Three different file pauses two seconds pop-up batch with different Windows _dos/bat

The code is as follows: @echo off Setlocal enableextensions Echo%time% Call:P Rocdelay 200 Echo%time% Goto:start :P Rocdelay delaymsec_ Setlocal enableextensions for/f "Tokens=1-4 delims=:."%%h in ("%time%") do set Start_=%%h%%i%%j%%k :

Windows Server logging 3389 Remote Desktop IP policy _win server

3389IP Log path is C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG\RDPlog.txt Program code Copy Code code as follows: MD C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG echo date/t ^>^>rdplog.txt >>c:\windows\pdplog\pdplog.cmd echo time/t ^>^>rdplog.txt >>c:\windows\pdplog\pdplog.cmd echo

IIS6 Security Configuration _win Server in Windows 2003

There are 3 main aspects of IIS security Configuration to note Set Home directory Permissions Remove unwanted extension mappings Remove a dangerous IIS component When you install IIS, you should be aware that only the required

Jmessagebox Windows plugin based on jquery _jquery

The following figure: But these pop-up window's style is very monotonous cannot set, and the window caption also displays the different title content according to the different browser, very ugly! For modern people with high aesthetic standards, it

CMD tasklist and Tskill manage Windows system processes _dos/bat

Command: Tasklist Function: commands are used to display all processes running on a local or remote computer and can monitor the user's actions. Command format: Tasklist [/S system [/u username [/p [password]]]] [/M [module] |/svc |/v] [/fi

Windows.vbs.FSO. File manipulation Information-disk-driven information-complete collection of folder operation Information _vbs

Source Address: Http:// ' FSO file operation related ' FSO parameter detailed: ' Fso.isrootfolder=true| False ' is the root directory ' Fso.getfolder ' reads folder usage: Set Fldr = Fso. GetFolder ("c:\\

Prevent hackers from hacking into the Windows system you are using (Clone Administrator account) _win server

Prevent hackers from hacking into the Windows system you are using When hackers invade a host, will find ways to protect their "labor results", so will leave a variety of back door on the broiler to a long time to control the broiler, which is the

Problems with the Apache server not starting under Windows system resolution _linux

About Apache failed to boot is primarily 80 port problem, let's take a look at the treatment of Port occupied Solution: 1: Run Netstat-ano under DOS 2: In the Xampp Control Panel, click Setup to open the command interface, 3: Select 6 Enable

Windows SVN Server build Method Defragment (Apache) _win Server

This section and you talk about Windows SVN server building problem, here to share with you, I hope to be useful. 1, software downloadWindows SVN server is built to download the Subversion server program. To the official website download binary

Use xp_cmdshell to log off Windows Logged-in users (Terminal Server exceeds maximum number of connections) _mssql

Company daily project update using TFP, server general maintenance with Remote Desktop management, so often log on to the server, but sometimes for some reason, login to the server, the account did not log off in time, resulting in the following can

VC6 the best way to enable background Windows _c language

The example in this article describes the best way to activate the background window for VC6 implementation. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Activate window setwindowpos (&wndtopmost, 0, 0, 0, 0,

Location method for Windows process crash problem _c language

Process crashes on Linux typically generate core files, which can be viewed on the stack with GDB opened and executed with the BT command. On the Windows platform, we usually use minidumpwritedump to stack dumps, which requires a certain

Windows hook mechanism detailed _c language

First, overview: As anyone who understands Windows programming knows, Windows System programs run on the basis of messaging mechanisms, and almost all program activity is driven by messages. The hook mechanism can be regarded as a relay station of

The application of windows.onload in the same and JS in Jqyery _jquery

Copy Code code as follows: $ (function () {//script}) Jquery (function () {//script}) Jquery (document). Ready (function () {//script}) The above three code performs the same action, and because it is easy to write, jquery is

Windows PHP5.2.14 and apache2.2.16 installation configuration method 1th/2 page _php tips

First download the configuration file you want to install1, apache-2.2.162, Php-5.2.14-win32 First, Apache configuration Apache installation is not said, the installation process to choose the location you want to install, all the way next, you

JDK 7U15 installation Methods under the Windows x86 platform _java

Here, for example, the JDK 7U15 installation under the Windows x86 platform is similar to other platform installations. Download JDK See: JDK Latest download Address "with Download method" After the ①jdk 7u15 download is complete, it is an

Windows Apache ant installation, environment variable configuration tutorial _java

First, install AntGo to the official homepage Download the new version (currently Ant1.8.1) ant, get a compression package. Unzip it to your hard drive, for example: C:\apache-ant-1.8.1. Second,

Simulation of Windows files by name based on JS _javascript tips

The makes a record, mainly on the processing of numbers, and if the preceding characters are the same, the numbers are compared by values rather than by individual characters. function Sortlikewin (v1, v2) {var a =; var b =;

Windows Php_intl.dll Proper configuration method (apache2.2+php5.3.5) _php tips

The configuration Php_intl module always fails to load, and a workaround is found here. First, copy the Php_intl.dll needed DLL to the Apache Bin directory, which is the file (all

The method of calling each other on the IFRAME parent and child windows collection _javascript tips

One, the parent window calls the IFrame child window method1. HTML syntax: 2, the parent window calls the child window: MyFrame.window.functionName (); 3, the child window product calls the parent window: Parent.functionname (); To put it simply, a

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