Windows core programming Note (7)----thread synchronization in kernel mode

1. Synchronization between kernel objects and user modethe only disadvantage of using kernel objects is performance, when invoking kernel object functions, the calling thread must switch from user mode to kernel mode, which is quite

[Concurrent parallel]_[thread synchronization]_[windows The interlocking function of atomic access under user-state]

Scene:1. When multithreaded programming, it is sometimes necessary to count the number of times a variable or object is created, or whether it is necessary to continue execution depending on the value of a variable, which is one of the more

PXE automated installation of ESXi 5.x using Gpxelinux under Windows

Use Gpxelinux for the PXE automated installation of ESXi 5.x under Windows. Many of the tutorials on the web are using Linux as a PXE server, which is really a headache for kids who aren't familiar with Linux, like me. So I collected data and tried

Creation of Windows custom commands

First create a folder in any location, I use the directory is D:\Program Files\Quick Start\command\ , desktop My Computer/Computer icon right-click PropertiesAdvanced system settings, high-level environment variablesIn the system variable Path ,

Windows Remote Control mac

One, Mac computer settings 1, screen sharing settingsOpen the settings for Mac computer, find the Sharing option, enter the interface as follows:You can see the default share of the Mac computer is very much, of course, we only use the screen to

Creating a soft chain under windows

Using junction, Address: After downloading the Junction.exe, copy the file to C:\Windows\System32;2. Double click to run, select agree, install complete;3. Open the Command Line

Compiling zlib-1.2.8 on Windows

MSVC compilingUse the VS (x86) command-line tool to enter the zlib root directory, execute nmake-f win32/makefile.msc, build at root: zlib.lib (Static Library) zdll.lib (import library for dynamic Libraries) Zlib1.dll (Dynamic Library). The

Add Task Scheduler under Windows XP system problem resolution frequently occurs

Add Task Scheduler under Windows XP system problem resolution frequently occursA scheduled task is to have the computer perform the specified action (scheduled action) within a specified time, either as a program or as a batch, but at least it can

Powerful WMIC command-line tools under Windows

The most popular thing about Windows network management is that the command line is not as powerful as UNIX and Linux. But the situation is changing, and the Windows command line is getting stronger. One example is the WMI that Microsoft is devoting

Nodejs installation under Windows

Install node. js on WINDOWVWindows installation package (. msi) :32-bit installation package: Http:// installation package: Http://

FTP command Daquan under Windows

FTP the Windows Start menu, execute the "Run" command, enter FTP in the dialog, press "OK" button will switch to DOS window, a command prompt appearsFtp>Type the command to connect to the

Windows Apache Django Configuration

All of the things that have just been learned about Django will be configured here. Here I simple second speed a fool step, make everyone easier to get started.First, the Environment preparation1, Windows 32 system is at least XPSP3 version, note;

Libevent using steps in Windows

Libevent is a common network library, let's look at the process of compiling tests under Windows.One environmental system: win8.1Compiler: VS2013Official: 2.0.22-stableTwo compiled static library 1 decompressionDownload

Monitor remote server Windows services through SSIS and send mail Alerts!

Source: Monitor remote server Windows services through SSIS and send mail Alerts!with SSIS, you can not only do the ETL of BI project, but also do some system monitoring and maintenance work, because the Windows service written by the vendor is

View Windows port and port shutdown methods

First, view the ports that are open:1. View open ports (win2000/xp/server2003) with the system's own MS-DOS commandAt the start-run-input cmd, break into netstat-an (note-There is a small space before), at the IP address "," followed by the port

MAC Air Win7 Dual system problem-Setup failed to create new partition, cannot locate system & Windows cannot install required file, error code 0x80070570

This non-presenter installation process, the main instructions encountered during the two problems of their own solution.Get ready:prepare the following Win7 pure ISO image and install Windows to 16GU disk with boot camp.WIN7 Pure Edition

Windows 2008 allows multi-user Telnet settings

Original works, from the "Blue Blog" blog, Welcome to reprint, please be sure to indicate the following sources, otherwise, the legal responsibility to pursue copyright.Deep Blue Blog:

Configuring Tomcat7.0.22 under Windows

tomcat7.0.22 configuration:First, JDK1.7 installation1. Download jdk,: Add system environment variables, my computer, properties---Advanced environment variables

Chapter III, Windows and messages

Each window of the application has a window procedure function associated with it, and Windows passes the message to the window by invoking the window procedure. The window procedure handles the message accordingly, and then returns control to

22nd: Inserting child windows into a window using code in Soui

Using Soui to develop client-side UI programs, it is also often recommended to use XML code to create Windows, which makes it easy to create windows, and when the window size changes, the internal sub-windows are more likely to co-change.But

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