Page Click the right mouse button----Pop up a menu similar to the Windows interface

window| Menu | The page wants to make a menu similar to Windows in the Web form, but the post asks nobody back, fumbling for a day later, finally found a similar approach in MSDN, as follows: (The following code posts to Notepad to run the view

A guessing solution for Windows network user login password

The main idea of Windows network user password guessing algorithm is to use Windows provided window enumeration function EnumWindows () to find the network login window. Use the child Window enumeration function enumchildwindows () or

A list of common processes for Windows XP

Window| processes (that is, these processes are the basic conditions for the system to run, with these processes, the system will function correctly) Smss.exe Session Manager Csrss.exe Subsystem Server process Winlogon.exe Admin User Login Services.

Efficient file search in Windows systems

Window People in the day-to-day Office applications, unavoidable with a variety of documents to deal with, the most commonly used is the word and WPS files. Then, over time, you may face a number of file formats and thousands of files, when you need

How do I install JBoss under Windows NT as a service? (How to install JBoss as Windows NT OS Service?)

Window Most of the cases, we are running JBoss continuously, how to ensure that it is not subject to external interference and continue to run will not be closed? Under the Unix/linux, the shell should be complete then under Windows? In order to

Small example of actions between child parent windows

The operation between the parent window with the Window.openr Open parent window is not the same as the frame, and there is a opener between the child window and the parent window. The source window to access the child window is to be manipulated by

The most common techniques used in Web design: The design of fixed floating windows

Article Description: The use of fixed floating windows in design. Fixed floating window is a common technique in web design , which refers to the design that a certain block is fixed in the browser's response position without changing the

Red Guest must learn: Windows permissions settings detailed

With the wide application of the mobile network Forum and the discovery of the vulnerability on the Internet, as well as the more and more use of SQL injection attacks, Webshell makes the firewall useless, and a Web server that only makes 80 ports

Managing Oracle9i Services under Windows

Many services are installed when Oracle 9i is installed under the Windows operating system-and some of them are configured to start when Windows starts. When Oracle is running under Windows, it consumes a lot of resources, and some services may not

Windows 2000/xp/2003 install APACHE2.0.53, PHP5.0.3

Apache|php5|window First Step Installation mysql4.1.10a (this article is configured for mysql4.1 and mysql5.0 versions) Will download the MySQL compression package, extract directly to the specified directory (d:\php\mysql) on it Then double-click

Automatic backup of oracle9i database files under Windows

oracle|window| Backup | data | Database FIRST step: In the D-Packing directory to create a new folder backup, this directory can be arbitrary, copy exp.exe files to this directory, the directory under the new file Expbkup.bat Exp test/test@test file=

A recursive code that generates a tree-like menu that works like Windows Explorer

window| Menu | recursion Dim dbconn Dim Idindex Idindex = 0 ' Establish a database connection Set dbconn = Server.CreateObject ("Adodb.connection") "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)}; Dbq= "& Server.MapPath (" Test.mdb ")

. NET platform Introduction to Windows Forms Programming-1

Introduction: Microsoft's. NET platform is a new generation of Internet platform. For technical developers,. The two features of the net platform are remarkable, first of all, the common language runtime, the common language runtime platform, and

Install chinaasp Fileup components under Windows 200

problems that may occur with window installation Mtxas.dll cannot be replicated under WinNT 4Please ignore this error and continue with the installation Under Windows 200, Mtxas.dll may appear that cannot be installedPlease ignore this error

Simulate Windows XP Start menu navigation

window| Menu | Navigation Nothing to the site's navigation menu separated out, very early wrote, some methods appear to be a bit stupid, do not laugh ah. I hope to help you a little. Idea SWF loading external XML file dynamic generation menu SWF

Windows Server security settings for Arjunolic

window| Security | server Objective In fact, in the server security settings, although I have some experience, but there is no research, so I write this article when the heart is very not practical, always afraid to say wrong will be mistaken for

Uploaded in Windows environment

In earlier versions of PHP, uploading files was probably done with the following code: ......if (isset ($_files[' file ')) {$tmp _name = $_files[' file ' [' Tmp_name '];}if (file_exists ($tmp _name)) {Copy ($tmp _name, $destfile);}...... But it is

A good pagination method, the way to delete data (with real and cancel windows), search keywords (including spaces) processing

pagination | keywords | data Keyword=request ("Keyword") Keyword=replace (Keyword, "", "") page = request.querystring ("page") Sql= "SELECT * from quiz paper information where quiz paper name like '% ' &keyword& '% '" Rs.Open sql,conn,1,1 Dim

Maybe it's good stuff.--windows Script host-3[Get Hard disk partition information]

window| hard Drive ' ************************************************ ' File:GetDriveX.vbs (WSH sample in VBScript) ' Author: (c) G. Born ' ' Showing the properties of a drive by using ' FileSystemObject '*********************************************

Detailed explanation of RDS configuration under Windows 2000

window| detailed below Windows 2000, because the default security configuration of RDS is different from IIS4, which causes RDS to be unusable, the following are the configuration steps that I have translated and sorted out based on the description

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