ArcSDE 10.1 for Windows creates a spatial database with common errors _sql Server

This is the 2013 time that I took part in the ESRI contest, when I created the ARCSDE 10.1 for SQL Server, so I wrote the document.Having been busy studying, forgot to publish. Today I have the same problem, I think many people may have encountered

Workaround for Windows Server 2003 using vSphere5.5 connection ESXI5.5 "Client cannot send full request to server"

The following error occurred with vSphere5.5 connection ESXI5.5 on Windows Server 2003 today:VSphere CLient cannot connect to "".An unknown connection error has occurred. (The client cannot send the full request to the server.) (The

Xampp + Zend Studio + xDebug Environment Construction (mac,windows all applicable)

These days toss a bit of PHP development environment to build, now summarize the installation steps:1. Install Zend Studio and then hack.2. Install Xampp 3. Configure XAMPP 3.1 To configure Apache service port: Modify C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf

Reset/Restore Windows IIS settings to default settings

Original source: Http:// introduction:IIS works great in Windows. But sometimes we need to configure the environment for special Web projects. If we install XAMPP

GUI programming under Windows--windows

Creating a GUI-based window program under Windows is simple and can be implemented using either MFC or the Win32 API. This article simply organizes the basic coding framework for the Windows API to create GUI applications.Common windows include:

Windows inside waveout* Interface application

#include #include #include /** Some good values for block size and count*/#define Block_size 8192#define BLOCK_COUNT 20/** Function prototypes*/static void CALLBACK Waveoutproc (hwaveout, UINT, DWORD, DWORD, DWORD);static wavehdr* allocateblocks

Use Windows Server Backup to back up and restore Hyper-V virtual machines

Windows Server Backup is a feature built into Windows Server that uses Windows Server Backup to back up the entire server (all volumes), selected volumes, System State, or specific files or folders. And you can create a backup for bare metal

How to install the Apache Server on Windows

Note those of interested in the Apache 2.0.X tutorial, it has been abandon and I'll no longer keep it updated,    But it can is found here. Apache 2.2.X Download & Unpackgo To and Choose a

Install memcached under Windows

written in front: the installation is memcached, the configuration succeeds Memcache, the main reason is the lack of php_memcached.dll extension files under Windows, the same installation and configuration methods. Detailed View:

Windows common Commands

Windows runs the Open service command in Java Code 1. Gpedit.msc-----Group Policy 2. SNDREC32-------Recorder 3. Nslookup-------IP Address detector 4. Explorer-------Open Explorer 5. Logoff---------logoff command 6. TSSHUTDN-------60-second Countdown

Configuring VISUALSVN Server server under Windows

To download the installation file:Server-side installation files: visualsvn-server-1.6.2Client installation files: tortoisesvn- above is the version I used.Two products are available on VisualSVN Server's official

Windows Get File status

Before you manipulate a file, you want to get the status of the current file, avoid opening the file again, the Code reference network has been written, shared with yourself as a record, but also as a reference for others. #regionGet file

Configure DNS polling for a Windows environment (Simple load Balancing)

Objective:What is DNS polling?A domain name for multiple IP A records resolution, the DNS server will resolve the request in the order of a records, one by one assigned to a different IP, so that the simple load balancing the benefits of DNS polling:

[Turn]unzip decompression Windows zip garbled processing

[Turn]unzip decompression Windows zip garbled processingHttp:// from Windows sent over the zip file, I unpacked after the garbled, very depressed.Prior to a method, use the command line to change

Install Rabbitmq-service under Windows

One, RAIBBITMQ server configuration1. Ready to work. If you have previously installed the RABBITMQ software, if you want to reinstall, you must first uninstall the previous RABBITMQ related software.2. Install the Erlang language pack. First, you

Installing Flex and Bison under windows

First download Felx/bison for WindowsFlex: the binaries compressed package directly without the extra need.Note: Bison also requires the

Windows installation Configuration Apache2.4.7

First, installation configuration Apache2.4.7 ( Unzip the downloaded installation package: put it in its own installation directory (my directory D:\phpEnv\Apache24) 22. Then modify the

Windows programming: The first Windows program

1 #defineWin32_lean_and_mean2#include 3#include 4#include 5 #defineWindow_class_name L "WINCLASS1"6 //window processing Functions7 LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProc (HWND hwnd,8 UINT msg,9 WPARAM WPARAM,Ten LPARAM Lpram) One { A paintstruct PS; - HDC hdc;

A simple, real-world Windows service: Implement local data upload to server

Function: Implement local data upload to remote serverOperation implementation:1, send the local ID to the remote server for authentication, verify success can get to the local need to send the ID of the data, for example:Local send Identity id:key12

Flex Parent-Child windows call each other

Flex Parent-Child windows call each other(1) Parent windowParentwindow.mxml:"1.0"encoding="Utf-8"?> ""xmlns:s="Library://"xmlns:mx="LIBRARY://NS.ADOBE.COM/FLEX/MX"width="100%"height="100%"> />

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