Use WSH to receive messages on the Windows desktop

The company's sales managers daily want to receive orders in $10,000 yuan above the email, but also very willing to thank the letter to order users. The body of an e-mail message includes all the necessary information, so there is no need to access

Imitation Google and Windows Live drag-and-drop

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running New Document coba O........-x Address: keyword: Description: Sina &L T;/TD>........-x Address: Keywords: Description:

How do I use the libraries in Windows 7 to manage files?

1. Double-click to open Computer. 2. display "video", "Picture", "Document", "Music" four categories in the library. 3. Select a category that you want to add a file to, take "video" as an example, right click on "Video", select

Intel 7 Series chipset Windows XP under the AHCI driver installation method

If the above two points have been confirmed, you can log on to the Service official website download hard drive. Please check when downloading, the driver name is correct, the correct driver name is Sata[h0it01ww].exe (XP) or

What is the difference between a Windows 7 32-bit system and a 64-bit system?

Choose thebitWindows7system is because the memory is greater than or equal to4GBof the. In the -bitWindows7, the memory may be shown to be used3.XXG, the addressable memory space is -bitWindows7and thebitWindows7the most remarkable characteristic. -

Memcache Installation and testing tutorials under windows

Memcache installation under Windows1, download memcache for Windows. Download Address:, recommended download binaries version, decompression (in this case, extract to c:memcached).2, in the command line

How does the Windows 7/8 system clear the user account password?

Windows 7 System 1, click " start "---" Control Panel "; 2, click " Add or delete user accounts "; 3, click the account that needs to clear the password. Note The account you are currently using, and you

Apache2.44 + PHP4.3.0 Shortcut Installation Guide (for Windows and novices)

Preparatory work: Download Apache_2.0.44-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe in Download in Http:// Installation steps: 1, run Apache_2.0.44-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe for default installation to the end 2,

How does Windows Cortana use win10 Microsoft Natalie How to use

What is Windows Cortana? Cortana, Chinese name (Microsoft Natalie). Cortana (Chinese name: Microsoft Natalie) is Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help

Introduction to viewing port occupancy in Windows environment

(1) Check that the port is occupied by that PID; method one: Targeted viewing port, using command Netstat–ano|findstr "", as shown in the last column of PID. The port number in the figure is 1068, and the corresponding PID is 3840. (2) View the

How to upload IIS5 in Windows XP home edtion (Family edition)

General HOWTO to running IIS in Windows XP home Edition Richard Sandoz Hooke compilation may be affected by the repeated virus attacks on its Web server IIS, in order to ensure the use of the user's computer operating system All, Microsoft does not

Windows SVN Client tool TORTOISESVN installation and usage instructions for common operations

TortoiseSVN is a very good SVN client tool for Windows, and friends who need to download it can download the corresponding version directly to The installation process is also very simple, after downloading

Open Remote Connection Desktop task settings after Windows system

Old left in addition to office Windows system, the purchase and use of the VPS, the server basically did not use the Windows system, because of its own general build station needs or with Linux simple and efficient. In view of the usual toss some

Steps to install the PowerPath method under Windows

You need to download the PowerPath installation package before installing PowerPath, and you can download it from the Web site via the following path: Home > Download > Find Product "PowerPath". It is recommended that you read

Available connection adjustment and time_wait tuning under Windows

Friends of the company's products running on the Windows+nginx+tomcat platform, found that a little connection, access to a problem. A large amount of time_wait is also found when viewed through Netstat on the host. On the Linux platform this

Windows server2008 IIS 7 installation Deployment and Web site deployment complete steps


windows2008 under the IIS7 installation deployment, Web site configuration, not very skilled, every time Google. Follow up with a complete step to use 1) IIS7 Installation: IIS7 is not installed after the default system is

Windows Server 2008 Installation IIS7 Graphics tutorial

1 Install Web server IIS 1-1. Click "Start"->"Management tool"->"Server Manager" and start Server Manager. 1-2. After clicking on the "role" in the left-hand column, click append "Add Role". 1-3. After starting the

Windows Wampserver installation

The latest version of WampServer is 2.2D at present, but we should not go to the latest version, because the new versions of PHP and Mysql are relatively high, and the servers in reality cannot be upgraded so quickly, A higher Mysql version may even

How to configure IIS to support Silverlight in windows

Xap and XAML file types are required in Silverlight. If you want to use the Silverlight 4.0 program on the IIS server, you must register the MIME file types of xaml and xap in IIS.Open IIS> Site Properties> HTTP header> MIME type> New:Extension:.

Windows 7: modify the ip dns bat batch processing command

Students who often return to and from the lab will encounter a problem:A dormitory router generally automatically obtains an ip address,However, static IP addresses are usually used in the lab.Every round trip requires modification every day, which

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