Some common questions about adding features to Windows 8

"Add features to Windows 8" is available in some versions of Windows 8. In some countries and regions, you can purchase the product Key "add functionality to Windows 8" online. To add functionality, your computer must run an activated copy of

Solutions to the lack of resources in Windows systems

Lack of system resources is a common fault, it is tricky to deal with, but we can eliminate the occurrence of such problems from the source. What is the system resources, the system resources are not enough to solve it, the author gives you the

Aliyun How to enlarge a data disk (Windows instance)

  Aliyun How to enlarge a data disk (Windows instance) As your business grows, your disk capacity may not meet your data storage needs, and you can expand the disk. The methods described in this document apply only to data disks . If you want to

Analyze Windows System DCOM error logs and solutions

These days there is a client server panic phenomenon, went up to see the log, there are a lot of DCOM error log, also do not know whether the cause of the crash, the first deal with the Log contents: Event Type: Error Event Source: DCOM Event

Five security policies for Windows XP operating system

article/Burden With the popularity of Windows XP on personal computers, more and more people are beginning to be inseparable with Windows XP, despite the strong stability and reliable security of Windows XP. However, the vulnerabilities that have

Windows XP Virtual Memory optimization

Setting up virtual memory in a Windows XP system is very inconspicuous and is automatically set up when Windows XP is installed, and users do not have to bother with it. However, virtual memory, as a supplement and extension of physical memory,

Windows system registry knowledge completely revealed


The Windows Registry is a set of data files that help Windows control hardware, software, user environments, and Windows interfaces. The registry is contained in two files System.dat and User.dat in the Windows directory, as well as their backup

Make Windows XP easy to remember more folder views automatically

By default, Windows XP remembers the settings for the last 400 folders. If you set up more than 400 folders, the earliest folder settings will be lost. Can you get Windows XP to remember more folder views? By modifying the registry, we can

Windows 7 Practical tips for the Classification warehouse "library"

The beginning of many days, various courses have accumulated a lot of information, but also a lot of subjects, but the management of a bit of trouble, want to find a course courseware, but also to open into several heavy folders, and folders and

Ways to turn off 212325 ports under windows

Port 21 is primarily used for FTP (file Transfer Protocol, Files Transfer Protocol) services. Port Description: 21 port is mainly used for FTP (file Transfer Protocol, Files Transfer Protocol) service, FTP service is mainly in order to realize file

Windows 8 Standard Version system preinstalled Windows UI application

Pre-installed applications with Windows 8 Standard Edition: Network Review the latest information and start a conversation with your contacts (including e-mail accounts, Facebook, and LinkedIn). SkyDrive Seamless access

Clever way to keep viruses from being executed under Windows 7

Often hear some "more professional" IT staff said, "Users installed anti-virus software also forget, but a little anti-virus concept is not, think this will not be poisoned?" To not be poisoned, more importantly, to further understand the operation

Summary of methods for uninstalling IE8 under Windows XP

Because of the need for Web development, Internet Explorer 8 Beta was installed the first time, due to compatibility problems, had to change back to version 7, but in the uninstall, I found in the "Add/Remove Programs" in the control Panel does not

How Windows 7 systems manually clean up garbage files

Windows7 garbage files are stored in two main places: one is in the folder, one is stored in the register. One, the garbage in the folder are: (assuming that Windows installed in C disk, such as the replacement of letters in other partitions) 1,

Edit the security settings method on a Group Policy object under Windows 2003

First, perform one of the steps in these steps: if execute You are using a workstation or server that is joined to a domain, you can repair the Group Policy object security settings *

Windows Reset NIC Error problem

Reset NIC Error Do not know when, there is a failure to reset the network card error, you can not obtain the IP address from DHCP. Execution: Ipconfig/release, appearing: Windows IP Configuration An error occurred while releasing the interface

Windows 8 system start to add Shutdown button Tutorial

For those who do not want to use Third-party software to modify Windows 8 to increase the shutdown/restart/Logoff button for users to come below is a good way to do it, we can DIY one of their own shutdown button. The operation step is quite simple!

System speed off Windows do not have to service

Windows system resources are directly related to the overall operating speed of the system, with more and more software installed, many software will automatically load some services when the system starts up, occupy system resources, and these

To set an HTML document as a Windows desktop background

Starting from Windows 3.X, the system provides the ability to set the desktop background, we can display their favorite pictures as a background on the desktop, thereby beautifying the user's working environment, so well received by the users.

Windows 8 operating System Task Manager feature optimization

Windows users should be familiar with Task Manager, and the Task manager for Windows can clearly view system resources and program processes, as well as to end programs or processes that have problems. Compared to previous versions of Windows Task

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