Battle of Kings: Outlook vs. Windows Mail

Windows Mail is fundamentally a new application. Although it is easy for people to understand the successor of Outlook Express, even though it is to retain some appearance, but the things that are almost completely different. Microsoft has converted

System tools with Windows system self

In fact, no matter where you are from, what method to find some useful tools, are not as convenient as Windows own tools (assuming that you are not in the area of the Internet, and you are not ready for these tools, then how to do? Oh, do not worry,

What is missing from the Windows RT version of Office

The official name for Windows RT Edition office is "Office family and Student Edition 2013 RT." Is it office 2013 for Windows 8 or a reduced version? Industry insiders have made a different guess. 13th, Microsoft introduced the Windows RT version of

How to get window procedures for windows in other processes

Development environment: Windows XP + vc6+platform SDK or 2003+ Test environment: Windows XP Once thought to get a window of the window process is very simple, not just getwindowlong, see how smooth spyxx acquisition. It turned out that it

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (18) Drawing Shape, Path, Stroke, Brush

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Drawing Shape-Graphics Path-Paths Stroke-Strokes Brush-Brushes Example 1, show how to draw graphics Drawing/shape.xaml

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (45) Multi-thread asynchronous programming: Iasyncaction

Multi-thread Asynchronous Programming: Iasyncaction, Iasyncoperation Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps (45)-multi-line asynchronous programming: Iasyncaction, Iasyncoperation, iasyncactionwithprogress, IASYNCOPERATIONWITHPR Ogress Introduced

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (42) Multi-thread thread pool

Multi-thread thread pool: Deferred execution, cycle execution, find a thread in the threads pool to execute the specified method Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps thread pool Implementing deferred execution via Threadpooltimer

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (40) Clipboard operations

Clipboard: Copy/paste text, HTML, picture, file Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps's clipboard Clipboard-Shearing Plate Copy/paste Text Copy/paste HTML Copy/Paste Picture Copy/paste File Example 1. Demonstration of the basic

Implement file transfer with genuine Windows 7 Easy Transfer

In Windows7, there are a number of surprising new features. The easy Transfer is undoubtedly one of them. As shown in the following illustration, this is the welcome interface for easy Transfer features in Windows7. With this Easy Transfer feature,

New Easy Transfer features in Windows 7 RC

When it comes to Windows Easy Transfer, Windows delivers easily, and many people may not know what it is. In fact, this is a tool to help users transfer important files, user account data, and software settings from one computer to another. On the

Troubleshoot Windows 7 QQ panel automatic hiding function

Windows 7 enhances the ability to drag and drop the mouse window to improve the user's operating experience. If we use the mouse to drag a program window to the left or right side of the desktop, this program window will automatically be 50% width

Teach you a trick to speed up your Windows XP

Once the Microsoft Windows XP operating system was launched, it moved the vast majority of computer users with an aesthetically pleasing interface, coupled with outstanding overall performance (including a significant reduction in startup and

Seven strokes to improve Windows XP running speed

Win XP is the preferred operating system for many computer players with its gorgeous operating screen and steady performance, but in the process of using Windows XP you will find that the operating system is getting slower and faster over time. How

Perfect IE8 Tag response in Windows 7 RC

"Tag Response" is the perfect feature that Microsoft adds to the IE8 bundled in Windows 7. One of the selling points of IE8 is that the label is independent, and even when you open the tag, a crash will not affect the entire browser, but many users

The difference between Windows 7 RC and the beta version

According to foreign media reports, Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista in the same hardware environment, but the RC version of Windows 7 is no better than the beta version. After testing, Windows 7 RC starts quickly, especially if you have a

Windows XP system rapidly slimming

Pre-Installation Preparation 2000/XP Lite Software and a Windows 2000/xp installation CD. Actual operation The installation of 98LITE,2000/XP Lite can be said to be much easier, entirely under Windows. As the 2000Lite and xplite operations are

Principles and discussion of Windows service writing (2)

(ii) an in-depth discussion of services The last chapter is actually a general introduction, the following is the real details. In the entry function to complete the initialization of the ServiceMain, the more accurate is to initialize a

Prevent a duplicate run of a Windows program that does not have a form

With mutexes (mutexes), a mutex is inherently multithreaded, preventing multiple threads from accessing the same resource and causing a conflict. You can create a mutex object with CreateMutex, which is essentially a kernel object. Add the

Simulate Windows boot dynamic ribbon bar

First, the use of Reshacker will be NTOSKRNL. EXE in the resources HACK out, after installing Reshacker, find the system directory NTOSKRNL. EXE, and then open the file, bitmap resources to find the Windows boot screen we need, and then use to save

Calling new features of the Windows 7 taskbar in managed code

Get ready Windows 7 Beta has been publicly released and can be downloaded from the W7 has made a great improvement on the taskbar, and you can look at the new features of the taskbar

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