Using Git to manage GitHub projects under Windows

In the project versioning management, I think everyone is familiar with CVS or SVN, for the emerging git most people still hold a wait and see attitude, this article briefly describes how to use the Git and GitHub Warehouse management project under

A simple but detailed explanation of the Windows file map reading data file example

#include #include #include #include using namespace Std;int main (int argc, char *argv[]){Step 1 Open the file File_flag_write_throughHANDLE hfile = CreateFile ("Demo.txt",Generic_write | generic_read,//if you want to map a file: This must be set to

Windows Active Directory Family---Configuring and monitoring AD Domain replication (1)

What is the site link for the ad domain?To exchange replication data between two sites, they must be connected through a site link. A site link is a logical path that is used by the KCC or ISTG to establish replication between sites. When you create

Use Windows-powered virtual printers to print Excel tables without a tabular line problem resolution (1)

Problem: With a custom print processor, a virtual printer developed using the Windows no user interface, rendering plug-in universal print driver, when you print an Excel table file, there is a case where the table lines are not drawn,

Windows Server 2012-based Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Practical Tutorial

A technology that allows users to connect to virtual machines, REMOTEAPP programs, and session-based computers is available in the Remote Desktop Services server role in Windows Server2012. With Remote Desktop Services, users can access remote

Windows kernel version Change (Windows build 9888 kernel version is 10.0)

The Windows Vista kernel version is 6.0The Windows 7 kernel version is 6.1The Windows 8 kernel version is 6.2The Windows 8.1 kernel version is 6.3The Windows build 9841, 9860, and 9879 kernel versions are 6.4The Windows build 9888 kernel version is 1

Test-driven Development TDD (vi) Start Google Test in Windows

First, prefaceThis article will cover some basic uses of gtest, including downloading, installing, compiling, building our first Test demo project, and writing one of the simplest test cases.Second, downloadIf you do not remember the URL, directly

How Windows systems can turn on the "God Mode" method

Tag: Windows God ModeGod mode, which is a simple folder window hidden in Windows 7 systems, contains settings for almost all Windows 7 systems, such as Control Panel functions, interface personalization, accessibility options, and more. This window

Windows Programming (II)

MFC Architecture CompositionDerived classes for 1.CWINAPP2. An object of a derived class must be defined in the global zone3. An overriding function with InitInstance virtual function must be in the CWinApp derived classMFC software engineering uses

Usage instructions for Nginx Windows edition

Nginx version of Windows uses the native Win32 API (non-cygwin simulation layer). The current nginx/windows only uses select as the notification method, so don't expect it to have high performance and scalability. Given this and some known issues,

Windows Technical Preview download address and secret key

Windows 10 is Microsoft's new operating system and has now released its technical preview, called Windows Technical Preview, with the kernel NT 6.4. The technical preview of the system was released on September 30, 2014 (Eastern Time, Beijing time,

Windows Active Directory Family---Configure trust for AD Domain Services (1)

In a multi-domain ad forest, a two-way trust relationship is automatically generated between AD domains so that there is a trust channel between all AD domains. Trusts that are automatically created in the forest are transitive trusts, which means

Resolving Vista and Win7 Interactive desktop permissions issues in Windows Services: Penetrating Session 0 isolation

Service is no stranger to everyone, it is an important part of the Windows operating system. We can think of the service as a special application that starts and stops its work with the system's "turn-off" and "Start-stop", during which no user

Processing action when Windows session logoff

Target: Be notified when Windows session logoff, do some logging/cleanup workTest platform: Win7 x64Logoff the system sends a wm_endsession message, if an app returns 0 for this message, the logoff action pauses and the system stops sending

Windows Technical Preview download address and secret key

Windows 10 is Microsoft's new operating system and has now released its technical preview, called Windows Technical Preview, with the kernel NT 6.4. The technical preview of the system was released on September 30, 2014 (Eastern Time, Beijing time,

Cocos2d-js windows under construction and common problem solving

(Small white one, in order to build JS environment, tried many times (are tears), in this record their own construction process, the required documents at the low end of my success with the file share)I. Installation (construction of the environment)

Get Windows System User rights

(1) Open cmd, execute taskkill/f/im explorer.exe, close Explorer.(2) then input the command and enter (the tool can go to sysinternals download):Psexec-i-s-d Explorer(3) You can start the Shell Process Explorer for Windows with System identity.When

Theoretical production of Windows boot animation

First contact with Windows boot animation is 2012, then the version number of the Rubik's Cube is still 3.12, the Rubik's cube inside a cool crazy bully is to replace the Windows 7 boot animation. At first I was in the IT home forum to download the

Building Windows Server Web servers and simple deployment of sites

It is quite convenient for Windows Server to be built on services such as FTP, WEB, and SMTP.1. Installing the Windows Server operating system2. Install IIS Click to open the link: Of course, there can be no authentication settings, just log in

How to set Windows default command-line window size and buffer size

Key words:Command line cannot be fullscreenCommand line maximization only half of the screencommand line font background colorSolution: description:Win+r, enter CMD to bring up the command Line window,

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