Introduction to the method of creating. htaccess files in Windows

Here are a few ways to: 1, the use of DOS commands, in DOS There are three ways to choose: Use screen Editing command copy con. htaccess, enter the content, and finally press Ctrl+z end Edit, the successful generation. htaccess;Using the rename

Summary of installing MARIADB databases under Windows

Method One, looks very simple but did not install successfully, then some method two First, the official website download mariadbAddress: Second, the installation1. Decompression.2. After decompression in the

Windows Server prevents apk from becoming a zip format method


The Apache server's configuration file path is Conf/mime.typesAdd a row of data to the file, as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code . application/ apk If your thing Apache

IIS6 301 redirection in Windows Server (description of parameters after parameters)

Redirect to URL at the same time, if you want to redirect the plus $s$q with the parameters above, select the exact url+ for this resource, and then remove the $s$q if there are no parameters. Related $s and q mean as follows To achieve the

How Windows IIS log files are viewed and analyzed

Basic knowledge of the format of IIS files The IIS format is a fixed (not customizable) ASCII format, and the IIS format includes some basic items, such as the user's IP address, user name, request date and time, service status code, and number of

Installation and configuration of APACHE1.3.X+PHP4 Beta3 under Windows 9x/nt

First, install Apache To release the official Apache site htp://, download Apache_1_3_x.win32.exe to your local computer and install it into C:apache. If there is nothing wrong with the installation, after the installation, Apache

Windows PHP5+APACHE2+MYSQL5 Installation and Setup

Compared with JSP, PHP has a simple learning, fast running updates, high security features, so when writing dynamic Web pages, PHP is the first choice. As we all know, PHP learning program can only run on the server side, so to run the program you

How to set up a scheduled scan in Windows Defender under the WIN10 system

WIN10 with anti-virus software Windows Defender, the default daily scheduled scan. This would have been a good thing, but when it comes to scanning, it will inevitably clash if you catch a high-speed computer operation. In fact, we can set Windows

Gain insight into Windows

1.1. What is windowMicrosoft Windows, a set of operating systems developed by Microsoft in the United States, was invented in 1985 and was initially just a microsoft-dos simulation environment, and the subsequent system versions were not only easy

Installation and setup of IIS (Windows version)

IIS, Full English name: Internet Information Services (Internet Information Service), is an Internet base service provided by Microsoft Corporation that is based on running Microsoft Windows. IIS has a lot of functions, such as editing environment,

The classification and application of model in "Caffe-windows" Caffe-master matlab

This article describes how to use the well-trained model for image classification in MATLAB. Will take mnist as an example, the main use of Caffe-master\matlab\demo under the CLASSIFICATION_DEMO.M, can refer to my previous blog "Caffe-windows" Caffe-

Windows Nginx startup, stop and other basic commands

Tag: Link quit recommends saving Select Msvc Enable window pathUnder Windows to use Nginx, we need to master some basic operational commands, such as: Start, stop Nginx service, Reload Nginx, and so on, I will do some simple introduction.1. Start:C:\

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

Nodejs installation under Windows is convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login the official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button, A direct click will automatically

Windows R2 SP1 Offline installation IE11

Recently there is a requirement for Windows R2 to upgrade IE11 from IE8 offline, and research has also looked at some of the information found below:In fact, the Microsoft IE11 offline installation program does not realize the real offline, before

[Turn] windows+vs2013 explode detailed caffe compiling installation tutorial

1.Cuda InstallationCuda is a GPU-accelerated computing platform from NVIDIAI installed here is cuda7.5, has been installed ignored, has not been installed here is the installation tutorial. It's very simple to install under Windows.Click on the Open

Header files in the Windows driver toolkit

MSDN Original: (v=vs.85). aspxThe Windows Driver Toolkit (WDK) contains all the header files (. h files) that are required to build the kernel mode and user-mode drivers. The header

Socket network programming under Windows (Entry level)

Socket network Programming under Windows CLINET.C Client SERVER.C Server-side Implementation of UDP communication The code is as follows has not been programmed in windows for a long time, this time because of the need to do a

Win7 installation of HTTPS SSL certificate under Windows Server 2008R2 (with HTTPS SSL local test environment)

Original: successfully set up SSL security site key to have the following conditions.1. The server certificate needs to be obtained from a trusted certificate Authority ca.2. The

Windows Server installation MySQL5.6.26 graphic tutorial

Download MySQL5.6.26The URL for downloading MySQL is as follows.Http:// "Downloads 」.Click "Community (GPL) Downloads" under "MySQL Community Edition (GPL 」.Click DOWNLOAD under MySQL Community Server 」.This is because the Windows

In Windows 8, the system fails to install the Office and the system prompts error 2705. Solution:

When using the 64-bit Windows 8 consumption preview operating system, when installing 32Bit Office 2010, an error is reported, as shown in the figure below:Windows 8 does not support the Office Chinese input method editor, that is, there is a font

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