What to do if the Windows mail mail client is missing

1, first to the Internet to download a Msoe.dll package (which contains the Msoe.dll file and a registry import file); 2, then in the Ghost Win7 system open the system disk in the program file Windows Mail directory, will extract the Msoe.dll file

New Way to install Windows7 on Windows XP hard drive

This method is to install Windows7 single system method, instead of installing a dual system, if you want to install Windows XP and Windows7 dual system, it is not so complicated, you can use the virtual optical drive or directly under the hard

A way to reduce the memory footprint of Windows 7 flagship system and speed up system operation

One, close some useless service There are already a lot of service features in the Windows 7 flagship system, but some useless service or turn off the good, one is from the security, the other reason is to save our memory, turn off some services

How to uninstall the Remove Windows 8 system from a dual system

The Windows 8 operating system, like previous practices, cannot be invoked directly after installation and is not allowed to roll back to the older version of the system when the lower version of the operating system is upgraded to the new edition.

What is the use of Windows Safe mode?

There are two ways to Windows8 into safe mode. 1, turn on the choice of Shift+f8. 2, in the Msconfig select "Boot" "Safe boot" in the "minimum", after the restart can be. Detailed knowledge of Knowledge Base number: 077373. What can I do to get

Windows XP System Task Manager usage Tips

A. Task manager's Pull up 1. I believe most friends will use left hand hold down the left CTRL and ALT, and then the right hand click on the keypad del key to pull up the taskbar manager. 2. One-hand holding down the left side of CTRL and ALT,

Windows Explorer always restarts how to troubleshoot

Recently, a netizen feedback computer often appear every time Windows Explorer automatically restart the situation, seriously affecting the user to use the computer, then the resource Manager always restart is how, how to solve it? The following

Adjust thumbs.db in Windows XP system to speed up picture previews

Thumbs.db is a file under Windows XP, not a virus, but a thumbnail database file, which typically exists in a folder with picture files, and its volume increases as the number of picture files in the folder increases. Thumbs.db can provide caching

Windows 8 Account Sync your Setup application detailed tutorial

When you install the Windows 8 system, you will need to provide a Microsoft account and password for the system login (or set to log on as a local account). In addition to logging on to the system, the account can also log in to your SkyDrive, App

The "Which" command under Windows

Under Linux, there is a command called which, which finds the directory in the path where a command resides and displays it. Linux under: [adam@i ase adam]$ which LS /bin/ls [Adam@i ASE adam]$ which RM /BIN/RM has a where.exe in the NT Resource

Windows improves performance by optimizing your hard drive

One of the best ways to improve your computer's performance is to optimize your hard drive. The features included in Windows help you optimize the various types of drives that your computer uses today. No matter what type of drive your computer is

Windows System "Safe Mode" small knowledge

Windows System "Safe Mode" is actually very simple, as long as the start of the Non-stop press F8 can enter the Safe mode, the menu will appear, and then use the keyboard up and down the cursor keys to choose to enter different starting mode. The

Windows Sever 2008 FAQ

1. How do I turn UAC off? Control Panel → user account → turn on or off user Account Control → use user Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer. 2, how to cancel the boot press Ctrl+alt+del landing? Control Panel → admin tools → local

What about the black screen after Windows 7 wake up sleep?

Recently a lot of netizens reflect the computer in the wake of sleep state to enter the black screen, not normal access to the screen, the system has also been reinstalled or no response, the following small series for everyone to share under the

Windows Server 2012 System shortcut key combinations

Microsoft introduced the latest server operating system than I remember any of the previous generation of Windows server products are dependent on the keyboard operation-of course, these products I have used. If you've already started experimenting

Windows XP original system installation diagram

First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Windows XP Professional Simplified Chinese installation CD and check that the optical drive supports self-booting. 2. If possible, scan all hard disks with ScanDisk before running Setup to check for hard

Allow the Windows system to display Chinese characters in the time zone

This is a less popular feature, is to let the Windows system time zone display Chinese characters (can be any Chinese characters ). For some people, some people are useless. Here, let's share it. First give you the final effect diagram, if it is

Windows XP system Powerful support tool

Whether it is monitoring the performance of the system or exploring the cause of the failure, the real key is to find the right tools. Open XP's "All Programs" menu, "System Tools" there is a lot of tools to let you choose. However, if you are an

Windows Bat (Batch): Basic syntax

Windows Bat (Batch)--basic syntax 1. @ If you have it at the beginning of the line, the command is not displayed. 2. Echo 2.1 echo [{On|off}] [message] Output, Echo. 2.2 On | Off It is actually a switch command, that is, it has only two

Windows XP Home Edition is not a Group Policy

Q: How is there no Group Policy in my XP system? A: First make sure you enter the Gpedit.msc, in addition to XP system must be Professional version (ediation) have Group Policy, home version (home) is no Group Policy. If you want to join the Group

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