[00011]-[2015-08-26]-[00]-[windows Programming---MFC screenshot--->bmp format--->jpg format]

Hbitmap Copyscreentobitmap (LPRECT LPRECT){HDC HSCRDC, hmemdc;//screen and memory device description tableHbitmap hbitmap, holdbitmap;//bitmap handleint NX, NY, nX2, ny2;//selected area coordinatesint nwidth, nheight;//bitmap width and heightint

Windows Azure Mobile Service

I built an Android app and Windows Azure Mobile service mates to realize the function of membership registration, the actual is very simple, the Microsoft home Things really goodStart with a new mobile ServiceNew->mobile service->create Pop-up

Windows Server Setup

Windows Server Remote connection method:Open ' run ' input mstsc pop-up Remote Desktop ConnectionNote: Mount the local USB drive, click on local Resources-"details-" driver;Create a new folder under the D drive WampserverGo to the Wampserver folder

Webserver Management Series: 3, Windows Update

Microsoft's operating system can use the user process to find a number of vulnerabilities, so they often release some system patches. Therefore, we need to open the system on our own initiative after installing the update feature.The default update

routing Table analysis under Windows

At the cmd command line, enter: Netstat-r or route print to view the local routing information.Each route item in the routing table has five properties, where I divide them into four parts:1, network address (network Destination), Netmask (Netmask):

How to use Fiddller to track requests sent by Windows processes 20140911

Summary point: How to use Fiddller to track requests sent by Windows processesThe cases are as follows:Requirements: operational tools put forward requirements, the configuration files for each plug-in, synchronized to the operations center

Windows Azure Web site (8) Sets the Web site time zone

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogMany users who already use Azure Web site have discovered that the default system time for Azure Web site is the UTC time zone.For example, we create a Web site project locally using Visual Studio 2013

Vagrant Use under Windows

Vagrant Use under WindowsDownload and install virtualbox:https://www.virtualbox.org/Download and install vagrant:http://www.vagrantup.com/Download the box you need to use:Add boxAdd a Debian box as

Windows Ten + Vagrant + Virtualbox + Homestead

Best Answer -asker ' s ChoiceEldair - 3,475 Points Posted 1 month agoHello,new Solution: Install Virtualbox 5 and Vagrant 1.7.4 Comment line 17:config.vm.network:p rivate_network , ip:settings["IP"] | | = "" in

The MAVEN redeploy process cannot delete the old project's directory under the Windows system

The redeploy process cannot delete the old project's directory under Windows system The error message is in the Catalina log file under $tomcat_home/logs, as follows: Information: undeploying context [/web-loab] October 11, 2014 3:52:26 pm

[00013]-[2015-08-27]-[01]-[windows Programming---GDI + screenshot---> BMP or JPG or PNG ...]

int Getencoderclsid (const wchar* format, clsid* pClsid){UINT num = 0;UINT size = 0;imagecodecinfo* pimagecodecinfo = NULL;Gdiplus::getimageencoderssize (&num, &size);if (size = = 0){return-1;}Pimagecodecinfo = (imagecodecinfo*) malloc (size);if

Windows view process tasklist, terminating process Tskill

TaskList:Lists all currently running processes.How to use: Enter tasklist at the command prompt and enter, you will see a list similar to the following:Image name PID session name Session # Memory usage========================= ======== =============

Application of Icacls in Windows directory file authorization

ObjectiveRecently because of work needs, need to a batch server directory of files under the unified authorization, for Linux, authorization is very convenient, for window, to the directory files under the volume authorization is very inconvenient,

Temporary Code Windows installation date

{procedure Time_t_to_filetime (const Time_in:dword; const pft:pfiletime); Inline;var x:int64;begin X: = Longlong (ti ME_IN) * 10000000 + 116444736000000000; $19db1ded53ea710; Pft^.dwhighdatetime: = DWORD ((x shr) and $0FFFFFFFF);

Configuring Wampserver under Windows

Wampserver integration of the apache,mysql,php, just need to install, and then configure the OK, compared to three of the installation to introduce more.Wamp installation is relatively simple, only need to follow the hint step-by-step down on it, in

Change the local save directory for Windows Live Writer

Use the Mklink command to DIY your own Windows Live writer--installation, Save the post to the D drive.Windows Live Writer is the best offline blogging software, but the lack of it is forced to install on the C drive, the written blog is also in the

Wampserver environment under Windows System (non-integrated)

Create a new folder under the D drive WampserverGo to the Wampserver folder and create a new 5 folder under the folder: Apache,mysql, PHP, www, sessiontmpInstalling Apache into the Apache folderUnzip PHP into the PHP folderInstall MySQL into the

Apt-get in Windows (oneget)

In 2015, as everyone upgraded to Windows 10, the long-awaited package management tool Oneget also became the standard for WIN10.Oneget was first introduced as an optional feature in the Win8.1 period, oneget after several major versions of the

Windows file association, open with list modify Registry Raiders

This is all the way to modify the registry. On the internet for half a day, and some only add file association methods, but not added to the open mode list of methods, and some have added to the file list method, but the use of the Control

Installing GitHub Desktop for Windows failed

How to fix the error while installing GitHub on Windows 7/8/8.1 64bit????Preface:Error when installing GitHub Desktop version for win8.1, an error occurred attempting to install GitHub.Solution Ideas:Alas, the Chinese meaning of this sentence, that

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