ORA-02020: Excessive database links in use-windows environment resolution steps

First, the phenomenonCompile the stored procedure times ORA-02020 error.Error Details:ORA-04052 error finding remote object [email protected] ORA-00604: Recursive SQL Level 1 error ORA-02020: Too many database links in useSecond, the solution steps1.

Anatomy of the source code--Deep Windows handle essence

Resources:1. http://www.codeforge.cn/read/146318/WinDef.h__htmlWindef.h header File2. http://www.codeforge.cn/read/146318/WinNT.h__htmlWinNT.h header File3. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa383681%28v=vs.85%29.aspxContent

Windows Azure Configuration implements virtual machine extranet IP binding (cloud service)

Windows Azure Configuration implements virtual machine extranet IP binding (cloud service)Our previous article describes how to make a connection to an existing virtual network's extranet IP, today mainly introduces the configuration to implement

Using the Curl command under Windows (64-bit)

The Curl command can execute an HTTP request by using the command line method. There are scenarios used in Elasticsearch, so here's a look at how to perform the Curl command under Windows. Tools downloadDownload the toolkit on the official site:

Illustration--What exactly is a Windows handle

Illustration--What exactly is a Windows handleReference: http://blog.csdn.net/newjerryj/article/details/4383701Http://www.cnblogs.com/yellowyu/archive/2009/06/07/1497910.htmlWrite in front:For the "handle", under the smattering has been stuck in the

Windows build OPENACS Compilation environment

1. Download ant tool to compile openacs source code apache-ant-1.8.2 http://ant.apache.org/This file does not have to be compiled, there is an ant for Windows under directory bin/2. Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 generally have

Windows Webstorm configuration using SVN

Recently in the use of Webstorm for web development, it is worth mentioning that Webstorm is indeed a good IDE, although the memory overhead may be large, but in the writing of JS, there are many features such as automatic completion.OK, get to the

Windows CMD Command classification

BCDEDIT set the properties in the startup database to control the boot load.Break sets or clears the extended CTRL + C check.CHCP Displays or sets the number of active code pages.GRAFTABL enable Windows to display the extended character set in

Discuz Windows configuration iis7 url static URL

In the jar searched a lot of posts about the static URL problem, at first also because of the same problem. Unfortunately, there are many jars in the way can not solve. So I had to grope. The solution is summarized as follows:I use the WIN2008+IIS7

Reprint: A solution that is repeatedly defined by the exit () function in Windows Stdlib.h and Glut.h

Recently used OpenGL third-party library glut, encountered the exit () This function in Stdlib.h and glut.h two header files, the case of the solution is as follows:Open Glut.h, locate the exit () function definition (around 144 rows), and replace

Windows Nginx startup shutdown

Windows Nginx Start, stop and other commands under Windows to use Nginx, we need to master some basic operational commands, such as: Start, stop Nginx service, re-loaded Nginx, and so on, I will do some simple introduction. 1, start: C:\server\nginx-

GitHub for Windows

GitHub for Windows installation1. Download the latest version of GitHub from Windows.github.com.2. When you open the software, you can choose to log in with your GitHub account or create a new account.3. On the left, you can see your GitHub account,

Installing APIDOCJS under Windows

1. Download the node. JS official Windows Edition program:https://nodejs.org/download/Starting with 0.6.1, node. JS provides two installation options on the Windows platform, the. msi installation file, and an. exe executable file.I have chosen. EXE

Learn about Windows Kernel API

The Windows kernel API is the ntoskrnl.exe exported function . We can call the kernel API just like the API that invokes the application layer. However, the kernel API should note that if the function is exported and the function is documented

Get date and time in Windows batch

It is important to use the date and time as the file name when writing Windows batch processing.How do I get the date?Format:%date%Results: 2012-07-31How to get the time?Format:%time%Results: 10:21:21.68This is the date and time to get the system

Methods for hosting WCF MSMQ in IIS under Windows 2008

Due to work needs, in recent days in the study of Windows 2008 how to host WCF MSMQ in IIS, the middle encountered a lot of problems, now the operation method to tidy up, convenient for other friends reference.First, write the service-side codeIn

memcached download and installation configuration on the Windows environment

Version 1.Windows: http://download.csdn.net/detail/wyc_cs/7575375 compressed files to e:/memcached/, where the files are: "Memcached.exe" and " PthreadGC2.dll ", some versions only" Memcached.exe ". 2. Under CMD, enter the

Windows down NCL generates a TIFF diagram (case)

One: Install software and prepare data1. Need to install vapor (note that there are no spaces in the installation path)Note: Version 2.4.2 and later2. Installation of NCL, see http://www.cnblogs.com/striver-zhu/p/4574819.htmlNote:A. These two

How to create the. gitignore file in Windows Explorer

How to create. gitignore fileI need to add some rules to my .gitignore file, however, I can ' t find it in my project folder. Isn ' t it created automatically by Xcode? If not, what command allows me to create one?' XXX 'To get around this I used

2 windows with messages

Case code#include LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HWND hwnd,uint message,wparam wparam,lparam LPARAM) {HDC hdc; Paintstruct PS; Rect rect; Switch(message) { CaseWm_create:playsound (TEXT ("Hellowin.wav"), null,snd_filename|Snd_async); return 0;

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