Windows Programming-Aircraft War notes (use of Access databases)

2015/07/22///////////////////by XBW/////////////////////////Environmental vs2013/////////////////In order to login the registration of the interface database Tinker Day, you have to write an article vent a bit,The article published yesterday or

ORA-02020: Excessive database links in use-windows environment resolution steps

First, the phenomenonCompile the stored procedure times ORA-02020 error.Error Details:ORA-04052 error finding remote object [email protected] ORA-00604: Recursive SQL Level 1 error ORA-02020: Too many database links in useSecond, the solution steps1.

Threads: main thread, child thread synchronization thread, asynchronous thread single threaded, multithreaded System.Threading and System.Windows.Threading

Getting Started--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Overview and ConceptsA C # program starts with a single thread, which is created automatically by the CLR and the operating system (also known as the

Windows non-blocking or asynchronous sockets

Asynchronous vs. non-blocking differences see my other Article Socket synchronous/asynchronous vs. blocking/non-blocking differences Select WSAAsyncSelect WSAEventSelect Overlap (Overlapped) I/O IOCP: Completion port

Windows Message Queue (priority queue)

Welcome to the--bestcoder Anniversary (High quality topic + multiple Rewards) Windows Message QueueTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 4400 Accepted Submission (s):

Improve operational efficiency! Windows 10 shortcut key Summary table

Microsoft has officially released the latest Windows 10 operating system, we have provided the image download, performance comparison and so on. In addition to a lot of new features and interface improvements, Windows 10 also contains a number of

Windows install Apache

In order to parse the configuration file needs to install Httpd.exe, the process of the tangled, time-consuming long, can only say that I was drunk.1. First downloaded the installation package on the official website, after decompression did not

Cross-platform query file time, if more than 7 days, delete the file (Windows and Linxu tested)

Windows calls the _stat function, and the Linux call is the stat function.#include #include#include#include#includeintMainvoid ){ intresult; Char* filename ="Putty.exe"; //errno_t err;#ifdef WIN32struct_stat buf; Result= _stat (filename,

Familiarity with understanding what is the API under the Windows platform

You may have seen the English full name of the API in many books (application programmingInterface), the WIN32 API is the application programming interface of the MicrosoftWindows 32-bit platform。 The understanding of this definition needs to be

Ubuntu adds Samba and then Windows shares

1 Install the appropriate softwareHttp:// found users not to add[[email protected] ~]# smbpasswd-a [username]New SMB Password:Retype new SMB Password:FailedTo add entry for user "username".

How to use Windows Api AlphaBlend

Original link: in the company developed a C + + client software, need to support windows2000, requirements simple and small, and do not want to introduce other interface library, graphics engine and

Some questions about Windows debugging ODOO8.0

After the Ubuntu Building 8.0 debugging environment, try windows to set up the development environment.The final debugging and development, or will return to the Linux environment, due to the previous period of time the hand of the base, change the

Summary of various Windows clocking functions

This paper summarizes the time functions commonly used in Windows platform, including 5 methods with precision of seconds, milliseconds and three of microseconds. It is divided into two types of time () and clock (), standard C/C + +, so the time ()

Anatomy of the source code--Deep Windows handle essence

Resources:1. header File2. header File3.

Windows Azure Configuration implements virtual machine extranet IP binding (cloud service)

Windows Azure Configuration implements virtual machine extranet IP binding (cloud service)Our previous article describes how to make a connection to an existing virtual network's extranet IP, today mainly introduces the configuration to implement

Full configuration of SVN services in Windows

1. Preparatory work:Download Subversion:setup-subversion-1.8.13.msiReference Address: Tortoisesvn:tortoisesvn- Address:

Using the Curl command under Windows (64-bit)

The Curl command can execute an HTTP request by using the command line method. There are scenarios used in Elasticsearch, so here's a look at how to perform the Curl command under Windows. Tools downloadDownload the toolkit on the official site:

Illustration--What exactly is a Windows handle

Illustration--What exactly is a Windows handleReference: in front:For the "handle", under the smattering has been stuck in the

Windows Nginx startup shutdown

Windows Nginx Start, stop and other commands under Windows to use Nginx, we need to master some basic operational commands, such as: Start, stop Nginx service, re-loaded Nginx, and so on, I will do some simple introduction. 1, start: C:\server\nginx-

How can I upgrade Windows 10 immediately without waiting for batch pushing from Microsoft ?, Windows Microsoft

How can I upgrade Windows 10 immediately without waiting for batch pushing from Microsoft ?, Windows Microsoft If you have made a reservation in Windows 7/8. 1 but haven't received the push yet, try the following method to accelerate the process!

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