JS in return, return true, return false;

First, return control and function resultsThe syntax is: return expressionStatement End Function executes, returns the calling function, and takes the value of the expression as the result of the functionSecond, return controlNo function result, the

Discuz Vulnerability Summary

Discuz vulnerability Take server Google keywords and often directories: # Example: Links ------ Key Words ------CMS Nickname # Example: Connection ------ Regular Expressions ------ Match Keywords ------CMS Nickname /

The main methods of website testing

First, functional testingFor the testing of the site, each individual function module needs a separate test case for the design and export, mainly based on the requirements specification and detailed design instructions, for the application module

Some ways to introduce HTML files into other HTML files: include

Can I read the contents of another HTML file in one HTML file? The answer is OK, and the method is not only one, in the past I will only use the IFRAME to refer to, and later found that there are several other methods, then today summed up these

Long-polling, Websockets, SSE (server-sent Event), the difference between WebRTC

In the following example, the client refers to a browser, and the server refers to a Web server host.To better understand these points of knowledge, you should simply understand how a typical HTTP site works.Normal http: Client requests Web

9 Basic principles of responsive web design

Responsive web Design is a good solution for solving multi-type screen problems, but from a printing point of view, there are a lot of difficulties. There is no fixed page size, no millimeters or inches, no physical restrictions, and it doesn't make

Several differences between HTTP gzip and deflate

Gzip is a data format that, by default, compresses the data section using only the DEFLATE algorithm;Deflate is a compression algorithm, which is a kind of enhancement of Huffman coding.Deflate is almost identical to the code that gzip extracts, and

JSON data garbled problem

http://ifeve.com/json-code-problem/*****************************BackgroundProgrammers mention that the code should be not unfamiliar, such as GBK, Utf-8, ASCII and other these codes are often used, but occasionally also a garbled problem, the

A little jquery tutorial

No nonsense, first of all to explain our purpose. We know that the focus style of the text box of the contemporary browser (modern browsers) can be set by the pseudo-class of CSS: Focus. Let's say we have a code like this:Name:Password:Textarea:Then

XSD reference (or DTD reference) learning for the Web. xml file

1. Why Web. XML has different versions of the XSD reference:   JDK dependent change; or the servlet (JAVA EE) itself API changes; 2. Why there is a difference between DTD and XSD two versionsAs I saw in this article, the author

Yii2.0 RESTful Web Services (3)


After creating the resource class and specifying the resource grid output, the next step is to create a controller action to expose the resource to the end user through RESTful APIs.YII provides two controller base classes to simplify the work of

HTML block-level elements and inline elements

Block elements generally start from the new line, which can accommodate inline elements and other block elements, and the common block element is the paragraph label ' P '. The block element of "form" is special, and it can only be used to

PHP Core Knowledge Points II

HTTP protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, B/S Architecture project follows basic protocol, browser server communication Fundamentals (Request connection (TCP/IP protocol), connection success, browser send request, server processing request,

"MVC extension Framework and Di" For an interface-extensible framework

"MVC extension Framework and Di" For an interface-extensible frameworkThe title "MVC Extension Framework and Di" a bit around the mouth, I also can not think of a good name, because this content is very miscellaneous, involving multiple modules, but

The difference between php--http and HTTPS

Prefixing the URL with the https://prefix indicates that it is encrypted with SSL. The transmission of information between your computer and the server will be more secure. The Web server enables SSL by obtaining a server certificate and binding the

Understanding jquery's $.extend (), $.fn, and $.fn.extend ()

jquery has two methods for developing plug-ins, namely:JQuery.fn.extend ();Jquery.extend ();Jquery.fnJquery.fn = Jquery.prototype = {Init:function (selector, context) {//....//...};The original Jquery.fn = Jquery.prototype. It's certainly not

POJ 1258 agri-net "MST"

Agri-net Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 49389 Accepted: 20511 DescriptionFarmer John had been elected mayor of his town! One of his campaign promises is to

How Web Service Works

Basic concepts of WEB serviceWeb service, also known as XML Web service WebService, is a lightweight, independent communication technology that can receive requests passed from the Internet or other systems on the intranet. is: Software services

Iptables (firewall) and NetFilter


Iptables (firewall) and netfilter================================================= recommended blog: http://www.360doc.com/ content/11/0506/09/706976_114731108.shtml# http://drops.wooyun.org/tips/1424netfilter/iptables Introduction: (1) IP

10 jquery Code Snippets Help improve Web development efficiency

jquery is another excellent JavaScript library following prototype. It is a lightweight JS library, it is compatible with CSS3, also compatible with various browsers (IE 6.0+, FF 1.5+, Safari 2.0+, Opera 9.0+), jQuery2.0 and subsequent versions will

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