Ipython steps to build on Windows 7

Installation article Install Python , now it's python2.7.10. Follow your own platform to download the corresponding version of the installation. Install Ipython, Ipython's official website is easy to find. after installation, a scripts

How to bulk convert PVR,CCZ to PNG or JPG under windows

This is a very common function, but found the whole network, incredibly can not find, so draw on others batch file, changed the next, it is possible to the entire directory of the whole batch conversion.The bat file is tentatively, Myconvert.bat,

The Jetty gadget on Windows

Do projects often encounter the need to develop Java applications, I like to use jetty for development, deployment, mainly due to the lightweight jetty.Jetty Project homepage: http://www.eclipse.org/jetty/, the latest version 9.30 has just added

About the Windows API my little humble opinion

I've been confused about the naming and usage of Windows APIs, but after some practice I looked back at Windows programming and got some ideas about Windows APIs.1. Windows is closed-source first, so some of the Windows API calls might look weird

Windows Server configuration and Management-----DNS server 1

Work Assignment DescriptionCompany name is ABC company, build DNS server. Head office in Beijing, the company's registered domain name is ht.com. Your company has two branches, the first for Asian companies (Asia), the company is headquartered in

Favorites: Windows Messaging mechanism

Baidu Encyclopedia introduced the Windows message mechanism is also good: http://baike.baidu.com/view/672379.htmWindows applications typically contain Windows (window), which primarily provides a visual way for users to interact, and windows are

Check Windows return character

#ifndef _file_check_h#define _file_check_h#include #include const int linebuff_size = 1024;Const std::string tab_replace = "";Const std::string tab_string = "\ t";Const std::string Windows_return = "\ r \ n";Const std::string Unix_return = "\

Remote control modification port for Windows Server 2008, beware of illegal remote connections

1. First click on the Windows Server 2008 Server System desktop on the "Start"/"Run" command, in the System Run dialog box, enter the string command "regedit", click Enter, the corresponding system to open the registry editing interface;2. Next, in

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad DHCP server migration

Windows 2003AD upgrade to Windows 2012AD DHCP server migrationDHCP Server Migration Reason:Windows Server 2003 will expire on the July 14, 2015 life cycle, and Microsoft will no longer provide services, for this reason many enterprise domain

MDT 2013 from getting started to mastering automated deployment of Windows 8.1

We've covered the process for deploying Windows 7 clients in bulk, and this chapter brings you to the MDT2013 batch deployment of the Windows 8.1 operating system. The content of this chapter is also a simple integration of the previous series (and

Windows Azure Series--CRUD Operations for Azure table

1. First or in accordance with the pkg of Azure Storage:2. Azurestorage Explorer can be downloaded to manage the status of Azure storagehttps://azurestorageexplorer.codeplex.com/If there are many files to upload to the blob, it is recommended to use

DHCP server for Windows Server 2012

Today is the deployment of DHCP services, first of all, we first understand the DHCP server DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, the main function is to dynamically allocate network configuration for the hostDHCP working process:1. The client

Domain users are automatically joined to the local Administrators group in Windows Server in AD DS environment

Meet the small number of partners, you will find that the needs of small partners are all kinds of, just like the client joins the domain, some customers are required to join the domain, the employee's domain account is automatically added to the

[Laravel 5 Tutorial Study notes] One, Windows installation Laravel 5

Recently saw some statistics, said that Laravel is currently the most used PHP framework, so you want to learn. Before actually also wanted to learn this framework, but every time to the first step to install the time stuck, helpless. Before using

Windows window program run process

Now, a brief introduction to the general operation of Windows applications, so that the first contact with Windows Development or MFC development students have a rough understanding.1. Create a window first register a window class, initialize each

Data type of Windows API and Delphi data type comparison table

Original: Data type of Windows API and Delphi data type comparison table Windows Data types Delphi Data types Describe LPSTR Pansichar string pointers LPCSTR Pansichar

Itop installation under Windows

1, download wamp,http://www.wampserver.com/, find the corresponding version download and install2, find the installation path of PHP, add the PHP installation path to the environment variable path, to add the path of ext, for example, my PHP path is

Windows Next Curl Uses

First, IntroductionIn the previous article we covered a curl command that was used under Ubuntu and used this command to simulate the functionality of the server to send data to Google's c2dmserver.The following is a simple way to use the Curl

Custom HttpModule for users who are not logged in, do not eject Windows Authentication window, but jump back to the SSO site

In a 2012 essay recording, you can learn how to customize the HttpModule, and the specific code for the requirements development may not be able to get everyone to understand what can be quickly scanned.1 usingSystem;2 usingsystem.web;3 4

Windows Server 2012 File Server (FTP)

Today to introduce you to the server file server, that is, FTP, through a few examples, take everyone to understand the FTPFTP: File Transfer Protocol, port number: 21/tcpLet's talk about today's experimental environment, two servers Server01,server0

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