Webstrom connected to GitHub

Just getting started with GitHub, before it was a git command to submit code, was a hassle, and now it's time to submit the project to the GitHub website via Webstrom (a lot easier).First: Webstrom Create the project and upload it to GitHub.The

Table adds a row and displays the jquery implementation method in the first column of each row of uppercase letters

Table adds a row and displays the jquery implementation method in the first column of each row of uppercase lettersadd_tr"12345"Table adds a row and displays the jquery implementation method in the first column of each row of uppercase letters

From Apache mod_php to php-fpm[]


Many articles say that mod_php cannot be shared with the Apache MPM worker or event, which may have been handed down in the Apache version 2.2 era. Since I compiled Apache 2.4 last year, I have been using the MPM event, and according to the

dotnet Tools runs dotnet run

dotnet Tools runs dotnet runDotnet Run Command Introduction preface This article focuses on the system execution process after running dotnet run with dotnet tools in ASP. NET Core. If you feel that it is helpful to you, you may wish to

NGINX+PHP-FPM deployment of Standalone nodes WordPress notes


Previously, the LNMP environment was installed with LNMP one-click.Today, the classmate said he separate deployment nginx+php-fpm appeared a problem, always reported 502, just I did not test, so I also did it again, also encountered some problems,

Nginx Multi-condition if judgment after rewrite, reduce back-end PHP work pressure (essay)

Nginx configuration file can be regarded as a program, a programmer in accordance with the logic of the habit of the installation of the Nginx configuration program, writing simple and easy to understand, and with a variety of variables and if

How hackers have hacked into your site

 This question is difficult to answer, simply speaking, there are many ways to invade a website. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the techniques that hackers commonly use to scan and invade websites.Suppose your site is:

Examples of overloads in PHP and several common magic methods

In object-oriented languages, there is a very important concept--overload, that is, overloading. Overloading is typically a method for implementing several overloads within a class that have the same names and different parameter forms. In PHP,

To read an Excel file using Php-excel-reader

Sometimes if there is a large amount of data to import into the database, the lowest level of the method is, a manual add, and daily life, often with a table to record, can let PHP directly read an Excel table, and then, the table content, all

PHP socket client and server-side application Example

Often friends will be full of doubts about the application of the PHP socket, this article is an example of the code to explain, I hope to beginners PHP friends play a little help roleThe specific code is as follows:1. Server-side

HTML, file upload using the <input type= "file" > Style customization

Web page, when you need to upload a file, the basic use of element, its default style:Under Chrome:IE under:Either way, the style is relatively simple, and the style of many web pages is not very coordinated.According to the needs of users, design

HTML front-end--CSS style

How to use CSS styles:1HtmlDOCTYPE>Declaration Label2Inner chain style sheetBodystyle= "background:green; margin:0; padding:0">Body>3Inline style Sheetsstyletype= "Text/css">style>4You need to put the style inHead>Head>in5Introduction style

Operating instructions for the Apache Medium pressure test Tool AB

1. Brief description of the pressure test tool AB (Apachebench)1) website Performance Stress testing is an essential part of the performance tuning process. It is only when the server is under high pressure that it can truly reflect the problems

[Turn] all kinds of useful PHP open Source Library carefully collected

from:http://my.oschina.net/caroltc/blog/324024 1.html2ps and html2pdf : http://www.tufat.com/script19.htmHTML2PS can convert HTML with images, complex tables (including Rowspan/colspan), Layer/div and CSS styles into PostScript and PDF. HTML2PS

The method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects

1 the method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects2Date: 2013-08-19Editor: www.jquerycn.cn3 When you start learning jquery, you may not be able to figure out which jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. As far as DOM objects

[jquery document processing empty () Remove ([expr]) Detach ([expr])] This method is used to remove all matching elements

This method is used to remove all matching elements:Remove ([expr])OverviewRemove all matching elements from the DOMThis method does not remove the matching elements from the jquery object, so that the matching elements can be used in the Future.

Recommend a few handy Android studio plugins

In the development of Android Studio tools , I used the most cool is the code-generated plug-in, help us automate a lot of repetitive simple work. Individuals also feel that the Code auto-generation tool is the most recommendable. So the following

PHP Reading notes (3)-constants

What is a constant What is a constant? Constants can be understood as values that do not change, or when a constant value is defined, it cannot be changed anywhere else in the script. This is how the manual defines PHP constants: constants are

Example of a jquery event code triggered after an HTML select option selection

The page design was originally made By:Because many customers do not know how to come to our company, the leader wants me to make a link on the public number above, the customer can open the map directly through the public number and navigate to our

The component of Web application

Basic Idea 1. Why do you want to do the component?Either the front end or the back end is part of the entire software System. Software products are also products, and its development process is bound to have its purpose. The vast majority of

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