How to connect to SQL on Windows Azure Pass

1 signing in to Windows Azure China Edition: Https:// this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0 px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:

Follow me to learn about Webrole and Workrole in Windows Azure four Cloud service, and the communication between them

Cloud service in Webrole is quite with our website, and Workrole quite with us wrote a Windows Service on the server, on the high availability point of view, Cloud service is better than website, Take an example, we upload a data, the data needs to

Follow me to learn Windows Azure III using VS2013 to create Windows Azure Web site

First we need to log on to our Windows Azure and then access Https:// will let us download our subscription certificate file . We saved him to a local computer disk . Down we open our vs2013

wchar_t* to char* under Windows

This is common in windows, often, leaving a file.This function is generally used:size_t wcstombs ( char *mbstr, const wchar_t *WCSTR, size_t count);MbstrThe address of a sequence of multibyte characters.WcstrThe address of a sequence of wide

Extracting CHM files with Windows commands

Windows has such a tool: hh.exe. The most important function of hh.exe is to associate the CHM file, and when you run a CHM file, the system is opened with this tool. in fact, it has another function--unzip the CHM filerun the following command in

Built under Windows NDK development environment

CygwinIntroducedCygwin is the Linux environment emulator under WINDWOS.Why do I need Cygwin? because the NDK can only run in a Linux environment.installation process1. Open the Cygwin executable file and execute the extension library installation

WordPress Build (Windows)

WordPress Introduction:WordPress is a blog platform developed using the PHP language that allows users to build their own websites on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. WordPress can also be used as a content management system (CMS) to

Windows SERVER2008R2 Failover Clustering

1 First of all, planning your own environmentIt's all done in VMware.Server AA public IP Private IP BB public IP Private IP Control server DG IP

Recommended management client for Windows Azure on iphone (International and domestic)

According to the five standards of cloud computing defined by NIST, pay-as-you-Go is an important standard definition, which is how much more popular is called.I am myself in the early stages of using the Windows Azure Virtual machine feature, that

Mac OSX using VMware Fusion to install Windows virtual Machine Tutorial

There are two steps to prepare before you install the virtual machine. First, install and activate VMware Fusion, if you haven't downloaded VMware Fusion please refer to the previous blog post, app Recommendation II, download VMware Fusion and

Implementation of Windows automatic recognition serial port

* Windows Automatic recognition of the implementation of the serial port, the following is based on the development of MFC, the following is said to be built on the serial port registry * To realize the automatic identification of the serial port

Using THREAD_CREATE related macro definitions under Windows

#ifdef  _WIN32#include extern  "C"  {    extern int  getopt (int, char * const *, const char *);     Extern char *optarg;} #define  PATHD  ' \ \ ' typedef handle thread_t; #define  thread_create (thrp, attr, FUNC,ARG)                                 

Using Git to manage GitHub projects under Windows

In the project versioning management, I think everyone is familiar with CVS or SVN, for the emerging git most people still hold a wait and see attitude, this article briefly describes how to use the Git and GitHub Warehouse management project under

Windows Kernel 1:windows Kernel debugging technology

Mastering the Windows Kernel Debugging technology is the basis for learning and studying the Windows kernel, and the way you debug the Windows kernel is broadly divided into two ways:(1) The WinDbg tool connects to the Windows kernel at the

A way to keep viruses from being executed under Windows 7

Often hear some "comparative professional" IT staff, said, "Users installed anti-virus software also forget, but a little anti-virus concept is not, thought this will not be poisoned?"If you want to not poison, more importantly, to learn more about

[Turn]windows 7 system to build the local SVN server process

Windows 7 System builds a local SVN server process1, installation svn:tortoisesvn-; 1, in the PC's D disk to create the following directory: D:\svn\project\workspace; 2, right click on the directory workspace file, select

Overview of the Windows AD Certificate Services Family---PKI (1)

PKI (public Key Infrastructure) is a combination of software that uses encryption technology, processes, and services to help companies protect their communications and business transactions. A PKI is a system consisting of digital certificates, CAS,

Windows Server PowerShell Web Services

Before installing the PowerShell Web site service, it is recommended that you have a CA server in the enterprise because the subsequent PowerShell Web service needs to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol, and the installation of the PowerShell Web

Windows AD Certificate Services Family---certificate use range (2)

Lab Environment:LON-DC1 WINDOWS2012R2 Ad+caLON-CL1 Windows8.1 Domain Client +office2013Lon-cl2 Windows8.1 Domain Client +office2013Experimental Purpose:Use a certificate for digital signaturesExperimental steps:First, build enterprise CALog in to

Windows Active Directory Family---Configuring and monitoring AD Domain replication (1)

What is the site link for the ad domain?To exchange replication data between two sites, they must be connected through a site link. A site link is a logical path that is used by the KCC or ISTG to establish replication between sites. When you create

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