Method of automatic switching of input method for Windows 8 system for different application windows

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First, press the "win+x" shortcut key in Windows 8 to bring up the quick link menu at the bottom left of the interface and select "Control Panel".

Icon: Win8 Quick Link Menu

In the Win8 Control Panel, select Clock, language, and region-language, and in the Language Setup Panel, we can see the language types and corresponding input methods for the current WIN8 system. Click the "Advanced Settings" on the left side of the interface to enter the overall settings of the WIN8 system input method.

Icon: Enter Win8 language advanced settings

That's the point! Check the "Allow me to set a different input method for each application window" in the "Advanced Settings" interface of the language, and click the "Save" button. The "different input method" here refers to not only two different input methods, but also the input state of different languages (medium/English).

Icon: Check "Allow me to set a different input method for each application window"

After the setup is complete, we try to open two text editing software at will, Notepad, WordPad or office, create two new documents, one with Chinese input status and one in English input state.

Diagram: WIN8 automatically switch different input method status (Chinese)

Now we can see that when we move the cursor to a different document editing window, the input method automatically switches to the language status (Chinese/English) when we just edited it. In other words, in the Chinese Editing document window, the Win8 input method will automatically keep the Chinese input state just now; when we switch to the English Editing document window, WIN8 will automatically adjust to just the English input state, is not very convenient?

Diagram: Win8 automatic switching of different input method status (English)

In addition to automatically switching input method in the Chinese and English state, Win8 can also be in different program windows automatically switch different input method. For example, we use Google Input method in a window, in another window using Microsoft Simple Input method, WIN8 system can help us remember and automatically switch.

Diagram: WIN8 automatically switch different input methods

It should be noted that this automatic switch is only valid for the currently open program window. Once the program is closed and opened again, the input method will switch to the default input state and no longer record the previous input method status.

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