Windows Threads ramble about interface threads and worker threads

Each system is wired, and the most important role of the thread is parallel processing, which increases the concurrency rate of the software. For the interface, it can also improve the response force of the interface.Threads are divided into

Windows Small command to understand!

C:\users\administrator>helpFor more information about a command, type the help command nameASSOC Displays or modifies file name extension associations.ATTRIB Display or change file properties.Break sets or clears the extended CTRL + C check.BCDEDIT

Nodejs+npm+bower installation configuration steps in the Windows environment

Nodejs installation under Windows is convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login the official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button, A direct click will automatically

Windows provides two ways to image a DLL to the process address space

Calling a DLL, you first need to image the DLL file into the address space of the user process before you can make a function call, which is the same as calling methods of the general function inside the process. Windows provides two ways to image a

工欲善其事 its prerequisite's Windows Chapter

Windows is our most used system, so let's re-see what windows can do to make us more productive, and some of the tricks, as well as the skills that seem to look like a bit high in layman's eyes!1.Windows most useful, most commonly used shortcut

Install scipy with PIP under Windows no Lapack/blas resources found

Pandas was upgraded under Windows, but the SCIPY package was later referenced with an error, and then the scipy was confirmed to be reinstalled.In the installation of scipy with PIP no lapack/blas resources found errors, specific reasons can refer

Windows Server 2008 Configuration jmail Send mail

JMail is a 32-bit mail sender and you will find it unusable after registering on Windows 2008. The registration component can be checked by an ASP.For example, now my site needs to send mail via the ASP. JMail Plugin:Open Application IIS

Chaletos 16.04 Released, Shaw like Windows 10

A release called Chaletos recently released 16.04 LTS, a release based on the Ubuntu 16.04 lts version. The main goal of this release is to provide a convenient way for those former Windows users to enter the open source world. It provides an

Install git under Windows and create a repository, git common commands

Reproduced in:, Windows install git1. Download:, install directly after download, open Gitbash2. Configure user name and mailbox:$ git config--global "Your name"$

Ubuntu 16.04 &windows 7 Dual system system time inconsistent, 8 hours difference

Windows/ubuntu Dual system users will find that the time in Ubuntu is normal when Windows's system time is changed to 8 hours ago.The original Linux operating system is based on the CMOS time as Greenwich Mean time, and then according to the time

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button , the direct click will automatically

Windows installation Apache2

1. Download Apache server for Windows from Apache official websitego to Apache server official website, here we download stable version of httpd 2.2.31 for example,Apache itself does not provide the compiled installation

LIBGDX window Dialog Windows and dialog boxes

LIBGDX provides window classes (Windows) for developers to prompt users, or to perform some input operations.Window can be dragged by clicking on the title, or it can be set to modal mode. Preferred size is determined by both the title text and the

Laravel Windows installation runs

Download Laravel ( 5.0 starts with the PHP version requirements are5.4以上Unzip the downloaded PHP installation package to any directory, for example, unzip to the C packing directory, the installation path of

Windows 2003 Server Security Hardening

Server relative to the other, security settings more difficult, then the server of the cow B, the hacker who encountered the cow B, there is no black not to go. Of course, for small sites, the general reinforcement on the line.Because of the wide

Delphi Start/Stop Windows service, Startup type modified to "Auto"

Unit u_startservices; Interface Uses Windows, Messages, sysutils, variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, Winsvc, Stdctrls; Type TForm1 = Class (Tform)

Windows Network Commands

Windows Network CommandsPingThe ping command checks the connection to another computer by sending an ICMP echo request message. This is a test command to troubleshoot connection failures, and displays help if no parameters are [-t] //

windows-Customizing the application appearance

windows-Customizing the program appearanceSummary: Describes the operations of common application appearance propertiesModify the appearance of an application window1. Modify before the window is createdYou need to do this in the CMainFrame::P

In the case of disabling Windows logon, the SA password has also been forgotten, how to handle

Landlord before have encountered the case of disabling Windows login, sa password also forgot, and then online search a lot of processing methods, respectively tried, but are to solve, the following one after the landlord used methodMethod One:

Operating System Boot and operating system boot

Operating System Boot and operating system boot System guidance is the most important link in the operating system startup process and one of the most vulnerable links. In accordance with the hardware standards of personal computers, the boot phase

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