understand the type of document.HTML also has a number of different versions, only the exact HTML version used in the page is fully

Web Design Notes-Chapter I: Fundamentals

1,web Server (1) Web server operationsThe Web browser communicates with the Web server by sending a URL to the server. A URL can specify one of two different resources: a file or a program.All communication between the Web client and the Web server

MVC definition Jsonpresult Implementing cross-Domain requests (RPM)

1: PrincipleIn JS, XMLHttpRequest is not able to request data from different domains, but the script tag is possible, so cross-domain requests can be implemented with the script tag. Specifically, define a function, such as jsonp1234, with a

[jquery document processing empty () Remove ([expr]) Detach ([expr])] This method is used to remove all matching elements

This method is used to remove all matching elements:Remove ([expr])OverviewRemove all matching elements from the DOMThis method does not remove the matching elements from the jquery object, so that the matching elements can be used in the Future.

MetaTable and object-oriented, Inheritance


Lua is a process-oriented language, but metatable can be used to simulate object-oriented appearance. The key is to __index the Domain. He provides an index value entry for the Table. This is much like rewriting the indexer in C #, when the table is

Recommend a few handy Android studio plugins

In the development of Android Studio tools , I used the most cool is the code-generated plug-in, help us automate a lot of repetitive simple work. Individuals also feel that the Code auto-generation tool is the most recommendable. So the following

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