"Translated from MoS article" When upgrading the db to after using in-place upgrade, the Windows registry loses the Autostart property

From:Windows Registry Missing Autostart Attribute after In-place Upgrade of Oracle Database from to (document ID 19 63067.1)Applies To:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version to [Release 11.2]information in

import/export. sql files using the mysqldump command under Windows

1.mysqldump.exe in the bin directory of the MySQL installation directory2. Use the Windwos command to enter the bin directory of the MySQL installation directory.3. Use the mysqldump command to export the. sql file (1) to export the data for the

MOGODB Installation and use (Windows chapter)

First, to install MongoDB1.:http://www.mongodb.org/downloads or self- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c1s3Heg2. Unzip to the directory you want to install, such as D:\mongodb3. Create folders d:\mongodb\data\db, D:\mongodb\data\log, respectively, to install

Windows skillfully uses scheduled tasks to achieve RunAs functionality

Recently developed an application that needs to interface with scripts provided by others. Conditional constraints are relatively strict: The app (hereinafter referred to as the app) needs to start with system. The script (hereinafter

Enable and use Remote Commands in Windows PowerShell

The Windows PowerShell Remoting features is supported by the Ws-management protocol and the Windows Remote Management (Wi NRM) service that implements Ws-management in Windows. Computers running Windows 7 and later include WinRM 2.0 or later. On

Win32 Windows Programming IX

Use of resources1 Resource FilesIcon cursor String menu Accelerator Key dialog Resource bitmap and so onResource script file-the extension RC file defines information such as resources and related filesResource Compiler-RC.exe2 Icons Resource icon2.1

Win32 Windows Programming Ten

A Windows Paint1 Drawing Drawing1.1 How graphics are plottedGets the handle to the paint, device-descriptive descriptor (DC). Use the corresponding Paint API. Drawing graphics on the device1.2 ColorsRGB, 8 bits per color, 24-bit color32-bit color:

Windows installation resin and configuration specific explanation and announcement application

About the advantages of resin, a lot of online introduction. Small series of temptation, decided to try.At the moment, the latest version of resin is: 4.0.40. Can be downloaded directly from the website.1. Unpack the downloaded resin package and you'

Advanced startup mode for Windows 10

The advanced boot mode of Windows 10 is more powerful, more user-friendly, and the original F8 is no longer supported than the previous version of Windows Powered by F8 Boot mode.First, the method of entry1. Click "Start", "power", then hold down

Wubi installation of Ubuntu under Windows

Transferred from: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NjYxNjU0OQ==&mid=200664819&idx=2&sn= 25719890570B196A032F62C2DD3802BC3RD=MZA3MDU4NTYZMW==SCENE=6#RD Tools/raw materials Image: Ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso Tool: Wubi.exe Tools:

Nginx Building Reverse Proxy Server process details-Windows

This article is mainly nginx to do a simple reverse server proxy and static file caching.The reverse proxy is a proxy server that accepts connection requests on the Internet and then forwards the requests to the servers on the internal network

Windows API read-write binary files

In fact, if you have studied C language, use stdio.h directly.The middle function is the simplest, that is, the use of fopen ("Xxxx.xxx", "RB"); and then call Fread/fwrite; Call Fclose when you close it.If you use CreateFile in the Windows Native

Some experience in solving the flicker Problem of Windows program interface

The general Windows complex interface needs to use multi-layered windows and to beautify with stickers, so it is unavoidable to blink when the window moves or changes size.Let's talk about the cause of the flicker.Reason one:If you are familiar with

Windows 8.1 Hard disk installation Ubuntu14.04 dual system reference tutorial and considerations

Hard disk installation, no CD-ROM, USB flash drive, Win8.1-based, Ubuntu14.04 as a supplement, you can set Windows or Ubuntu to boot the default startup items, under Ubuntu can view, operate files under the Windows system , suitable for installation

Environment preparation for Windows 10 Deployment and Management Guide (1)

Now that Windows 10 is officially released worldwide, it will be the upgrade and deployment of the new operating system into the enterprise environment. In this set of topics will be detailed for everyone to explain how to upgrade, deploy and manage

Windows Apache-based svn server configuration

Referring to http://bbs.iusesvn.com/thread-158-1-1.html article, after the washing of SVN, finally put it successfully configured, now put the method I configured, recorded, for other needs of friends reference, need to improve the place, please

Using Windows Form to make a simple explorer

Homemade A simple explorer----TreeView controlThe first step, new Project, basic setup; (set as StartUp Project;view/toolbox/treeview)  Step two, start adding nodesAdd namespaces using System.IO;1 usingSystem;2 usingSystem.Collections.Generic;3

Delphi uses Windows API function AnimateWindow to implement form effects

{**********************************************************************API function AnimateWindow use:Functions: Forms are displayed and hidden to produce special animation effects, and two types of animations can be produced:Scrolling animations

Express deployment detailed on Windows IIS

Recently, the company was using EXPRESS+ANGULARJS+WCF to develop the system, let me deploy the system on Windows, encountered a lot of problems, but finally resolved to deploy the system on IIS,First Windows needs to install the following software:1.

Delphi Windows API determines file share lock status

I. OverviewLocks are a security mechanism provided by the operating system for data sharing, which makes it possible to share and exchange data securely and efficiently between different applications and different computers. To ensure the safe and

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